00:00:00 Current hold time is between 40 minutes and one hour and 13 minutes from now for quality purposes. This call may be monitored and or recorded.

00:00:19 Hello?

00:00:35 Over here it's a call center. Things have changed, let's feel, don't feel dizzy and disoriented and discriminatory. All sorts of discriminatory things have been happening. If you were here last night, you understand he had the paypal is, it was under review. I'm not sure what's going on with that, but hopefully we can get it back by next week. So if you feel inclined to donate during this program, um, I've been advised by stream.me they, you can do the gifts and the sparkles and sprinkles and all sorts of things involving that as the, that will be okay. I can accept that. Okay. Can everybody hear me okay? I'm just wondering if they got into my system as well. Okay. Well, I dunno, I kind of wanted to wait until, uh, people. Uh, okay. Yeah. I want to sell it, by the way. I should say thank you to a few people from yesterday. Once, uh, once things started going down, I started seeing a lot of gifts show up. So Lord Xenu thank you very much. Probably the polar bear cardinal brief for it. Reich fearing loading. Doctor doctor said the Ralph or tort. All my goodness. Thank you sir. I didn't see this yesterday. I appreciate that.

00:02:10 And tatters. I mean a lot of these are multiples and I really appreciate that. Um, I haven't got a chance to go through these. He said Leroy Bushman. Appreciate that. Wow. Do you guys, uh, coming through with this? It's, it's very heartwarming to see at the call center because uh, neurorx as well. Six, six, six, six, six, a bunch of sixes. Man, this is really, really great. I appreciate that. Um, we're doing what we can to get by here. We're just the humble call center, so I don't know when I can, uh, I can play it there. Ralph given me a banana he to, so, uh, I was, I did capture some of the conversation I had with paypal yesterday. No, I had to edit it a little bit. You know, just, just for my protection. I'm a private person as as you're well aware, that's why, you know, my number comes up as private and things like that.

00:03:17 So you know,

00:03:20 I can, I can play that. I'm not sure if I should play it now or wait till some more people get here, but um, it's uh, it's, I've, I've whittled it down to about four minutes. Um, and there, there are videos, there's a video, a company in method as well. Um, and um, you know, I won't be doxing myself, but it's what I have to do. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. You know, you can just nail me to the double p does hag me there. You know, it just started a street two weeks ago and the next thing you know,

00:04:02 they take away your patriot. Well, hopefully it does get figured out. I talked to someone for one evening sequence probably to Polgar Mr. Mann cheese. Thank you so much. Okay, let's see. Have I made Duke so where this plate? No, I think, uh, I think I, I shall let them rest. I do think that today we might be able to find out who's been hacking into my system and might be someone overseas. It might be an I ran or, or the CIA and they might have the password. I might be able to figure out what's going on. So yeah. The other thing I tried to mention when I was on Ralph show last night, it was that, yeah, obviously all the shit, and I was talking during the stream, it's just, it's just for fun. I didn't think there was any sort of a coordinated attempt of [inaudible] brother,

00:05:03 but you know,

00:05:05 it was just too much of a coincidence and I couldn't, couldn't let it go. But I think it, it's probably Iranian super hackers. It could be there, you know, they're all floating some sort of a computation to my cell phone. That's going to be, every time I make a phone call it like, it somehow puts forward a block chain and that's goes to their nuclear reactor. And then I could be causing the next World War by accident, just by making a phone call. Do dukes. Who would've thought Keka Stanny hackers could be? You know, I did see it. A donation. I did see a donation for about, uh, it was ironic. I, the timing was just odd. It was for 14 pounds and 88 pence. And then the next thing you know, my pay pal. Is it working now? I wonder what's going on with that.

00:06:05 Yeah,

00:06:06 that was a little bit, uh, I was a little bit peculiar. So how hopefully the streams work in today. We've been having some stream stream problems recently. Hopefully it's not stuttering or anything like that. You know, if I, if I did receive some coach coins, I would be very grateful. Coach Coyne and I think I might have to invest myself. I might have to go get myself a gym bag and then a couple of gyms, socks and strap on the jock strap and just, I just crypto out all night on the court if I have to on the court, on the field, whatever it takes to get a couple coach coins in my Satchel so we can, we can make it happen. You guys are really going down on the sparkles and shit here. I appreciate that. Sparkles and sprinkles and sprinkles. Okay. Before I play that clip, I will play it. I guess at some point it's, it's kind of just, it's too, it's too heartbreaking to want to listen to. Right now. I just, I just can't live. Let's see if everything, everything works over here. I've just, I've just so distraught. I don't even know I'm, I'm feel disoriented, discriminatory, and does this loyalist. I just, I don't know.

00:07:31 I couldn't even bring myself to play the theme.

00:07:39 Chicago costume and how can I help?

00:07:41 Yeah. I need to find something to hide by. What do you mean paypal is after me? I need to make sure that they don't find me in a corporate setting.

00:07:57 Okay. Well,

00:08:03 hello. Well, he didn't like that. I think we'll have to call back. Oh, okay. Yeah. My Skype account is acting very strange as well, so hopefully we can get that, get that figured out. Hopefully that's not the next thing.

00:08:23 Okay. Let's try it again.

00:08:35 I don't have a Patriot on describing the bus.

00:08:37 Just the paper.

00:08:43 Well, Chicago costume. How can I help you? I just got disconnected. I'm looking for something like Canva or something. It can blend in without being seen.

00:08:52 Oh.

00:08:54 Might take a of a couple of different items. Are you looking for like an army outfit. Dot. Exactly. Dot. I'm looking to not be seen in a corporate setting.

00:09:06 Got It.

00:09:07 Uh, be seen in a corporate setting. Yeah. Yeah.

00:09:12 Not sure I understand. Well, I'm going to be hiding a B. I need to obtain facts and things like that, so I, I don't want to be identified. Uh, I mean we just saw like Halloween costume and I'm looking for Bruce with facts. Anything you have that could lead me in something that looks, you know, on assuming in a corporate setting or corporate setting. Yeah, we don't really have anything like that. What do you have? What kind of, what kind of low key costumes do you have? I mean, all of our costumes are like superheroes or Christmas. There's no like blending in. Do you have like a pay pal of cost? Huh? Huh? Oh, what a paypal costume? No, nothing with paypal payments. No. Do you take paypal over there? No. What'd you do? Samsung pay. Okay. No. Facebook. Facebook? No. Okay. Okay. I you okay?

00:10:12 I'm not sure if the phone is stuck. No, I'm sorry. We, we can't help you out. Do you don't have anything in that kind of, hey pal, superhero over here. We have nothing. They don't make costumes for that. Did you pay costumes? Like Pakistani side kick type title? No. No. I'm sorry. We don't have anything like that. Like what? Like what? Like what you just said, we don't have any, you don't even know what it is. It does. It sounds like, are you familiar with [inaudible]? We only carry like Meijer, like movie characters. We don't carry these things about blank blank, right? Yeah. I have no idea who that is. You don't remember blank like yeah, no, he was looking for the blank as it was Tori. Oh yeah. I'm sorry. We don't have anything. Why not? Why not? Because we don't, well, what's your breasts? Oh, you don't know for a black girl?

00:11:17 Hmm. Jeez.

00:11:24 You know, I'm starting to understand is Gribbon Norris. I am starting to understand why people are discriminatory. He's,

00:11:34 is it me or,

00:11:45 okay. Hello.

00:11:48 Okay. Oh, we got it. We got it. We could have more of moral individual and the chat. She's just work in a job and she got that deal with this shit. Well, she just did the right thing and hung up the phone and it's not, it's not rocket science guy. It's not a, it's not a serious breakdown of, uh, of moral fiber with a telephone call. Okay. Just be careful. This just calm down. Okay. I can't get any more, any more trouble than I already am or me. Maybe. I don't want that to happen. No, it's just, it's just not possible.

00:12:32 Okay.

00:12:40 Well, Trump nation with a thousand sparkles. Is that how has that, right. They all, can I help you? I'm trying to, I've tried to pay online. It just went through. Now is my, how long will it take for my order to be ready? I don't see anything here.

00:12:54 Wait, wait. What?

00:12:56 I use paypal, but it said my pay pal account was limited.

00:13:01 Wait for, this is before Brady and Northdale. Maybe that's right. I don't think we do like over the phone payment.

00:13:08 What's what it said. It said paypal and then, but it said my paypal account was limited. Now it said I could write

00:13:14 the where through ordering from online on the beef o Brady's website.

00:13:19 Yeah, I then I, then I just put it through on Facebook so you should see it on your Facebook page.

00:13:24 I've never heard of anything like this, so I'm just going to get my manager. Okay. Okay. Hold on for me one second please. Okay. Thanks sir.

00:13:43 So yeah, probably the polar bear. Thank you for your gift. I can see your message that way.

00:13:49 Yup.

00:13:51 Just scared. How can I help you?

00:13:53 Yeah, I just paid with paypal.

00:13:56 Yeah.

00:13:59 My paypal account is in a limited state, sir. What do I do? It says I put it through on Facebook as an alternate payment size

00:14:10 for beef O'Grady. Okay.

00:14:12 Yeah,

00:14:15 you should be, you should see my order there now I just want to get a timeframe on is good for a pickup.

00:14:23 Well, if you're doing, you're trying to do that Northdale before writing.

00:14:28 Yep.

00:14:29 Yeah. That's the one I paid this on Facebook. I'm looking at the front door on Facebook, right.

00:14:40 Don't, uh, this, this location doesn't do online ordering.

00:14:44 Well, I just paid on Facebook, sir.

00:14:51 Okay.

00:14:51 I Ha I have the Kansas City chiefs credit card. You should probably see the picture of it when the payment goes through.

00:15:00 Okay.

00:15:02 You put an order on Facebook. Yeah. And you paid through paypal, but you took a picture of your credit card.

00:15:10 Well, it has my sand put that on Facebook. It has a scan for my screen. Yeah. And I went to Facebook. I paid on Facebook with put the money feature. Now my paypal account is an unlimited state. I just want to know if that links back to that.

00:15:29 Never. I've never accepted through, we never accept online wealth name on it,

00:15:39 Raul. That's the name I've been using for the past 13 years now. I don't know if it's because I changed my name on Facebook right after I first signed up.

00:15:49 Okay.

00:15:53 Could, it could be it, you know.

00:15:55 Okay.

00:15:55 If you put an order in, I do not have, I don't have any online orders. We don't accept online orders here until we get a new system that we're getting next month. And I know we don't accept any payment through Facebook on paypal.

00:16:08 Well, I worked on my system, sir. So you have my payment. You have my cash,

00:16:16 sir. I, I guarantee we don't have, we don't have any kind of payment for anything through Facebook because we don't accept paypal.

00:16:25 Well, I just paid online, sir. Well, you have my money. I want to get my food. I just want to get a timeframe. I wanted to pick it up.

00:16:32 We don't have, I don't have an order sir.

00:16:35 Yes you do. You should see it. You should see my Kansas City chiefs credit card. Paypal shut you down as well, sir. I'm sorry. Did paypal shutdown New York county? I've been in a unlimited state. Are you in a limited state, sir?

00:16:52 I have. No, I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. Limited state.

00:16:55 Have you been put under review for your NFL policies? It could be a licensing thing, sir.

00:17:06 Well, I promise you we have no order and we have not accepted any of your money through paypal and or facelift.

00:17:16 I've already paid. I think it might've once or twice actually because I did it once with paypal and then in a supplementary thing face,

00:17:23 you're going to need to, you're going to need to contact paypal.

00:17:26 Well, I want my food, sir.

00:17:29 Well, you'd have to put in an order and pay for it through through us. I've already not done,

00:17:33 I've already paid two times, sir. Now bullied miss to except the one order and take it up later with honesty,

00:17:40 way calling and you're going to have to do the whole thing with paypal because we don't accept orders through Facebook. I don't have your order on Facebook.

00:17:49 Paypal advised me to get you on a three way call with them if they're ready, if there's any sort of issue. So I don't know if you're prepared for that at this time,

00:17:57 but I'm not sure what you, then you're more than welcome to call Jay Powell and you're more than welcome to call me back. But I kind of want to hold for you. Have Right now. Can you just hold on one second?

00:18:06 Sure. Okay.

00:18:17 Thanks for calling. Paypal did call including conversations with you or any other person may be recorded or monitored for quality purposes. I'm not finding an account based on the phone number you're calling from. You may have a different phone number registered on your pay pal account. For quality purposes. This call may be monitored and or recorded website. Open a browser and log in to your account at [inaudible] dot com then click settings icon. It shouldn't be too interested thing other callers rather than wait on hold, we can call you back when it's your turn between 49 minutes and one hour and 13 minutes from now and you won't lose your place if you'd like.

00:19:09 Actually, no. What? I think I need to change something here. I think I had my, my settings. Oh Shit. I think I have my settings set depro differently. Oh God. It's, it's okay. It's set differently for a woe for beating on Ralph Shell, so he didn't hear any of that actually. Okay. And it should be okay. Now, let me just double check my, uh, my settings here. Can you guys still hear me okay? I want to make sure everybody can still hear me out. Mom, I'm switching some things around and things are running slow. I got an Iranian super hackers in my, in my system. I'm going to call him back and just put them on the line. I think he needs, he needs to hear that. Now let's, let's change this. Your stereo mix. All right. Okay, now we're back. I'll give him a call back right now.

00:20:00 Okay?

00:20:17 Okay.

00:20:29 Okay. Now I'm having another issue where no, no other,

00:20:34 may I help you?

00:20:36 God, I hate when that happens. When did you try to hang up and it doesn't hang up and then they pick up in the process of you hanging up. I'm gonna try calling one more time now. It seems like it's working.

00:20:45 [inaudible] there we

00:20:46 go.

00:20:48 What

00:20:54 now? Can I help you? Yeah, I was speaking to a manager. I have pay pal on the line. Okay, let me grab it.

00:21:02 Okay. Thank you. Thank you, sir.

00:21:11 Do you want it blocked? My number to citizen blue cheese on the side of medium. Hello? Hello? Small issue. Hello. Don't go. Hey, can you hear me?

00:21:40 Yeah, I can hear you now. Okay. I'm having an issue. It's cutting in and out. Just bear with me. Okay. Can you still hear me?

00:21:47 Uh, I can right now. Yeah. Okay. I'm not sure what's going on. It says my microphone as well, so mine's on my Bluetooth, but I'm not sure she can't hear me, sir. I'm very loud news. Yeah, I'm just paypal. Okay.

00:22:08 Thanks for calling. Paypal did call including conversations with you or any of that sort. There may be recorded or monitored for quality purposes, sir, I'm not finding an account based on the phone number you're calling from. You may have a different phone number registered on your pay pal account. [inaudible] purposes. This call may be monitored and or recorded website. Open a brown. Okay. Take a second here at [inaudible] dot com then click settings icon at the interesting thing. Other callers rather than wait on hold, we can call you back when it's your turn between 49 minutes and one hour and 13 minutes from now. I'm okay to stay on the line. If you'd like us to call you back, press one for more options, including how callbacks work. Press two

00:23:00 so I can stay on the line with you and see if, if you've got an hour and 13 I, I don't, I don't mind sir. Yes. Okay. You're going to stay on hold with me? Yeah. Okay. Is it an hour and 13 minutes, sir? Oh, I'm not saying on the phone for an hour and 17 minutes listening to pay. Tyler, where were you not listening to paypal? No, not really. I mean, when they get, when you get him on the phone, then he guys three way, man. Okay.

00:23:31 Why don't you just give me my meal instead? How's that sound? Because I don't have an order for your meal. Right. I paid on paypal and Facebook. So that's something that you're going to have to take up with face out because we don't accept the pace out here. Yes sir. Sir. I've been running, I've been the GM here for 20 years, sir. Sir, sir, sir, I've paid twice. I could make him payments for overtone. I wouldn't buy it.

00:23:58 What are welcome to call the Home Office tomorrow or on Monday and uh, you can talk to them about it. But at this location, we don't even have a system for online ordering nor taking paypal.

00:24:09 My system is okay now. I'm not sure what you're telling me the call, any homeless tomorrow. I'm not doing it.

00:24:17 Okay.

00:24:17 I also can't give you food that I don't have payment for or an order

00:24:24 they got with a pal willing. I'm willing to just let go one of the payments. Just have my order ready when I come by.

00:24:32 First of all, I don't know what your order is. Second of all, I don't have it. Third, I don't have payment for it, so I'm not making food

00:24:38 and what's going on with my, uh, with my paypal. Are you in a limited state as well? What's on your screen?

00:24:44 I don't have a screen for pay pal, sir, because I don't have paypal.

00:24:47 Okay. Well let's, let's go through it on your phone together.

00:24:52 Okay. Um, do me a favor. Can you call me back at two because I'm in the middle of lunch right now.

00:24:56 Yeah, I absolutely can call you back at two. How's that sound? All right. And I'll come up there and use this to have my meal ready. So don't where I won't have your meal ready. All right. I'll be looking for it then when you fall and make your order. Okay. I'll be on my way to pick it up. Okay. It won't be ready cause I don't have an order or payment. Yes it will be. I expect it to be sir. Okay. Are you going to be on Yelp? Do you get a one star? Actually I can give you a zero star. I've been a member for over 20 years.

00:25:26 Oh, okay.

00:25:27 So I don't think you want to mess with me.

00:25:31 Are often not going to give you free food.

00:25:32 It's not free. I pay twice. So you're taking my money and in fact you can be reported to the police for robbery.

00:25:39 I'd be more than happy to show them my, my records of not receiving any payment from him.

00:25:45 Well, I've been a limited state. Maybe that has something to Dennis. That doesn't mean anything to me, sir. It means something to me, sir. Okay. Okay. Well I don't, I don't understand what limited state mean. Well, I don't either, but I'm in it. Are you in it? No Sir. Well, you got to help me get out of the limited state.

00:26:06 You should stay on the phone with pay pal. They'll probably help you much better than I am because I have no clue what you're talking about and you guys can call me back and figure it out. Okay.

00:26:14 If you could just swipe on your screen, I think we could figure it out. Okay. Do you have a great day? Open up your screen. Okay. Well that, that was a test called the went on a little longer than expected, but it seemed like it worked out okay.

00:26:33 Okay.

00:26:33 Okay. I don't know what, when do you guys want to hear the, uh, I don't know if I should wait til about two o'clock to put, to play the, the, the real paypal clip.

00:26:44 So I'm not sure when, where do I should play that if I should wait a little while longer for, so anybody else that's not aware of what's going on that can be made aware so they can see the Travis that has occurred. What's a southern poverty call center or what? You know, I'm not sure. I don't want to, I want to make sure reaches as many people as possible. Even if even if I have to grow, handcuffed myself to the beef o Brady's, you know, I'm going to have to do it. It's, it's part, it's part of the whole thing. I bet. Okay. Let me go through this real quick. Steel horse. My name is nobody. Probably the poll verse said, testing this message future. Can you see this message? I sure can. Trump nation. Oh Wow. Okay. You somehow put a number in here.

00:27:31 Don't tell senator, but you know, I'm going to, I'm going to try to see if I can get to some numbers today. I'm so distraught. I'm so confused. I don't, I don't even know what to do. I want something comforting. I don't want to be uncomfortable in this limited state. I mean, I could feel the limited state of my body. Perhaps I should ask for medical assistance. I wonder, I wonder if Karen, is that her name? Karen. I forget what her name is. Stacy. What the hell was her name had cure x? I think your x is, is might be behind it. I'm not sure. I'm going to have to see, I wanted to give her a call because I think she might be able to help me out with this. Cool. That's okay.

00:28:21 Let's see

00:28:27 if stream schedule. I tried to do a Wednesday through Friday at 7:00 PM and Saturdays at one and then, uh,

00:28:36 possibly

00:28:37 if I can work in, and I don't know about tomorrow, but maybe we'll see. And ice and horn. This is the fourth thing in a row. You followed this channel. I appreciate it, Betsy. That's her name. That's right.

00:29:00 You have reached Betsy Anderson national accounts.

00:29:04 Gotcha. Okay. I won't even ask you to call. You know who? Well, who is that? Who are you talking about that?

00:29:12 Tell him please record your message when you've finished recording. Hang up or press one for more options.

00:29:20 Okay.

00:29:21 I don't like when that happens. It's very, very bad. Uh, okay. Having some more pay Polish. She's here. Let me just close some other stuff out of here. Get that, get that Outta here. Get this Outta here too. Okay. Hopefully that'll be a little, I see. I don't know. Who Do you guys think is behind this? Do you think it was Pam? Do you think it was Tammy? Tammy? Tammy's kind of going back a little bit. I don't know if it was Tammy. Maybe it was Carl. He's been holding a vendetta for so long and not the call your thinking, but a different Carl baby was Denise. Maybe it was, was it Cody? It could be. Maybe it was Joyce. I really hope it's not. Joyce. Maybe if I still, I'm, my vote is for Iranian super hackers. I think it finally happened. Let's try to get that password today. I haven't, I'm feeling like we might, we might be able to get it. We might be able to. Let's, let's see. Cumberland, I don't know if I'm in a mode today.

00:30:41 Hello?

00:30:43 I'm preparing. Well,

00:30:45 yeah. Do you take paypal?

00:30:50 Hello?

00:30:50 Hey, did you, do you take paypal?

00:30:52 Okay. Hmm. Well

00:31:01 that was, that was her, let's try it again. It was family. Grocery may be, I think it Duke's basket and collaboration. That's a good, yeah. Do you take digital payment? Paypal?

00:31:30 No, I'm sorry. We don't,

00:31:31 you don't take any sort of paypal or Venmo? I saw it on the, it's on the APP online.

00:31:37 Yeah. No, don't call here ever again. Already geared to this with you all the time. Please don't call the store.

00:31:43 Was this because of the, Oh wow. Yeah. She's, she's, you know, acting a little bit suspicious. We got to get to the bottom of this.

00:32:06 You know you're lucky that you were not in front of my face and in a different state because I would knock you the fuck out so hard because you do nothing but cause us mental anguish and emotional anguish over here. The store in bug us or trying to make a living and we're trying. We had so many orders that I have to stop and answer the phone for computer. Just do me a favor and call another Indian restaurant and go on with your day.

00:32:31 What's so angry

00:32:33 for the head anymore?

00:32:35 Why should I turn off the recording?

00:32:37 But you're going to be wasting your time if you just gave you the password. Okay, just give me a password. What the fuck did I just tell you?

00:32:46 Why don't you just give me the password? Come on.

00:32:48 Because we don't have one asshole pals in a limited did for five freaking years. What's wrong with you? You just give it to me and that's all I need. I don't give it to you. We don't know what it is. My Dad's had this store for 30 years. We don't know what it is, but I want to support effort. Very fucker.

00:33:07 Poor Indian businesses.

00:33:09 Oh, uh, oh yeah. Well guess what? This is in the Indian business is a Persian business bitch and Indian is totally different. So call an Indian fucking place. Okay. You got that honey. What's the difference? What's the difference in what Persian and Indian? Yes sir. Get educated and find out yourself baby. Got to even engage in this conversation anymore. Morgan. I'm talking to a computer. Bye Bye.

00:33:37 Wow. Okay. We got her on the line. Okay. I think now might be a good time to segue into the, into the clip. Hopefully. What do you guys think? I don't think I'm going to call back right away. I think we need to eat. You got to let it breathe for a little bit for that one. So, um, let's, I dunno if they don't, I'll let you guys catch up here. Okay. Lisa called another Indian restaurant. Can you please ask them if they have any recommendations or probably don't have any recommendations? That's a poetic polar bear asked me and um, I would assume not because they're Persian. Then they hate Indians. So, um, damn, five years has it been five years? I don't know. Time just flies. And the next thing you know, your pay pals and unlimited state. Okay. I'm glad you guys were there for that.

00:34:32 I think we haven't been able to get her on the line too much on, on the program. I'm glad we got her on today. You know, I, I would like to, you know, hopefully get her as a frequent, a cohost on to shout. I think that'd be pretty good. Okay. All right. I'm going to play the paypal clip and uh, if there is video as well. So if you're watching on your phone, you might want to turn up, turn up your, uh, your phone to the right direction, put it on, put it on landscape, put your screen on landscape to swipe your screen so you can see the video nice and big. And um, let me, uh, let me get this going. Okay. I haven't quite, I introduced multimedia to this show. We're just a call center here. It was just a telephone, but hopefully, hopefully we can get this going. Okay. Let me see here. Okay. Just one second. Okay, here we go.

00:35:36 Thanks for calling house. How may I help

00:35:38 you? Hi, is Stanley layer, she somebody who works here? No, he's a customer. I'm not sure. Give me one second. Please hold. Sure. Stop calling here. We have caller ID. I'm gonna report you to the police.

00:35:59 Okay. Well I'm going to tell you this. My manager is on my phone now. I have three feet.

00:36:18 I know you're probably getting paid 50 to $100, but don't call here ever again because I'm going to call the police and I'm going to get you good.

00:36:36 Okay. That was footage of my interaction with paypal last night. Uh, I was hoping it, the introduction will be a little bit more suspenseful, but it just didn't really turn out that way. I guess there's all sorts of notifications and things popping up, you know, just didn't appreciate it. Okay. Sorry. Tried to play it again by accident. Okay. So I hope you enjoyed that little clip. I don't usually introduce video on this program, but that was just a, a somber moment and the call center history. So, uh, you know, maybe I'll play it again later if for somebody that hasn't seen it or in a different or broadcast. If we're still here, if we're still going to be on the air. Okay. Let's uh, let's move on a little bit. Maybe be tried yesterday. Maybe we can try it one more time if we can get our friend Joyce, hold the line because I know, I know she has the password.

00:37:45 Come on. There we go.

00:37:49 How long is my channel existed? I don't know. A month. Something like that.

00:37:59 Okay.

00:38:01 You were suspended.

00:38:05 Hey, dark fee. What's that?

00:38:10 Yeah.

00:38:11 Hello? The Gray? Yeah.

00:38:18 Hello? Hello. Hello.

00:38:27 Joyce. Joyce is this big red? Ah, okay. I'm not sure what's happening. Okay. Let me try calling her back. Man had the big Red Gif is fucking, how do you do that? How do you make one of those and put it in the chat? What do you do you pay for having like your own emotes or something? Is that what that is? I'm not sure which one it would be,

00:39:04 but

00:39:07 I'm not sure how that works. Who replaced the previous call center operator? For you? I don't know.

00:39:15 Okay.

00:39:20 Am I an imposter? WHO's s? O. S. O. C. C. A. I don't see anybody. What are you guys talking about? Hello? Progress. You know, we just got disconnected girl. Yeah, I need it. That low life. No life. Oh, it's you. He needs to go find you some business.

00:39:44 Oh my goodness. Where did I start this before stream me? Um, and, uh, just a call center. We just recorded it. We ever just documenting her own work. Never been, never been presented to the public. We weren't sure how the public would take it. Public has all sorts of different interests. I didn't think that this would be one of them. Not at all. Not at all, sir. I can't, I can't speak to that. Next thing you know, we have 126 or just prank calling for kicks or on a different platform. No, just for fun. Why is everything? Why does everything have to be on a platform? Okay. I don't understand that, but now we have it in droves. You know, we never ever are going to be lacking in any sort of material big way. Why are you going to hang up? Oh It's my fan, Huh? Yeah. You got a lot of fans, you know.

00:41:00 Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello.

00:41:12 Okay. Here's what I'm going to have to do really quick. Let me close that out. Close that. Huh? I'm to have to start up Skype again cause it's uh, it's given me a bit of an issue. I'm trying to use a different installation of itself. Replatform followed me. I thought you were already file is if people are getting unsubscribed from this channel, is that what I've been hearing? Cause I've seen a lot of repeats or maybe people decide they like it, they don't like it. They want to come back. They want to listen, they want to watch, they don't want to watch. They want to, they want to, you know, I'm not sure what's going on. Okay. Let me, sorry, there's just a second here. I'm trying to get Skype related so let me see if anybody sent me any messages. No, just mustaches and then glass it is and presidents and things like that.

00:42:03 Okay.

00:42:04 That is pretty autistic. What is pretty autistic? I'm not sure what you're, what you're talking about. You get the, okay, you get the free even with slots and paid 30 K of Unicorns are 650 sparkles. I don't know what the Hell you talking about some candy land shit. I don't even know what that is. Why can't they just use it a currency that everybody understands. If we're here like rupees and dnrs and things like that. However you see shackles would be the easiest one, but okay. Jesus, you did do this for fun for years without an audience. I know it's hard to believe, right? But there was a point in time where you know it was, there was a wasn't 24 hours streaming I guess for everything, you know? Okay. I think we got the phone back up and working, so let's start, start slicing away at some of that stuff and I want to make sure this one works. No one had to give a little a little test, maybe comp called beef. Oh back and see what's going on. We should road trip to Baskin Robbins bigger at some day. They're actually on two different sides of the country, so

00:43:34 hello. Hello.

00:43:42 Thanks. Calling North Debbie for Brady's is your current, how can I help you?

00:43:44 I'm calling back. It's 2:00 PM Buddy.

00:43:48 Okay.

00:43:48 Do you have my food?

00:43:50 Okay.

00:43:51 No, I don't have your food. I'm not going to have your food. I don't have a payment. We don't take Facebook. We don't take payment now you're going to have to talk to paypal.

00:43:57 You gotta slow down there and you got to slow down. Okay. You're talking so fast. I don't know what's going on. You're trying to scoot one by me?

00:44:04 Yes.

00:44:07 Okay.

00:44:09 Yup, Yup, Yup, Yup, Yup, Yup, Yup, Yup, Yup.

00:44:28 Yeah.

00:44:34 OOPS, I forgot to turn that off.

00:44:38 Yeah.

00:44:41 Okay. See

00:44:46 Charlotte nation, so it's worth sending her Hitler. Is she screaming optics going into,

00:44:51 I just come up and grab your food. Okay. Yeah. You got it ready? Oh No, I don't, but I'll make it when you get here. Okay.

00:44:57 Oh, okay. It's a, it's a bunch of wings though.

00:45:01 Okay. You didn't have to tell me when you get here cause I don't have the order. Okay. All right, thanks. You got it.

00:45:07 All right guys, if anybody is a by that beef o Brady's in Tampa, Florida, go ahead and swing by and I think you get, you can get a meal. Just tell him that she paid on. Wow. Okay. Um, that's, that's goes in a different category for today. I didn't expect to get one of those, but if anybody who lives around there, pick up some wings and send a picture of you have joined us wings to the s pvcc@protonmail.com. I'd love to see it. Okay. And then I'll send it back to Pfo. Brady's over the phone. I think it'd be astonishing. It'd be a glorious one. Okay. What is it that Trump nation said? Where is Senator Heller? She's screwing optics and going into paypal. What do you mean? If I had been mis-gendering seminar, they were hit has this whole time. Don't know what's going on with that. I, I don't want to, that's not enough topic I wished that I wish to speak on.

00:46:05 Okay.

00:46:06 Not going to start speculating things about people in the chat. That's not how it's going to work, but I guess the Hedy, she day you gave me some numbers. I might, I might try to crack into the house. What is this? I just got another email from, from paypal. What is this? My account needs a payment method. I already have a Pavan bed. What are you talking about? It just never stops over here. All right.

00:46:39 Yeah.

00:46:40 Okay. Let me know. Let's see. I can't eat. This text is so small on these emails here. I might just, uh, I mean you might have to do my, my own sort of thing if I get into these, but I just, I can't read it right now. It's so small. Yeah. Are you, I just want to actually real quick before, I don't know, I contradicting myself and saying, I didn't want to speak about going from chatter did she had her, but senator hit it low or use some sort of creative writer or something like that. Are you in college for English or something? You've got multiple, multiple numbers with long longs backstories and they're all different. It's a, it's remarkable for sure, but it's

00:47:30 indeed perplexing. I can't imagine. I can't imagine doing anything like that other than, I mean I have the one at the call center, so I can't really say anything about it right now.

00:47:44 Okay.

00:47:46 I see you're a very good number here and think that might be my view. Perfect for today.

00:47:57 Here we go.

00:48:05 That's exactly who I'm calling

00:48:08 broken down with Fargo. Yeah,

00:48:11 I have, yeah. I'm looking at my pay pal account is in a limited state.

00:48:17 Oh, hi. This is actually the Oh, wells Fargo Museum. Yeah. Did you wanted to try it? One of the other numbers, they'll be able to help you with any banking needs.

00:48:22 Well, they told me to call here because there might be something in your archives that could unlock my paypal account.

00:48:30 Oh, unfortunately, no. We don't have access to banking documents.

00:48:34 It might not be a treatment. It might not be in a document or something. He could be a tool or some sort of artifact that you go out on site there. That could just unlock my paypal account ticket. However, limited state.

00:48:46 Yeah, unfortunately no, there wouldn't be a 19th century artifact that could help out with paypal. I are you sure about that? I'm pretty sure. I mean it could be stopped. Stop. I am per youth are uh, inventory that we have on display for the public seven days a week. That'd be wonderful.

00:49:02 Maybe it's some sort of like coach Coyne, alchemy you can just set up and then this get the pay pal account out of eliminate state.

00:49:09 It's actually a good idea. I like the idea of it. You do. Hello. Fargo historically has always been innovative and has always wanting to put the customer first. I wish I could think of something technologically that we'd have that could help.

00:49:20 What are you thinking of? It should, do you want to sign in together? Online,

00:49:25 right? Yeah. No, I actually don't have access to internet today. Our computers are all down even in the BCM. Isn't that funny?

00:49:31 Oh really? So you were an unlimited state as well.

00:49:34 I know it, it's almost like the 19th century in the state park. Just know is not going to work here. But luckily I still have my uh, lanterns and the Telegraph was working the state church woodwork if only the horse has showed up and that would be our version of fixing paypal. Yeah.

00:49:51 But you know, that's, that's all well and good. I mean a whole so you don't have to start scooping up oil, whale lard about, you know, maybe we can just get my paypal account. I don't have the limited state. That's right.

00:50:04 Definitely be a doable thing with you were able to call someone with paypal,

00:50:08 did any of your faith and did he suggested that you might have something there that could be the key to unlocking his business account?

00:50:15 Oh, that's a great idea. I'm a whelk. I invite you to come on by. I cried. I'm from my knowledge, I sincerely doubt there's anything that we have here that could help you. I mock up business account. Yeah. We don't have computers but I mean formation here and a lot of great stories to see and learn about the community. And the history of wells Fargo if you wanted to stop by

00:50:35 Sir does. The thing is I've been, I've been uh, you know, working on this for a while, been trying to crack it open and I'm just having an issue. I just can't seem to get to it. So I've been calling around. I'm trying to figure out what I can do. I mean they suggested to call the museum. Maybe you had something historic on the file that that could help.

00:50:54 Oh Geez. You have more information about black bars doric leading April cause some goals that might sort of, I think, I think there's quite seriously now, do you have anything that you can just hold up to the light and just at the same time if you could just swipe through screen and log in? Quite serious of my account is in a limited scape. Yeah, I'm histological too. Some of them are wonderful local cloth that you're going to share with you about San Diego. Yeah. You need to unlock my account right now, so just do something, just find the prism and then just put your phone in your account. One of our equals 85 with the fourth thing, you won't find any place, but you will be rewarded with a patch is the past 1000 pounds. What are you trying to say? It will be enjoyable experience.

00:52:19 Sure. Thread.

00:52:22 Okay.

00:52:22 Oh absolutely not. It's just intellectual and the fun tactile bit of learning. It's an international threat artifact from the 19th century.

00:52:32 It's like a, you know, a sexual threat if you ask me.

00:52:35 Yeah,

00:52:36 no, definitely not. We don't have any of that anywhere around old town.

00:52:40 My audiologist and I can sense in your voice by the tremors that you're being sexualized. Oh really? Yeah, and I'm just trying to get my business account and locked it system. Right.

00:52:51 Okay. Fortunately in your end of the phone

00:52:57 you have a distraction. During know it's, I'm setting off an alarm every time I tried it out from this phone call. But if you would like to reach out to the wells Fargo gave me seeing him at our email address or finding any more information that we have available, that would be wonderful and I definitely wish you the best a day. Could you just please help me out, sir. I don't, I don't appreciate this.

00:53:23 Okay, one more time. That guy was sounding pretty Carrie

00:53:29 w

00:53:30 don't unfortunately calling them

00:53:44 morning walk in the ballpark though.

00:53:46 Yeah, I was just speaking to somebody about getting that by password to get the pay pal account. I've eliminated state how they said at the 800 number that you might've had something histological center that could line up with my account. I'm sorry, I forget the wrong number. I don't believe so. Okay. This isn't wells Fargo does has to be a gay bar.

00:54:13 I'd never heard of a bank saying what the fuck is. That sounds a little bit weird.

00:54:20 Go into a frog in a history museum.

00:54:22 Is this actually the right place? Is this to wells Fargo History Museum?

00:54:26 That's fair. This is actually wells Fargo History Museum. If you don't have any history of questions that I'd be happy to direct you to the northwest Fargo Bank.

00:54:33 Actually, I do have a couple of history questions, sort of a chronological nature.

00:54:40 Most of the questions that we take or an email for him or if he wanted to come into the museum.

00:54:44 Okay. Well while I've got you here, maybe just shoot a of your way. How's that sound? First? Um, what was the password? The first one,

00:54:57 sir,

00:54:59 you're cutting out. I'm sorry. That question. I know that you're not being truthful because I can hear my own voice in your hand set there.

00:55:07 Actually not using a handset. You're on speaker.

00:55:09 Well, that's what I'm saying. You know, I don't know. What year are you right now? I don't know if it's, you know, I can hear my own voice. I can't hear what I'm saying. I hear you. I can hear what I'm saying. Am I believe to hang out? You're being disloyal, sir. And as loyalist in here. Yeah. You're full of Shit right now actually.

00:55:24 No, I don't think I can hear you at all. No. Why? You're responding to me that are you still there, sir? Absolutely. Still speaking. I would be happy to answer any questions. You know, you don't have to put all that other employees can email us at our website or the email I've already provided.

00:55:41 You don't have to uh, you know, put on a show for your employees ever there. You know, you can just pick up.

00:55:46 Yeah. I honestly can't hear you if you're talking. It's just a bunch of static.

00:55:50 I don't believe so. I don't believe so at all. I know my phone is in a work. You're saying my phone is it eliminated state, sir?

00:55:56 I don't hear anything but static right now. It could be my phone.

00:55:59 Yeah, but why are responding every time I stopped talking

00:56:02 Phil just static every time that I talked to him and every time I stopped I can just hear static. So it could be my phone, sir. I'm going to have to disengage from this phone call though. Cause it's bordering on harassment.

00:56:14 Then why would, if it's a static, how is it harassment?

00:56:22 Oh Jeez.

00:56:27 Excuse me. Okay, one more time.

00:56:43 Good morning. Welcome to wells Fargo. Yeah, well I just got disconnected by a disloyal list employee over there.

00:56:49 Okay.

00:56:50 Sorry. One of your employees was being discriminatory, sir.

00:56:54 Okay.

00:56:54 Okay, fair. I'm going to have to hang up. I think you've got the wrong number. I don't believe so. It's the museum. That's how you, the ones against the, I can't hear you. It was one of my least favorite things ever. Welcome to the Wells Fargo History Museum, San Diego. We were unable to take your call at this time. Please leave a message tab. Fraternity tapped out for today.

00:57:36 Okay, let's, let's move on. Okay.

00:57:43 Yeah.

00:57:44 I just want to let big red, no, she's got a family.

00:57:47 Okay. Yeah.

00:58:00 Come on. Hello. Big Man. Hey, you got a lot of fans. You know, like you have a lot of fans. It ain't just me. Girl. Look, you haven't said that. I want to get some shrimp. Get it from between your legs. Why?

00:58:21 Okay.

00:58:23 Oh my God. Okay, let's try it again.

00:58:32 Yeah.

00:58:46 Hello? Yeah. Yeah.

00:58:51 You who does what are you looking for this big red? Yeah. Come on. I want to get some friends. You want to get wet? Shrimps. Okay. You have to come in and make that daughter. I'm making it now. All right, so take it down. All right. Go ahead. All right. I want to get the shrimp dinner to two French dinner.

00:59:15 Zeus Ram dinners. Ooh, what's the two sides? Oh

00:59:22 Shit. Well, joy says she's going to cook up a special cipher.

00:59:27 Oh,

00:59:27 Joyce don't, don't cook anything. Yeah, she do. She said you do for me. Come on. Call them off. She doesn't cook anything. She bringing into it. It's not a problem.

00:59:41 Yeah.

00:59:44 Do you know Joyce? Yeah.

00:59:47 Wow.

00:59:49 From work. From work. Yeah. Come in there and I'm saying to you, what a man wants you to come in and get your meal and then uh, we'll be waiting for you. I can't do that. I'm trying to pick it up. It got to be real quick. I thought I'd go to the bathroom and all this. I know. We'll wait for you and keeps, keeps, keeps uh, the phone and saying things to me. All right. Thank you very much, sir. Who was that guy that's a new feature? Wasn't expecting that. I thought it was just

01:00:25 Joyce and some, some patients.

01:00:43 Hello? Hello?

01:00:50 Sorry about that. I was expecting a little more from that, but that's okay. We're going to keep moving on. Keep moving on. All right. What are the cat? Some places I just want to come in hot on. I don't know why. How, you know toys that couldn't pay? Yeah. How's it going over there? Good. Okay. Do you have any beanie hats? Uh, let me check.

01:01:23 Hello? Did you hang up sir, sir,

01:01:33 sir? Sorry, sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir.

01:01:57 Okay.

01:02:01 How old is holding up over here? He guys seem like a really, yeah, really behind about 10 minutes behind. And actually not that probably about five minutes, but it's a little behind. More than news. Well, hopefully it's not a, it's not lagging too.

01:02:21 Um, let's see what's track hoe

01:02:39 we meet Monday. Matt's phone,

01:02:41 I have called him. He knows him not to answer and it's a Google voice,

01:02:46 which means

01:02:48 Gotcha. It's not a vaccine. She did for awhile. Wonder if I can find Gavin Penis penises. A phone number again, he might answer it so weekend. I think it's when I got him on the phone last time. Right,

01:03:05 right,

01:03:07 right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right.

01:03:10 All right.

01:03:11 Right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right.

01:03:14 Okay. It's, it's gotta be in here. How does, I don't know if I can find it. Well, actually I can. It's actually, you know, I got to get a little bit more organized. Hopefully over the Christmas season call center can get a little bit more organized. We can get something, get things a fixed up.

01:03:35 Okay. Let's see.

01:03:39 I don't want to get to get outta here. Get outta here. Okay. Yeah. I want to get, get things a little bit more organized. Um, we have a top and talking to the eventual cohost, he will be here and eventually we'll be joining me on a regular basis and maybe some days he might handle themselves. I don't know if he's ready up for that, that challenge yet, but I think it'd be pretty good. We'll have a better way to handle things like incoming numbers and things like that. We'll just kind of put them on a file and review things and, and have more of a system in place and that way there isn't a lot of lag here. One of us can be calling a place and you know, something like that. So hopefully we're going to work something out over the new year and hopefully whittled down some of these archives for, for you to enjoy. Everybody seems to have been an enjoyable.

01:04:34 Okay. Let's see.

01:04:39 All right, here we go. What's type of it and to see where we got.

01:04:46 Yeah.

01:04:48 Okay.

01:05:01 Yeah.

01:05:02 Who you talking about Optus to makes you two videos.

01:05:07 Okay.

01:05:07 Sargon and Jim.

01:05:13 Okay.

01:05:16 Your call been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system. I see. What's that? I've been trying to get the caller id you situation set up so hopefully that'll get fixed. Nine. I think I could get him on the line. All I have to do is put a different different phone number there or more time. Let's try this one.

01:05:40 Mornings trims highly unlikely.

01:05:47 Hello.

01:05:50 Okay, well a cohost be able to do mornings trims. It's probably unlikely. Maybe an afternoon one or something. We haven't quite worked that out, but we've been thinking about trying to incorporate in one a week because that's, we get a lot of good, good people on those days. Uh, Shit, I forget. I remember that some of the places that we usually call her no open that we normally would call it a pass on weekdays, but it'll work out, I think to show a take on it. Good. Good Element. Once he's on it or trying to reach does not accept unidentified calls. Please try sending her headlight here. You're making me. I've never thought I'd want her to time out of a mod, but I see you post the same thing over and over. I do see it. Okay. I do see it. One time is enough. You get some of those for your reached a multiplier. Then we're okay. Okay. No, I'm just fucking around. Okay. Let's see. What time is it over there? Are they open? Some of these? We got some reach under the United States is a big country with a lot of phone numbers.

01:07:00 You gotta see what's going on over here. Okay. When does this place now? It's, Oh shit man. Hi Can, I said if someone also, if you want to email the email address, if you have any ideas for a better phone situation, I'm willing to listen to that because we're still looking to get that figured out and I think we'll get it some, some points. Who knows? This place is still open. Let's see.

01:07:32 Lagging again?

01:07:35 Or is that just one person? Hello? We can help you find another business in the area. Okay. No thank you. I don't want you to do that. I'm perfectly fine finding my own businesses in the area. Okay, let's see.

01:07:54 Okay.

01:07:58 Try it out over here. Geez. You know, paid the paypal thing has got me very, just kababi late does loyalist even to my own self, so if I seem a little off, that's why you usually have a little bit more, more peppy peppy about this whole thing. Let's, let's some more places. Actually, I have no idea how spamming chat works. I have no idea. I just kind of let it roll.

01:08:24 It was, I wouldn't never meet anybody. I don't really care about that.

01:08:30 No. Golf from recreation. Yeah. Who's this? This math? Yeah. What happened to Frank? Frank. Frank Gay. Never heard of him.

01:08:40 Never heard of him. He used to be there for awhile,

01:08:45 Sir

01:08:47 Scott there. Geez, I sound like an asshole. What a call, right back

01:09:05 coverage map. I don't know if I want to have a coverage map. That seems to be an easy way to get yourself in trouble. Hey community watching the chat, right? Is Everything okay over here?

01:09:30 Can you, can you tell me what the password is? Community Watch and see if you guys are in a check. Can you guys just ask community watch what the password is? If we can just get, get that, get that limited state just wiped, wiped off. I don't want to, I would appreciate that. Okay. Let's try one of these other numbers. Seven or hit la. Are you from San Diego? About 99% of these numbers to give me her all in San Diego. I'm not trying. You can, you can choose a doctor yourself, but I notice a pattern here at the call center I suppose.

01:10:16 Happy holidays. How can I help you? Yeah. Is this the cookie spot? Yeah.

01:10:23 Do you guys have a, what kind of cookies you got to talk today

01:10:28 kind of cookies. Do we have today? Uh, we have all the kinds that we have every day. Do you want me to list?

01:10:36 Yeah. You say that. Like I said, I already know what you're talking about.

01:10:41 Okay. Would you like me to list all the flavors? We have about 20 flavors,

01:10:46 20 flavors. I mean, are they, are they kosher or are they hollow? Like what's up? What's up?

01:10:51 Are they kosher? No, they're not clubs on the whole while. Hello? Yeah. I'm not sure what that means. No, they're not Asian. Oh, no. Nope. Okay. What about they're just regular cookies? What about gluten free? No, no gluten free. What about

01:11:11 Kido or Beto or what is it?

01:11:17 It's just regular cookies.

01:11:20 How about the Atkins Diet?

01:11:24 The Adkins diet? Yeah. Um, what do you mean by that?

01:11:33 I'm looking for cholesterol, sodium information, which she got for nutritional truths on onsite there.

01:11:41 We don't have, we don't have any of the nutritional information on the website,

01:11:46 on the APP. And I'd look in for a password now. I've called other places not in helping me out get logged into my account.

01:11:58 I don't know what account you're saying. You've logged it too.

01:12:01 I can't log into the uncle cookie spot. Do I need to, do I need to swipe or do I need a pin?

01:12:10 No, you don't need a pen. Why not? Why not?

01:12:16 My paypal account is about limited state, sir.

01:12:21 Is it a limited,

01:12:23 yeah, so I need to get it a lock for your business. I want to get a couple of low sodium Atkins cookies over there.

01:12:31 We don't have low sodium.

01:12:34 Okay. Just to kosher ones that

01:12:37 we don't have kosher cookies.

01:12:38 You said you had some kosher raisins and things?

01:12:42 I did not say that we have kosher race.

01:12:45 Want to get a couple of sheets? To be honest with you.

01:12:48 Yeah.

01:12:50 Yeah. You mean like a couple dozen? Yeah,

01:12:54 that's what I mean. You don't call them sheets over there?

01:12:57 No, we don't call them sheets. We just call, we sell cookies by the Dawson or the single cookies

01:13:04 I been eating. I've been eating cookies for 14 years.

01:13:08 Okay.

01:13:08 Okay, that's great. We don't have any kosher cookies and we don't have any Atkins diet cookies and we don't have any hello cookies, cookies? No, we don't have ketosis.

01:13:24 What's going on over there? Is it the police come in for the password for the my paypal account?

01:13:30 Are you, is this a prank call? No Sir. No Sir. Yes sir. I'm going to have to let you go. If you don't have any other questions for me,

01:13:41 keep you on the phone all night with some questions that I got.

01:13:46 Are you being serious right now? Deadly serious? I mean, if you don't, I'm going to have to hang up the phone now. Okay.

01:13:55 You can just hold it up to your ear and we can continue talking.

01:14:02 I'm not, I'm working right now. I can't just stay on the phone and all your strange question.

01:14:08 Why can it get my paypal account loud locked of the limited state?

01:14:12 That's not my problem. That you can't get into your pay pal. It's, yes, it is, sir.

01:14:18 Yeah.

01:14:19 Stop calling me, sir. Please.

01:14:21 Why? I'm, I'm polite. I'm trying to be respectful, sir.

01:14:27 Yeah.

01:14:31 Sorry, what's your question? Yep.

01:14:33 Looking for some cookies today. I want to get a couple of sheets.

01:14:38 Okay. We sell them by the dozens that you want to order any of the flavors we have.

01:14:43 Yeah, that, that gentleman was just talking about the uh, the kosher cookies. I want to get a dozen of those. First off,

01:14:50 we have no closure cookie.

01:14:53 Well, she said you have the kosher cookies and the low sodium ones as well. No, I'm trying to pay half the hangup. Sorry. Here, I'm trying to pay online. Well, I'm not accepting that. I'm calling right back.

01:15:12 Yeah.

01:15:22 Okay.

01:15:23 Okay.

01:15:23 Okay. Hello?

01:15:27 I'll go back to cookies.

01:15:28 Yeah, we just got disconnected. I'm still logged in on my weekend.

01:15:32 That's connected. Stop calling this store.

01:15:35 Why? I just called one time.

01:15:38 Stop calling the store. If you don't want to place an order for the regular flavor cookies that we have, then stopped calling.

01:15:46 I can do it, but I just kind of do it online on the APP and I can't log in.

01:15:52 Okay.

01:15:53 We don't have an APP, sir. You're going to have to figure it out on your own. I can't help. It

01:15:57 can assist me with making a purchase that you're at uncle cookies.

01:16:02 You can come in and place a place in order,

01:16:04 not by sir. Wow. How was the reaction? Uh, then I would expect after five years, not after five minutes.

01:16:18 Let's call it back. Yeah.

01:16:27 Yeah. Let's call it raw.

01:16:31 Happy Holidays and what's the purse? Whore. Okay. Now for paypal, the paypal password.

01:16:42 Yeah.

01:16:43 I'm sorry that I'm, we're going to have to call the police and they're going to track this phone.

01:16:47 Why you're being discriminatory. You won't even serve me.

01:16:51 No, because we have nothing to do with paypal. We have nothing to do with culture. We have nothing to do with the ask the questions you're asking. You want cookies? You could come in. Our address is on the website and we'll be more than glad to help.

01:17:03 I'm asking for assistance, sir, and you're being discriminatory. You refused to serve me or being prejudicial.

01:17:10 Okay. I'm going to call the police and they're going to track your numbers.

01:17:13 I'm going gonna call too for a hate crime. You're committing a hate crime. I'm going to call back. Maybe we can just get the same sheriff down there just to make sure.

01:17:23 Okay. Okay.

01:17:37 Okay.

01:17:38 Called Patriot.

01:17:45 I mean I have to

01:17:49 call back too quick. Oh, go fuck yourself. You try it.

01:17:54 Call people over.

01:17:58 You don't know how it works, man. What have you been listened to this stream for a week? You think you know how to make prank phone calls? What do you do? What do you make? Prank phone calls you call your buddy on speaker phone and tell him to touch your penis or something. Well, listen here, we're serious cost center. We do serious things. We don't talk about things like that. You know, we don't wait a month and then call your buddy back in and vehicles and things like that. You just talk about eating acid, the acids and stuff. We don't want you to call big reg. Why don't you go over there and see if you can get over poor girl with Joyce and all the other Ching Chong advocates, Dong people over there. It just don't happen.

01:18:33 Okay. Um, it's not just going to,

01:18:40 maybe that Applebee's has to pass. We almost got, I felt like we almost got the password from apple piece yesterday. It is, um, I want to ask is Danielson around because uh, what does the Danielson, I don't remember. Someone was giving me some very serious numbers recently and uh, I want to call that, but I don't know. No, it wasn't him. Actually, I don't even remember if someone gave me a, uh, I'm a fan of, of, of reading articles. So, uh, someone gave me an article writers number that works for uh, uh, uh, huffing puffing portal, a website. So I want to get that one. Okay. Are these good numbers? Are All these good numbers? Well, yeah, I'll look. I said, I would say a senator here though, you kind of have a slugging average going on because sometimes they get knocked out of the park and other times it's like a voicemail and they never pick up, which isn't too bad, you know,

01:19:41 that's not bad. Okay,

01:19:44 let's, uh, let's try another one then I then actually wait, hunter, there's another one I was supposed to get to that from, from yesterday. Reality Check Steel Horse, uh, fear and loading Trump nation. Thank you all very much. Know. Thank you for, for your discriminatory, uh, you wanted to spend your money discriminatorily and I appreciate that.

01:20:08 Okay.

01:20:11 Okay. Let's, uh, let me open that back up. You know, things are, things are breaking down over here, but we're going to make it, we're going to make it happen. I know you wouldn't have a final clip, Ryan. Unfortunate night. I just, I don't even know what I'm doing. I'm in so much pain. What does it say? Jim is at the chat. Is He for real in the chat? Maybe. I think that he should make some phone calls. He's got quite the voice for the day. Yeah. How are you doing today? Good. Yeah. Where's your chef?

01:20:42 Okay,

01:20:43 this is Sherry. How can I help you? I need to speak to the chefs are not Sherry. This is Jerry. How can I help you? Are you the chef? How can I help you, sir? Yeah. Uh, I have, uh, I have a question about what we can cook for me today.

01:21:00 Yeah.

01:21:00 Okay. Do you cap you a cook? A fresh catches? Yes we do. Yeah. We have our own fresh catches. Well, I got my own fresh cash. I like you to, I'm certified as well. I'm a fishery. No, we can't do that. Sorry. I have all sorts of fishery things on, on my vessel. It's no problem. They've been certified by, by the local against health threats. Elations we can't do that. Well, I've been certified by the local health board. I'm sorry sir. We can't do that. We can only cook stuff that's on the menu. While I'm the captain of the opposite of the season, I'm also annoying, but I cannot cook anything that is not on our menu. Yes you can. It's, it's okay. It's actually in the bylaws. I'm a notary as well. Okay. We'll call back. That kind of burned out too quick, but that's okay. Our donations taxes. I have no idea. Moby Dick. Yeah, we just got disconnected. I was, uh, trying to get my approved catch. I'm sorry we can't cook it, sir, but it's been approved. Okay.

01:22:07 Yeah.

01:22:08 I cannot cook it, sir. Well, listen, I'm a notary. I'd notarize the document so I'm sorry, but I have to go after I hang up already said no, I'm a captain though. I have a good day today. Hello.

01:22:22 Right there.

01:22:23 That guys kind of got the right attitude about handling it, but I don't see that. Let's see how he handles the third crop. People don't like to call backs. What does it, what do I see about this? Yeah. How you doing sir? Good. How are you? Who I am trying to get my approved catch cooked up so, okay. What do you catch? I catch porpoise.

01:22:47 Yeah.

01:22:47 Okay. How much will you have? I have enough for just one for tonight. I want to get a cooked up and slapped on my plate. Can you do that for me? It's a peanut. You can't cook it for you, but I have to charge you for like if I was telling you the fish, but that's all a bit of a fish. It's 29 nine I can charge

01:23:06 you 25 99 to cook you the fish.

01:23:08 That's okay sir. Cause usually I just write it off on my taxes. It's approved. I'm a notary notarized the document myself.

01:23:14 Yeah. Yeah. I can break it. And then how big is efficiency?

01:23:20 Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yup. Breaking Up. I'm sorry. It's pretty large. It's pretty large.

01:23:27 How big is it? Do you have like how many pounds?

01:23:30 Let's say about uh, you know, close to 88 pounds. Honestly, it's pretty large so we can just carve off a slab, a slab of it. Let's slap it on, on the grill there.

01:23:44 I'm a captain. Okay. I say it because like I said, there's 25, 99. It's just for like a eight ounce of speed, you know what I mean? But I mean that big of a fish I have to charge you for like what? For maybe like 50 pieces. I wasn't even going to be worth it for you.

01:23:57 We're serving a lot of people, you know, it's poor piss. A lot of people are trying to eat some porpoise today. It's a pilot of porpoise for select people.

01:24:06 Yeah. I'm sorry I cannot do that. And even if you come on, let me, I want to be liable for it.

01:24:12 I'm certified. It's been approved.

01:24:14 Yeah. How about you get throwing up the friend restaurant?

01:24:17 Because I like this one and I'm an, I'm a notary as well, so I can notarize that. I need documents.

01:24:22 Yeah, no, I'm sorry. I don't think I'm going to be able to do it from that one. I mean, like I say, unless you want only as you're willing to pay me $25 fair. Um, I could've got to be like $50 per pound and I'll do it for you. Yep.

01:24:37 Well listen, Pedro, what's your projection for possible places? I can pencil in a pot, a porpoise being placed on my plate. I,

01:24:45 I have no idea. Yeah. Like I said, like, I don't know. I mean, you can tell there with friends, but I mean like I, I'll do it for you if you pay me 50 bucks a pound, I'll cook it for you.

01:24:57 Yeah. Back on a couple of Japanese businessmen here to try and

01:25:03 another what I'm saying, I'm an no sweat for you. If you pay me, then I'll do it. I mean, you know, everything has a price. We do have a price. What's your price? Patriot. That's what I'm saying. If you pay me 50 bucks a pound, I'll cook it for you.

01:25:17 50 bucks a pound. That's correct. Porpoise and, and we just get one pound cooked up this to see what your uh, what your cooking style is like. No, no. What is it like Asian Mongolian like what are, what are you,

01:25:36 what are you going to, are you going to do over it? I was going to throw it. What are you going to drop paper? Very American Bro.

01:25:45 Well you could drop it. You know he could drop a couple tamales right on top.

01:25:53 What's that? But you know how to eat him.

01:25:57 I do know how to eat them. I hold a bit. I hold them in my mouth for a good three minutes.

01:26:02 I know you can't hold it in your mouth. Huh? For sure.

01:26:04 I know you can. It sounds like, it sounds like you can you kind of hold it with your mouth in your mouth? Yeah. Take it all in. Well, who holds their mouth? Who holds it in their mouth? The longest wins pays. They don't have to pay for the porpoise. Okay. If I maybe you pay for it. I'm okay. I got it. Thank you. [inaudible] we go. We were going to pass on that. Okay. How about this? Don't pass. If you win,

01:26:28 I pay for the porpoise. Okay. That guy was all right. Okay. Let's, uh, let's try it again.

01:26:43 Thank you. Tony. Moby Dick. Yeah. Can you, can you put Pedro in the line buddy?

01:26:52 Pedro sounds fun. I bet you I could Peter, but at Tamale eating contest, I absolutely could. I'm black, so I have hot sauce on me all the time.

01:27:01 Vegas Guy Movie Day. You just hung up. I'm trying to talk to Pedro Buddy, buddy. We were, we said no try another restaurant. Pedro said he would do it. So many restaurants in Santa Barbara can, you could check the possibility of a place that can place a porpoise. A porpoise on my plate tonight. I'm sorry sir. We're not going to do it. Why not? What can you suggest having a day? What's your suggestion? Stopped going? No. Can you talk to Pat? Talked to Pedro.

01:27:28 Okay,

01:27:29 snap. Funny Sir. We're trying to do a professional job here. So professional as well. Professional porpoises porpoise fishery. I have a good day. Stop calling me please. I'm going to call back in five minutes.

01:27:45 All right. Okay.

01:27:49 Yeah,

01:27:50 I think I might, I might wrap up sort of, as soon as I'm, you know, I guess I'll keep it on for a little bit longer. I don't want to do another four hour more like I've been doing on, on Saturdays and Sundays. I don't know if I should do one for tomorrow. You know, if, if the rumors are true, then Jim is called a beat to the streaming tomorrow. I definitely want to catch that. I want to see what he's doing. I guess, you know, maybe I can send a couple of super chats his way and he can, uh, maybe I can convince him to take part in this endeavor. At least have a prerecorded thing so I can get some sort of fig voicemail thing gone. He's got a voice for the art, you know.

01:28:33 Okay. I don't even know what this is. What's this meat market number? That's what's tricky.

01:28:51 Okay.

01:29:05 Okay.

01:29:09 Sorry. The mailbox is full and there was not enough to need a message. Why would a meat market

01:29:14 mailbox before that doesn't sound correct at all. I don't appreciate that. Do that seems a little bit confusing. Let's try Colin. Another place. There was a person, there wasn't, you know, in some earlier years, you know the call center, so it's true. There was a frequent frequent recipient and collaborator. Oh, has it? I hesitate to say collaborate,

01:29:42 but

01:29:44 let's see if they're still there. I know we left for awhile.

01:29:47 Thank you for calling games stop where you can get the hottest new video game console and collectibles for us. You can save money on your purchase and get the best deals when you trade in your old game accessories, devices and hardware. Only a game stop. Press one now to speak to an associate at the store.

01:30:05 Yeah.

01:30:05 Well No, it's about going to church today.

01:30:08 I'm still drunk from last night.

01:30:11 Yeah,

01:30:16 like I said,

01:30:18 yeah.

01:30:19 Oh, start taking here, but also to help you, I have some questions about creative direction over there. Is Monica around. Monica has it worked here for, I want to say like five years. It can't be five years. Is that, that's no way. What happened? Did she has a kid and then quit?

01:30:39 Yeah,

01:30:39 pretty much. Where does she have now? What store she had? No, she doesn't work for game stop anymore. Where's what company she worked for now, but that was the, I don't know where she works anymore.

01:30:50 Okay. All right. Okay.

01:30:54 All right. Well who can I talk to about these issues?

01:30:58 Aye.

01:31:00 What are the, what are the specific issues you were having with creative direction? Creative Direction? Yeah. I have no clue. People are trying to insert religious icon, icon, Auger Duffy in my, in my uh, work online. No, it would have to go through your HR then. Well, I'm not, I'm not working for game stop. I just have a couple of games my son is using. I don't want him to be influenced by any sort of religious artifacts that are being inserted into his game artificially. Well, unfortunately there are some games that do advertise the day. I have religious figures in any games that just through, that's just what's in there. Okay.

01:31:50 Sorry.

01:31:51 Any beliefs or anything is all up to you? I mean that's just one of those. Thanks. No, I've read about Gamer Gate. Is that something involved that it's

01:31:59 the second one though. The second camera gay, sir. I have no clue what Gamergate is. You have no clue. But she worked at gamestop though, right? I mean we don't know everything about everything. You don't know everything about anything? No. We don't know everything about everything and we don't know everything about every game known to man and all that. So you haven't played on your gate to this? No, I've never heard of Gamergate. Gamergate to 2.0 now. I've never heard of that. You have it? It's a, it's pretty popular and I've never heard of it. His kid is a news, sir. Is it? Yeah. Now if I had stolen my computer will it counteracts their religious iconography as Craig on bikes for my station. And you also have the Xbox parts as well. What's that?

01:33:02 Still helping customers because I do have to continue running my store. Well I'm helping my customers over here as well. Do they want to get this sort of imagery off the screen immediately? Fortunately that through the game developers should, we would have nothing to do with it. He won 50 well I'm not a developer sir. I actually owned what I own, a home. It was passed down through the family. Then that's one of those things that um, that kind of just unfortunate, but any unfortunate, I don't live in a condo or anything like that. I'm not a developer so I don't, I don't live in an apartment complex or anything, but any gaming issues would have to go through the gaming developers. Yeah. But they told me to contact my local retailer. I'm sorry. He told me to contact my local retailer about this. Nobody was informed me to go to your local retailer. Where are you calling me a liar, sir, sir, I'm not claiming you're a liar. I'm claiming that nobody would have you go to your local retailer for something and that's an issue with the gaming development. They do. Well, that's why I'm calling you sir. But we are unfortunately not a gaming development, so that'd be rockstar with this. There's somebody like that. I'm not or I'm not. I will listen to rock music. Sarah, what's the classical music, sir? So I'm not sure what you're talking about.

01:34:31 Yeah, there was someone that I didn't realize I guess was that long ago where we stopped calling them. Okay. Senator. Yeah. Um, you know, I know you have suggestions for the show, but uh, I appreciate that. But you know, I, I've just want to make sure that you know who's driving the bus over here.

01:34:54 Okay. What's a

01:34:58 senator please? If you keep asking about that song, I want it. I'm going to swear you can post it on line and send a link in the chat right now if you want people to hear it that bad, but you're not just going to hijack my shell here. Okay. If you set up a call center and maybe we can get on a three way conference call that it could play it over the phone or something, but right now we're trying to do something. Okay. Trying to get maybe the password. I don't know. Maybe get my account on a locked. Maybe you get some porpoise fired up. See, I like the porpoise name. How's it? Right. Okay. I just want to feel like I'm doing this show for more than one person and I said okay. Um, yeah, I'm surprised that guy didn't know what's going on. I mean, he sounds really young. Why would he not know what, uh, what Gamergate is right though? I feel like you just at least have a vague knowledge of it. I have no idea. Let's, uh, let's, let's try something else here.

01:35:58 Oh, okay.

01:35:59 Unavailable. I don't like that. Let's try it. Another thing. Let's try it another old one and see if I can resurrect some Rihanna made some old people from some old times. It could be good. It could be terrible. We'll find out. That's part of the thing here. I like dipping into the lower a little bit. It gets a nice little chocolatey flavor on the whole thing. Let's try it.

01:36:20 Okay.

01:36:21 Sorry. The person you are calling does not wish to talk to cars. She blocked her number. Oh yeah, that was because of me. Please hang up and place your right.

01:36:29 Yes, I am the driver of the short bus if you want to put it that way.

01:36:35 Okay. Let's see.

01:36:41 Let's try it. Another one. Sometimes if I call that number right back, usually it won't do that. So let's, let's try that again one more time. One more time. Let's get them on the line and where does it go? Lose a track of all the numbers. Here. Is this too many now there's too many.

01:37:00 Sorry. The person you are calling does not wish to talk to you. That's not good. That's not good. Okay, one more time.

01:37:10 Yeah. Some of these places that after calling them for a while, they changed their, so that's one way to deal with it. Do you do some sort of setting with your phone provider where you can block numbers for no extra charge that don't have a caller ID number. Now it's pursued. That won't be a problem here at the call center. Once we get certified, circumcised, circumscribed, and baptized and sanitized and we will have no problem, we'll be able to, uh, call more people without issue. Now, where is this more than a place that was really good recently. There was a clip from it that I did play on a previous program. Hopefully we can have on the line. Let's go.

01:37:49 Okay. Oh,

01:37:57 okay. Let's try one more time. Different places in that call. Daddy. Again, I don't want to hear that again. I wonder her. Oh God, I'm so tempted. Let's try it. Let's try something else. Hello. Hello,

01:38:34 sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir?

01:38:49 Let me ask you guys a question about, uh, no, what happened yesterday? I noticed that once things went down, what's the, uh, what's the paypal caught? Slapped.

01:39:03 Okay.

01:39:05 A bunch of people flooded in here. Now I wonder why did someone post somewhere that this was happening or did this another stream ed, but other people were watching and the jumped over here. Not sure which one it could have been, but it was a pretty fascinating experience.

01:39:22 Okay.

01:39:24 Let me try something real quick. Okay, one second here.

01:39:31 Yup.

01:39:35 One Sec. Yup. Okay. Okay. Telmate's Luke. Okay, one sec. Yeah. This tone. No, just tell him it's Luke. Luke and he needs to answer the phone right now. Lukey though. Tell him it's Lukey. Okay.

01:40:30 You're not going to phone right now.

01:40:32 Well can you, can you tell him that? I'll be using it. I tell them that I'm using a different alias today.

01:40:38 Okay. I'll let them know I was on the call.

01:40:39 The topic is home right now. Tell them I'm using a different alias and he needs to pick up the phone.

01:40:43 I'm really sorry. I've still got some much to deal with. I'm going to down that and I will let him know. Okay. Okay. Bye Bye.

01:40:52 Actually it was trying get my cohost on the line life. So, um, I know he was a stopping into that business today so I wanted to talk to him about it cause I just missed him. Okay. When I see here, senator says a all you wanted to be as a good initial benefactor. No, I appreciate that. I'm just fucking around here. If you can't, you can't understand that. You got to understand that dynamic and the banter. Do I got to explain it to you? Like circuit so I'm, I don't know. Yeah, you're, you're fine man. You're fine. Um, I just, you know, if we're not really enough,

01:41:29 I just want to make sure that we're running things at a smooth pace here and, and I, you know, I still have control of the vehicle at all times. Was this nigger creek? Is SPCC actually a damn soul trapped in the phone lines. It seems to have a violent reaction to the dial tone. I do have a violent reaction to the dial tone. What do I do? Do I just do it as Moan or something? Let's see. I think Ralph tweeted about you at one point. Um, ran isn't streaming so I popped in a, it was a different thing. Zoom was streaming. What's zoom zoom like the audio device. I don't know what that is. Okay. The QE farms treatment just ended. Okay. I kind of feel like that's a totally different audience, but um, yeah, I don't know.

01:42:20 Okay.

01:42:22 Yeah, I was hoping that interrupts the Coho, set his meal today. And then get them on the line, but kind of feel like that was it. I feel like that wasn't working in the audio was cutting out a little bit, so,

01:42:35 okay,

01:42:38 well let's, uh, let's keep going here. I see I can bring up here. Oh, here we go. I love your show. Super Retard. Oh Wow. Well, it's four retards. It's as though you might've heard of. We're starting a and off shoot for profit business over here. It's going to be closing line. It's four retards viral retards. It's kind of fervor and it's going to be pretty good.

01:43:03 Okay,

01:43:05 let's get one of these people in the line here. Today. I going to have fucking San Diego police break it down my door even though I don't live there.

01:43:15 Welcome to pregnancy, bakery and cafe. We are open and baking everyday of the year except for Christmas. Oh out. Get the line in order online, visit [inaudible] dot com and click order online. If you'd like further information regarding our store hours, including our holiday hours, please press one. Please hold to be connected with hosting for direction and other exciting option. But if you'd like to speak with someone at the cafe, please press two. Press two for the what? Price. Then show. Now if you'd like to speak with someone about a account, please press three for our homes

01:43:53 sales. I didn't expect this many. Uh, one moment please. Audiences overlap. Frendo I guess they do. I mean, that's fine.

01:44:02 That's it. We're at and see. This is the rain. How can they help you read? How you doing today? Is it your name is Lorraine. How are you doing today? Good. How are you? Okay. How can I help you?

01:44:23 I'm trying to, uh, get some donuts and things like that, but I have a couple concerns about your nutritional truths in nearer in Europe.

01:44:37 Okay. All right. One moment please. Why don't you make an order?

01:44:42 Okay.

01:44:49 Josh is the man, who is that guy doing the impression of Josh recently it was like, Whoa, I don't know what the check, I could probably do a similar thing. I'm not sure I remember what, what is going to make it like, actually I don't even know. I haven't watched enough of his thing to even know how to do that. But somebody did impression of him and followed by oppression of brand or something. I laughed hysterically. I love shit like that. That was pretty good.

01:45:15 Okay. Let's see.

01:45:17 Zoom is a retarded troll pedophile. He would assist the stir shit up and that's it sir. Up Shit. I don't even know. I don't even know what any of this shit it is. I mean I guess some of you all kind of just follow bounced from stream to stream. Kind of like a radio.

01:45:35 Okay.

01:45:36 You know, I appreciate it. I appreciate that sort of approach. You know, it's better to, what else could you be listening to?

01:45:43 So

01:45:44 yeah, I just don't know about all that stuff. You know, I'm in, I'm working here at the call center work, so I think we know yet. I'm just not, I'm not that, I'm not that deep on some of these other, other checks.

01:45:56 Thanks for holding. Yeah. Yeah. It was just the rain. The rain.

01:46:04 I'm trying to get some donuts today.

01:46:07 Okay.

01:46:07 Donuts. Yeah. But we don't offer get shown it.

01:46:10 Once you got that, he got breads and, and, and

01:46:13 thank you. That's half breads and all kinds of pastries. What kind of clovers, muffins, croissant, cookies, five k. You got it knocked down at

01:46:24 turnovers grinding the pumpkin turnovers.

01:46:28 No, we have, it looks like we have apple and Cherry. You're going to choose maybe one blueberry.

01:46:35 Okay, well I have a medical concern. Can you just add a whole lot of extra salt or sodium or some other source of salt like that? You can just get on my, on my, uh, turnover there.

01:46:47 Um, I'm sorry. I went and add any salt to your turnover. I've hit tinnitus. Tinnitus. I don't know what that is, sir. Can you hold, I'll get someone in a quieter office to help you. Okay. Sounds good.

01:47:08 Okay.

01:47:13 Okay.

01:47:14 I know this is going on. It's an SPCC a robot. You could say that possibly. In a way.

01:47:24 Let's see here. It's because streamed out me doesn't have any content creators, but come on, you guys do who all these people were before it's trimmed out. Me I've been here and things talking about the zoo, like message somebody one time on a something. So another guy got mad. I don't even know what but to stuff has anymore. I lost track of it a lot time. But yeah, that's why I had to set the watch to catch all the good, the good programs, a smooth programs, but some people get deep, you know, some people and I think to appreciate that when you get deep into something that's, that's dedication I under, I appreciate dedication sometimes as you just dedicated to watching a lot of videos and sometimes you dedicate getting the password for one half of a decade.

01:48:07 So

01:48:10 I don't know. But that's some of the lower, lower tier stuff. I don't understand that Laura behind it. It seems a pretty, pretty petty. Like extremely petty. I don't know anything about, I have to admit my ignorance on that one. Okay. What the fuck's that tone? Conquering? That's disgusting. I Dunno if I want to be involved in any sort of degeneracy like that. I already have it degenerate. An outro on this, on this very program. Oh, this is a long haul. This might be a death hope, but they seem to be able to help me. I don't know. Eat my pickles, sir. If I bring up that thing, it's going to crash the whole system. And why don't we just talk about senator, what did we just talk about? SPCC he's a federal agent and that's right. Eat my ass. You going to be eating ass and federal? Eat My ass prison. So, uh,

01:49:06 yeah.

01:49:06 I don't suggest leaving your house anytime today because we don't have a warrant issued yet to enter your home. But we can't arrest you on site. Senator. You're still posting about it. But yeah, you're here. My comment soon, I can't even use the Kong today. I don't, I can't play any youtubes in the background. I'm, I wouldn't have to restart the whole system. So, but next week I'm going to get everything off. I'll pipe in and plop in all sorts of a poignant sounds and the industry. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. Dangerous police cut

01:49:47 his wrist. Slap proletics I'm Spurg full him into playing low tier Gore. Okay. I, I don't know. I mean, I don't know much about Danish police. Um, I have to say it is remarkable that they're able to keep doing what they're doing. Um, I hope they're splitting that $500 down the middle, I guess between the two of them. I don't, maybe just more of them. I'm guessing that's, that's the main motive for it now, which, you know, if you can do it by plane train footage and doing what you do and that high level of autism, you know, why not? I, I spoke to the man on, on his stream, well, one of them recently. It was a good time. That's all right. Nothing, nothing bad to say about them. I appreciate that sort of dedication. You know, it's petty, but it's funny sometimes. Yeah, I know. I know. I just said after a certain point of this kind of loss to then I'm not invested in any of the characters in the story. Some of them are better than others. You know, I like to see and like to see justice served, but when it comes out, when it gets into that category, when there's no uh, serious, uh, yeah, I was just talking about some serious salts on Maya Danishes. If they could get just flipped over on a turnover for me today. Now I need to get about 12 of them.

01:51:10 Know I have a condition hip tinnitus. It's, it's a sillier turnovers. That's incorrect sir. I'm looking to get added salt. I have a sodium deficiency. Um, you know what, let me go ahead and pass it over to mind your own manager here who can really help you out with that cause that's something that's dealt with our wholesale department and not here at the cafe.

01:51:39 Well sir, I was just on hold for about 15 minutes and I don't, I can't ABR. I can appreciate that. I'm going to take my business elsewhere if you're going to do it.

01:51:45 Okay. Well and I'm sorry about that. We are busy and is around the holidays so I do apologize for my long wait right now though. As far as the pastries are concerned, it's done over our wholesale department. We have no control over with for the on top of it. If I modify for you to ask you for the password so you knew it was going to happen. He knew I was going to have to ask you for the password. It's going to happen online. I can pay online if you're able to right now. I'm sorry. Yeah, the password for the APP. Um, I don't know anything about it after for the ads, I know I'm trying to pay online for the, for the sheet of pastries I'm trying to pay with paypal. For the pastries, I just want to plop my payment down like a pencil and then if you'd like, but my account is a limited state. Gotcha. On that sounds really strange to me. I guess give me one thing and let me get my general manager can help you out with the situation. Okay. Okay. Okay. Thank

01:52:46 you so much. And your name again? My friend. My name? Yes, it's Raul. Okay. Hold on one second.

01:52:57 Danish police is too lighthearted. First. PCC, I'm not sure. What year do you mean by that? Are you, what do you mean?

01:53:08 Okay.

01:53:09 I'm not sure what you mean over there. Are you getting a, are you drawing a line in the sand on the stances and uh, and the profoundness of particular streams? That's a battle he want to fight.

01:53:25 Okay.

01:53:28 Let's see. Do I do I hamsters and underwater utopia? I don't know. I haven't, haven't seen one yet. Um, Thomas the tank stuntman's are my cup up. Tism haven't seen one. Here's my profound hope that we get a stream from the chapel tomorrow. I told no, I don't know if I'm going to do it. If I am doing it, it's going to be very short and I, I don't know if I can play.

01:53:56 Oh Wow.

01:53:57 I don't know if I can be able to start playing other people's things on it. I'm going to have to disclose to be all me. It's my shelf. It's my chapel, my survey. So I don't know. Um, we will see how this grows

01:54:12 today

01:54:15 and I might have to take some time tomorrow to get things situated for the rest of the week. I don't know if we're going to be able to do anything tomorrow.

01:54:23 Blue?

01:54:24 Yeah. Low Key. He usually gets people's attention. Trespass. Don't shadow banned me from your APP.

01:54:32 Hi. I'm going to do, I'm going to finish this call so I can help you sir. Um, my name is Linda. What can I get for you?

01:54:37 Yeah, I'm trying to get to added a placement of the sodium. All my pastries now. Oh, I was just talking to Pedro and he said he could place some sprinkles of a sodium upon Maya.

01:54:50 Yeah, I have little salt packets. We'll just put it on the side for you. The apple turnover or the blueberry to pump pumpkin turnover. I don't have pumpkin turnover. Do you have peach? No, I only have apple and blueberry right now.

01:55:04 Apple. Blueberry. Okay. We can take some blueberry, I guess. Okay. One blueberry turnover. Oh No, I need to get 12 actually 12 of each.

01:55:12 Okay. When do you need them for, for tonight? Um, it's too late. I need, I need to at least one day's notice. Four turnovers by 12 o'clock. Um,

01:55:25 you can't just play some place. You can't just take the face. Yes.

01:55:29 Yeah. I don't have 12. I don't have 12 turnovers left. I only have a couple left.

01:55:33 You can't just blast the whole sheet with, uh, with us for some solid over there.

01:55:38 Sure. I don't have 12 turnovers.

01:55:40 Why do you 12 of each? So I need 24 actually

01:55:43 I have, I

01:55:44 think I have two turnovers left. Okay. Well what if I want to put in a order for tomorrow morning? Can I do that online? I'm looking at the website, but I don't have the password. I was trying to speak to somebody about the paypal. Okay.

01:55:57 Oh, we don't do paypal on, on, uh, on our Internet. Just,

01:56:01 well, I've already paid, I've already paid on paypal and my account is an eliminated state. So my money is it suspended over your business, right.

01:56:09 Um, I didn't receive an order and if I did I would've come up.

01:56:14 So maybe if you just, sure. If you just swipe your screen, you can just grab the payment and then we can start getting these turnovers. Does all sorts of folded up. What do you think?

01:56:24 Turnovers aren't even on my webpage for ordering.

01:56:27 Well, I saw it on the APP.

01:56:30 I don't have an APP.

01:56:32 Well I need to password. Okay.

01:56:33 And See I, we don't have a Brendan's the APP.

01:56:36 Yes you do. I saw it on the APP. Maybe it was a different app but it required a password so I'm trying to get the paper.

01:56:42 I don't have the, I don't have a bread and fee APP and we do have online ordering but there is no paypal and there is no app. It's just a regular webpage for online ordering.

01:56:55 I just want to make the paypal payment for the pastries, the pumpkin pastries today and I'll pick them up tomorrow. I'm sorry I can't help you. Yes you can.

01:57:04 No, I can't dive. First of all, I told you I don't even have pumpkin.

01:57:08 Well you have, you don't have it today but you have it tomorrow. I don't carry pumpkin turnover because you make them tomorrow for for a special order. No, I can't. I have a pumpkin with extra salt

01:57:20 there. Um, you might want to call another bakery to see if they can accommodate you. Our bakery is limited as far as,

01:57:28 well, what's your local and your local to my business?

01:57:30 Yes. I'm sorry. Um, why don't you put in bakeries in Google and see what else comes up and maybe someone can do something custom for you.

01:57:38 Why don't you pencil in my paypal payment for some Pumpkin and Peter Pastries? I can't do that. I'm going to have to hang up now to where you don't can, you can just give me the password. The paper. I'll have a good day. Pumpkin pastry. Okay. All right. Let's, uh, let's move on to another one. Okay.

01:58:03 Yeah.

01:58:03 Oh Man. I don't know if I want to call that one. That's a, that looks like a good one senator. But some of these, you know, you submitted a lot. I'm touching on some, but some of them I want to save. Some of them I definitely want to say, okay. They gotta be saved. That got to be put in the vault. I mean, I need, I didn't, you're a mod so you might not have the key. You might not have the key, but she might be able to, to get the password somehow. What the fuck says? Okay. I don't know if I want to see some of these ones. I want to kind of think of a little bit more, I don't even know what kind of businesses some of

01:58:42 these places are. So I'm going to have to, what I think about now buffalo exchange. I like how you had to explain it. It's a, a hipster clothing company. I know what it is. I live in a, I live in America, so I've seen that before.

01:58:57 Okay.

01:58:58 Okay. I just never a, yeah, some of these are going to to, uh,

01:59:05 okay.

01:59:05 Look into,

01:59:07 oh no. Thank you for calling buffalo exchange whole grass with Katie speaking. How may I help you? Hello? Hello is Buffalo Exchange? Yeah, Hillcrest. Yeah.

01:59:18 Um, I have a little bit of concern about some things about, about your business. I want to bring in a, a large amount of clothes for trading. Okay. But I have just a little bit concerned. Okay. I was speaking with my rabbi on Facebook and they said they saw some, uh, some Nazi memorabilia. I have now recently.

01:59:41 I don't believe we have any.

01:59:45 You're not sure how that certain is what you're saying?

01:59:47 Um, no. I mean we don't buy that type of thing at all. Um, I can transfer you to a manager if you'd like. Okay.

01:59:57 I'm just not sure what you mean. You sounds like you're uncertain. So it sounds like it actually is a possibility that you carry some, some Nazi propaganda or merchandise.

02:00:05 Um, no, I mean, I don't know why they would have said that no one at our store buys that type of thing. But, um, like I said, I can forward you to manager if you'd like to speak to them.

02:00:15 Okay. As long as it doesn't take too long.

02:00:18 Yeah, no, no, no. Hold on one second. Okay.

02:00:28 Yeah.

02:00:30 Senator? No, it sounds great. You know, hopefully when I, when I can prepare a proper Holly or proper holy servant from the pastor, I can work it all lived on the same day, but I just want to, I want to prep for these things. And right now it's kind of a lot of things going on with this paypal mis. So I want to get to make sure that I'm on good footing before, uh, let's start planning it out. Any special events and things like that and I'm sure you understand. Let me be real with you here. I'm one of those cool hip pastors, you know, it's got all the tattoos and you know, he's cool. He comes to the skate park and all that shit. Actually I, I don't know. All right, let's get her. Let's get her on the line. Come on, come back here. We can exchange your clothes for credit.

02:01:17 All right sir.

02:01:26 Yeah, I'm on the phone with them right now. I'm waiting. Hello Sir. Real quick, someone said, what's the best advice for prank callers for all us? All our wage cooks out there. You'd hang up the phone and he don't answer it. It's very simple. It's very, very simple.

02:01:47 Okay.

02:01:47 It's a prize that nobody knows that. Okay. Sings or keep getting adjusted over here. All right then. Okay, that's fine. Let's see.

02:02:06 Hi. Hi. How can I help you?

02:02:08 Yes. I was just speaking to the gentleman earlier about, uh, I spoke to my rabbi on Facebook and I was planning on bringing some clothes over there. When I spoke to him on Facebook, he said that this place carries Nazi merchandise and clothing.

02:02:23 Okay.

02:02:26 His niece, his niece saw it there.

02:02:29 Okay.

02:02:30 I, I, um, I've never seen any Nazi memorabilia or clothing here at all. Do you know what it looks like? Yes, I am. Oh, we're talking about posting items with the possibility of swastikas on them or SF symbols or, yeah,

02:02:51 well, I mean, my rabbis niece, I mean, she took a photo of it. Apparently it was on snapchat. So I think the best thing you could do at this time is do you have a Twitter account?

02:03:00 Oh, no, no, no. I don't believe that we do. And none of our social media stuff is run directly out of it.

02:03:10 Well you might want to contact somebody at apologize on Twitter immediately because it's about, it's about to get pretty, pretty intense out there I think.

02:03:17 Yes.

02:03:18 Okay. Um, I appreciate you alerting me to that. Um, that is something that I will pass along. Yeah.

02:03:25 Towards the corporate stuff I'm reading here, it says, it says the, the buffalo exchanges are canceled was this, I'm reading these things right now and I'm willing and the thing is I want to, I want to be a customer. I have a lot of clothes I'm trying to get rid of before Christmas, you know, and if you understand that,

02:03:43 yeah, totally. Yeah. Yeah.

02:03:46 So I want to get rid of it, but a little bit uncomfortable. And the more I'm reading about this tomorrow concern.

02:03:53 Okay.

02:03:54 Um, I mean the buffalo is, that's, is that some sort of slight against native Americans with the Buffalo in the name?

02:04:02 No, not at all. It sounds a bit discriminatory starting in the southwest and it was actually a homage to the roots of their southwest, um, experience.

02:04:15 That's what they pushed out. The native Americans. It sounds a bit, uh, discriminatory if you ask me.

02:04:22 Um, yeah, I can assure you that that's not what's happening here. Um, or with the founding of the company. Um, you know, I, I wouldn't say this is the first time hearing about this and I feel like, um, the corporate office would be better suited. Um,

02:04:44 well a lot of things are getting cancelled them, it's every year, you know, it's current year, so things are getting cancelled left and a right. We're pointing out these things for once, you know, it's about time.

02:04:54 Sure. I understand your concern. Um, for sure. Um,

02:05:04 I mean, do you face, I mean, dude, I mean, I've experienced discriminatory practices my whole life, you know?

02:05:11 Yeah.

02:05:13 So I know it when I hear about it and just seems like this happening over here.

02:05:19 Yes. I, and I'm, I'm not trying to discredit your experience, but this is honestly the first I'm hearing about it. So I'm gonna just never happened there.

02:05:28 Well, you don't believe me just because it's the first time you've heard of it.

02:05:32 No, that's not what I'm saying at all.

02:05:35 Well, it sounds like you're painting if it's offensive, sir.

02:05:38 Actually, I'm a Ma'am and, um, I, I'm not being defensive. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this and I, I think that I need to make my corporate office is aware of this as well.

02:05:50 Okay. Well I'm a local customer and then there's not many other options for trading in closing.

02:05:55 Okay.

02:05:57 Yes. And we would never, yeah, we would, we're not in the practice of discriminating against anybody or buying items that would make anybody feel discriminated against while they're here. Um, yeah. I, I could pass you along to the store manager if you feel like you would like to continue this conversation with somebody that, um, whereas as our role,

02:06:29 I think going to be racing the logical towards me because I, I can't, I can't take any more discriminatory practices. I mean, I'm just trying to be a customer and the more I hear about this, it's a little bit concerning.

02:06:40 Yes, I understand that. I understand your concern and I want to make sure that you're, you're, um, that you're heard. Okay. Um, can may I put you on hold briefly, please? Yes. Okay. One second. Okay.

02:07:01 Yeah.

02:07:06 Jeez. I can't believe what's happening over there. Can you believe this?

02:07:16 Yeah.

02:07:18 You're being discriminatory. You're being racialized and discriminatory towards me.

02:07:28 No, I'm try. I'm going to put you on hold for just a second. I'm going to try to transfer again. Okay. Okay. Please do quickly. Yes.

02:07:49 Okay. It's going to be a little, little bit of, it's going to be a little bit of dead air here just for a moment. I guess I don't quite appreciate it. Okay. Come on. This is serious. I don't understand why they're not taking this request is seriously, is everything working okay? Oh Geez. Okay. I'm just trying to reset some things over here. My, uh, the call center has faced a lot of hits, so we're kind of a, you know, trying to piece it together, keep it, keep it, things held together. Like I'm new at this, a bit shot down immediately.

02:08:47 Hi, this is Julie speaking on this store, marriage, or can I help you?

02:08:50 Yeah, I have some concerns about some race, illogical, discriminatory things. I've heard about your business.

02:08:57 Okay. Yeah. What was your concern?

02:09:01 Well, by I was talking to my rabbi on Facebook.

02:09:05 Uh Huh.

02:09:05 And his niece posted something on snapchat. Apparently he had some, uh, some sort of Nazi or German, uh, remember Billy or merchandise there.

02:09:17 Um, usually when we, we have things like that sometimes like our buyers will buy something and not know like what it is. If you look at the floor. Well yeah, it looks like it was there. Do you have it? Is that what happened? What? I don't know. I don't know what you're talking about. Um, what item you're talking about. But usually when we see things like that, we, we pull them off the floor, but they do slip in sometimes, you know, our buyers kind of, sometimes there is, they're not aware of what they are and they'll buy something and then when, when we find them we pull them off immediately. We don't want to have anything like that in our story.

02:09:52 How did you dispose of it? Said because it needs to be disposed of properly. It's part, it's part of the Torah. If you haven't read about it. Yeah.

02:10:00 Um, no, I, I wouldn't know about that, but we would just take it off of ours, our floor if it was something, I mean, yeah.

02:10:07 Well religious to dispose of it improperly, sir.

02:10:11 Oh, okay. Well I don't know anything about that. Um, but we do pull them off the floor. Um, if there is something, what is the item that you're, that you, that she saw

02:10:22 like the uniform and maybe a lunch box or some sort of box type item? I'm not sure what it was.

02:10:28 And it was at this store? Yes. Okay. I'll bark. Like a lunchbox type thing. It

02:10:34 was about that size. Maybe it was a lunchbox out, I'm not sure, but I had it had the Nazi memorabilia is logos on it.

02:10:41 Okay.

02:10:41 It has not. Okay. Yeah. I, I have not seen anything like that. I will definitely look for that.

02:10:47 Yeah. I mean, I've seen things like that. I have seen Fred Perry shirts in your establishment many times as well.

02:10:54 Um, Fred Perry, um, yeah, that put that, the popular label. Um, I don't know of any, anything, um, antisemetic about Fred Perry

02:11:04 if they are involved in system system, met medical practices like yeah, I can't say I came discriminatory political conversations, but I mean we tried to pull items off, you know. Okay. You know, Fred Perry is insistent, mystical prejudice year [inaudible] you know, against, against all sorts of people. Okay. Okay. The race, a logical thing they're primarily involved with. Now the discriminatory thing, I'm worried about coming in. There's a lot of clothes if you support selling and reselling Nazi closing.

02:11:37 No, we don't. We do not support that at all. Of course not. Um, like I said, sometimes things would get in and we would take it off the floor. This is, we don't support that at all.

02:11:45 Leases by curious as well.

02:11:48 Okay.

02:11:48 Okay. So I'm not sure if that was something she faced any sort of discriminatory as the two things over there.

02:11:56 Oh No, you're, you're, this company is very open. We have definite that. That's basically, that's where very open to all of that federal would not be the problem.

02:12:07 The camp, Camp Gate's open, you're open to sell a Nazi memorabilia over there, it sounds like.

02:12:12 Okay. Um, no, that's not the case. Um, yeah. Is there anything else I can do for you? I can pass this along to our corporate office and how my area managers speak to you cause I don't feel like there's anything else I can, I can do for you.

02:12:29 You're going to have to, willow are argue and we're trying to see if she got proof of the uh, disposal, the proper disposal of that uniform. And if I can make an apology on Twitter, that would, that would suffice for now.

02:12:42 Okay.

02:12:43 Yeah. Well that's me. I can't, I don't control our social media. I can pass that along to, to our company. To the company. Okay.

02:12:51 I can profile. What's that? What's your Instagram account or your Twitter? It's buffalo exchange for your personal one. You can visit issue apology yourself.

02:13:01 Um, well I can't do that. I have, it has to be on behalf of the company.

02:13:05 Let's say you work there, you know, you can just, you can tag them in the pile.

02:13:08 I'm actually not allowed to do that, but I can't get it in a discussion like this to you. I'm really happy that you're concerned and, and I appreciate that.

02:13:17 What's that? Don't be discriminatory towards me.

02:13:21 I would never do that. I don't even know you, but I would never do that. We, we would never do that.

02:13:27 Well, what's your, what's your Twitter account?

02:13:30 Okay.

02:13:30 I am not going to give that to you

02:13:32 as personnel, whether you're being discriminatory again, I know I'm not. Thank you for calling. I don't think we can help you any further right now. If you do, do you want it? Do you want to give me your name and number and I can have, um, I can have the people at handle the Twitter account contact you so you are not psychological established and well, we're going to mark it down in Google maps. We have an overlay that we use with all of our clients.

02:13:57 I'm, I'm sorry that you feel this way. I just don't, I don't know what else I can tell you right now that's going to that that would help except what we would, we would pull any of that stuff off the, off the

02:14:09 Florida apology on Twitter or Instagram. Would it be, would it be

02:14:14 okay? Okay. I will. I will definitely pass that along and I'm going to look for that item as far as disposal, I don't, I don't know anything about how to do that because that's considered a hate crime if you don't dispose it. Of course it is. Yeah. Okay. Okay. You want to be subjected to that and the California state law. Okay. Well we'll look into that. Okay. You're going to have to, it's very serious. Okay. Well I, I agree with you. I'm taking it very seriously. Okay.

02:14:47 Which what we're, can I look out for that apology on Twitter?

02:14:51 Well, I'm going to contact, I am going to contact our marketing and, and talked to them about it. Can I get, can I get your name and number so they could talk to you about it? Yeah, sure. My name is Abe Abe. Okay. Thank you. And what is your phone number? It's 1481481717 and that six one nine. Yeah, same area code, you know, and my personal extension does aid as well. Your extension is eight. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I know I'm going to contact our marketing department and, and see if they want to do that. I have to go to them. But um, you know, I, I, I'm there right there with you, so I totally understand that. And we would never want to discriminate against you. What's that? We would never want to discriminate against you. We want you to feel comfortable shopping here.

02:15:49 Okay. Well, you know, if you could just get an apology to slipped up on Twitter, we'd appreciate it. We'll retweet it immediately.

02:15:56 Okay. All right. Well I'll get ahold of them. Um, it is the weekend, so they might not, they might not see it until, until Monday, but I will send them a message and talk to him. Okay.

02:16:07 Okay. Well, I want, I'm looking out for it. Are we going to have to see it? Otherwise you're going to be canceled. We don't want you to cancel, but you're going to,

02:16:15 okay. Well I appreciate you calling us. Thank you for letting us know about this. I appreciate your help, but just don't get cancer. You're going to shut up. Okay. Okay. You take care of it. Thank you. So, and like I said, I'll

02:16:30 talk to them, um, by, by next week. Okay. All right. Well thank you, sir. Bless. Alright. Alright. Take you take. Thank you. Bye. Okay, interesting. That's an interesting experience right there.

02:16:46 Okay.

02:16:47 Yeah. They just, they're, they're just trying to be so nice. They couldn't, uh, they couldn't handle, they were just so afraid of offending anybody, you know? It is, couldn't handle that.

02:16:58 Okay.

02:17:02 I don't know how can go till four, I guess. I think I'll go till four. I've already gone this long. I think I'll just go to four. I'm not going to go to five. I'll go to four.

02:17:11 Yeah.

02:17:12 Let's try to tie some ads on here. Yeah.

02:17:16 Okay. Yeah.

02:17:18 Let's look out for that apology, by the way, to the way there might be one popping up on it.

02:17:22 What's he going to make that happen?

02:17:25 Okay.

02:17:25 Hello? I'll be great. Yeah. What you doing over there? Come on, give me the, give me the innate to live miserable. You don't have nothing to do with that. Call me. You is measurable by, I'm happy to call you.

02:17:43 Okay, let's go back.

02:17:44 What?

02:17:50 Hello? Big Red. A lot of people are happy to talk to you. You know, we're happy to hear it from

02:17:54 no. A uh, [inaudible] this day. I'll log as you can because they think it's tracking your car. That'd be great. Oh, what else you want to know about me?

02:18:02 Tell us a little bit about yourself. What's your name? Tell me a little bit about yourself.

02:18:07 He got me a batch of style you use, you fascinated with me. You tell me about why you so fascinated with me.

02:18:13 Well, it's not just me sir. A lot of people are fascinated.

02:18:16 Okay. So what's your, I would talk about too. What's your fascination?

02:18:19 Well, you're just a very interesting person and we like, we like to talk to you.

02:18:23 Yeah. Yeah. Well I like to talk to people with good. That got good sense. And don't call it be stocking and don't say reveal their name or their number. So just stay on. No, cause they track

02:18:34 not your thing up so quickly. We don't even get a chance to talk.

02:18:37 Yeah, no, that's what I'm saying. I'm at work. I don't have time to talk to somebody. Calling and calling and playing games. I don't have time, but I'm going to talk.

02:18:46 Yeah cause I want your number today Tracy. So just keep on talking. What else? What else? What else about yourself that you like about, what'd you say? They're tracing it?

02:18:56 Yeah, there Tracy. Yo Call. So just stay on longer

02:18:59 for both of them already. So you too will be rebuilt. Well I'm already tracer though.

02:19:04 Uh Huh. He asked. Just keep on top of him.

02:19:06 Okay. That's no problem. Just want to find out some more about you.

02:19:10 Okay. Do you need to tell me about yourself? What you want to know?

02:19:17 Come on. My name is Tyler. Tyler? Yes. Titler okay. And what's your last name?

02:19:28 Cheeto.

02:19:30 Okay. You just keep all stay on the line. Let's keep you on the line. He's telling me. Yeah, they told me to keep you on Lisa about 30 minutes. They got to find out who you are.

02:19:40 Perfect. Yeah, we'll it once he got going on over there today.

02:19:43 Come on now. You both don't have a job. I know that.

02:19:52 Ooh, where's Joyce?

02:19:59 Hello? Hello.

02:20:04 Hey. Why is there a, why is there a police outside right now?

02:20:37 Hello.

02:20:42 Okay. All right. Sorry about the, uh, the tracer thing. What'd she said? Trace, you know, that's what I mean. That's what I thought off. Okay. Okay. Who called it? What does this Alberto Tyler Cheeto here. It's got to be, if I could change it up from Cheetah, I'd just been on a cheeto tear lately. Have to say I did there. I found that, I think I found the birth of Chito in a previous archive and I wasn't a, it was a concoction, a curated by the cohost,

02:21:21 so it was a good one. Um, hopefully we can keep that going, but it gets him a lot of mileage out. Cido people actually aren't as surprised to hear the name Cheeto us. I thought they would be, but you know, you cannot, you know, I don't want them to be too appalled. I mean sometimes people are hanging up. Some other names that we'd like to use or had been bounced around about. Try to get some different ones. I feel like I've been a really sell on that one too hard. So let's uh, let's keep going here. Maybe we can get some more people in the line and see what's going on here. We need to get some other people condo for today that, let me change this. I haven't even checked any of these things. Okay. I apologize. I probably should be keeping an eye on these notifications.

02:22:04 Things. Fear loading once again. Yeah, no changes here. Okay, good gravy. Thank you for your sub subscription reality check if you're unloading. Yeah, like, like I said, a fruit new around here. My paypal is per currently in a limited state hall. Know if you heard on program that my pay, paypal's currently limited state. Now I'm working out some sort of procedure to get my paypal unlocked and, but right now if you want to donate to the program, to the call center, you have to use stickers and sprinkles and sparkles in text. So, um, that's what's going on with that. Let's see if we can get someone else on the air here. And, uh, let's see.

02:22:51 Awesome.

02:22:53 One more title. Do we Ghanim no connecting. One more time. Here we go. I apologize. It's not connecting, you know, connect to any, any second here, I think.

02:23:07 Okay.

02:23:09 What the hell is going on with that? Okay, here we go.

02:23:21 Okay.

02:23:21 Off in recreation. Yeah, we're Scott.

02:23:26 Hello. Can you put Scott on the line?

02:23:30 There's no Scott here who works there? Why do you keep calling him? If call we call it once today, sir.

02:23:36 Okay.

02:23:37 I know, but you call all the time asking for people that don't want to hear.

02:23:41 Maybe I need to get in touch with somebody that isn't their position now ever occur to you, buddy. Maybe that guy's an asshole. Okay, one more time. Richard Clams. What does the other agent, Smith? No, Sergeant Jones.

02:24:31 Oh

02:24:35 yeah.

02:24:37 Okay. Let's move on from that. Let's try something else.

02:24:41 Okay.

02:24:42 We got a lot of numbers here with Swiss chard to get somebody else. Maybe, I don't know, feel good about the beef today. Let's get the beef back on the line right away. What would be the, what's the company?

02:25:03 Hello? Everybody thought was happier. Yeah, I haven't, trying to get my food.

02:25:10 Okay.

02:25:11 Order the order status still says unfulfilled, but it, it's been paid on paypal.

02:25:17 Okay.

02:25:18 Uh, we have no idea what you're honor. I have

02:25:24 no idea where you're referring to by password is on my Mac or on the phone.

02:25:27 Okay.

02:25:32 All right.

02:25:35 Okay. We'll figure that out.

02:25:43 This is Kurt. Kurt,

02:25:45 the order still says unfulfilled all the APP. No, I, the payment went through on paypal.

02:25:53 Okay,

02:25:54 so how are we going to take care of this?

02:25:57 I don't, I don't know how to, I don't know how to do it any more clearly. We don't take, we don't accept paypal. We didn't accept any payment. I don't have any orders in, we don't take them through Facebook. That's something that you already get going to need to take it up with paypal.

02:26:11 Yeah, but it seems as though the real time tracer is saying that the order is not being made right now.

02:26:18 Right. Cause we don't have an order.

02:26:21 Well you should have forgotten it by now. I paid twice. Once on Facebook and airtime, all paypal.

02:26:26 We don't, we don't, we don't even have a way to take payment on Facebook and we don't use paypal.

02:26:35 Why not?

02:26:38 Because it's not something we're equipped to do right now.

02:26:41 But you take it, you took it twice on Facebook and on paypal.

02:26:45 I didn't take this restaurant. Did not take a single payment.

02:26:48 Is there a button that you have to swipe to get the real time trace or updated?

02:26:52 I honestly have no clue what you're talking about. I really need you to stop calling me and called paypal,

02:26:57 but I need to get this food picked up. We're trying to get this meal here.

02:27:01 Okay,

02:27:02 well you're going on for hours now. It hasn't been four hours, sir. I don't know. I don't know what to tell you. There's no payment here. Two hours water here.

02:27:13 It must be a slow work day for you. If you think it's four hours, it's been two hours, sir.

02:27:18 Okay. Two hours. There's no I, I promise you there's, there's nothing I can do to help.

02:27:23 Yeah. Well if it's such a slow work day, why don't you just fire up them wings real quick and then we'll get them all the way. We've got a couple of burgers as well. That's in my order. You should see it right there.

02:27:31 Now you've added Burgers to your order when it was just winging it.

02:27:34 Was it just a way? Cause that was the biggest part of it all. But that was big. A big part of this.

02:27:39 You just haven't seen it. No clue what your order is. And I really need you to stop calling me and just deal with paypal. Why don't you look on your screen right now? Nothing I can do. There's nothing I can do 40 you

02:27:50 twice or why don't you just open your screen and take a look at the payment.

02:27:53 There's no screen to look at because we don't do paypal.

02:27:56 Well, just do it over your phone. What's login at the same time? That way we can walk each other through the process.

02:28:02 You're being ridiculous. You need to stop calling me. I keep being discriminatory. Not going to accept your calls anymore. You're being discriminatory, sir. I'm not being discriminatory or we don't have any payment.

02:28:13 You're being discriminated. Won't accept my payment. You, I paid you two times. You say, my money's no good there.

02:28:19 You're more than welcome to take that up with paypal.

02:28:22 Well, why don't we just opened the APP together at the same time. That way we can see

02:28:26 there is nothing to open because we don't take paypal.

02:28:31 Do you want my referral code or something? I'm not sure how this works. Why don't we just open up the web page at the same time on the screen?

02:28:37 Yeah.

02:28:37 I'm going to be honest with you. You have to stop calling me. I am not going to accept your call,

02:28:41 but I won't. My food, sir. I paid twice for it.

02:28:44 Okay.

02:28:44 That there's no food here.

02:28:47 You don't have, you don't serve food there. There's no order here. It should be too. It should be a duplicate order actually.

02:28:56 Well, there's not because we don't do anything to Facebook. I've already looked through my Facebook page and there's no orders on the Facebook page. If there were accepting orders, which they don't.

02:29:07 What's your, what's your Facebook page? Maybe it's on there.

02:29:10 Okay.

02:29:11 You think you've put it on my personal Facebook page?

02:29:14 I don't know how this stuff works or,

02:29:17 yeah, because there's nothing true about this.

02:29:21 Yes, there is. I pay twice, once on paypal and once on Facebook. Okay. At Sita it, my bank account is not accepted payment yesterday decent except paypal. There's a dude, there is nothing more than to talk about. You have the wing and Burger award or it should be over there and I want to and I want to pick it up or waiting for it. Everybody's asking where

02:29:40 I'm not making anything without an order and without payment. So if you'd like to place your order over the phone and bring your credit card in, we can take care of that.

02:29:49 Want me to pay for a third time. That sounds like a robbery, sir. You're being discriminatory.

02:29:55 Have a great day. I will not be accepting any of your phone calls anymore.

02:29:58 Yes, you will be. You'll keep doing it for a long time.

02:30:06 Okay.

02:30:10 All right. Okay. So I think that's it for me today.

02:30:16 Okay.

02:30:16 Maybe we get one more in. I know, I don't mean to edit on a somber note, but it's been a somber time. So I'll play the video. I know I've already played it once, but I'll play the video once again to close it out. Tell we got a little more people here, the video of me on the phone with paypal or paypal, a conversation, how briquette and things penciled and hopefully get my processing a permission granted once again. So, um,

02:30:41 yeah.

02:30:42 Well let's see if we can just get,

02:30:44 yeah,

02:30:44 one more. One more big red before we go. Just for a boost of energy.

02:30:53 Yeah. Yeah.

02:31:03 Hello? Hello. Big Grants.

02:31:06 Yeah. Why'd you hang up? Why do you keep calling me? Why do you keep calling me when you talk? We're going to talk for 30 minutes. I thought we only talked for about three. No, but, and you know what, I have time for the

02:31:20 play and talk to you for 30 minutes. This is a business you want to play. Have good thing. You got good sense. Evidently not. Don't call me no motherfucking white. He's stupid. Mother fucker

02:31:30 play. I want to pay. All right.

02:31:35 I it the voice, this is like the seventh time. I have a feeling you're doing it on purpose now. And if so,

02:31:42 I see you sir. Okay. What's is unacceptable? So costs. Okay. He won't, he won't accept them anymore. Okay. Well I'm going to play, play back a few things real quick, see if I can get this to work. And then, um, after that, well, apologies for that smack there. I was accidental and after that, uh, you know, like the classic, uh, I'll trow just, you know, we got to maintain some sense of normalcy here. Otherwise we're gonna have all sorts of problems and I'm just not going to like that. Um, but you know, we'll, we'll play that and then, um,

02:32:24 and then I'll see you, hopefully, hopefully tomorrow. I don't know. I don't even know what time if I would to do is tomorrow I'll be in the middle of the day. Maybe in the afternoon. I have no idea.

02:32:35 Um, but next week, Monday, Tuesday, maybe some few things, and then Wednesday through Saturday, we're looking to be on schedule Wednesday through Friday, 7:00 PM eastern time. Saturday 1:00 PM eastern time. If all goes well, if I don't end up in jail. Okay, let's, uh, let's play some of these things. Hope you enjoy this once again. Let me just, Oh boy. Oh boy. What have we got here? Okay. I don't see it. There we go. Perfect.

02:33:16 Thanks for calling. Put your nail health. So I may I help you? Hi Stanley layer. Um, MS, she's somebody who works here. No, he's a customer. I'm not sure. Give me one second. Please hold. Stop calling here. We have caller ID. I'm gonna report you to the police.

02:33:39 Okay. Well, I'm going to tell you this, my manager is on my phone because it's a little bit of a killer.

02:33:58 I know you're probably getting paid 50 to $100 but don't call here ever again because I'm going to call the police and I want to get you good. Really good.

02:34:29 Okay. Just one second. I have a rope. The technical difficulty. We'll get it up here. Just a just a moment. Let's see. I know I've already played it, but I'm going to play it again because I think it's a, I told him I want, right? This is working. Okay. No it's not. I wonder why that's not doing that. That's quite interesting. Okay, let's this, what's this? Open this up over time. I think that'll solve the problem and we have to, it's respectful. We have to play it. It's, it's a respectful representation of what happened, but I don't know why it doesn't want to do it. It's very, it's very peculiar. Let's see. Okay, here we go. Enjoy.

02:35:22 I got enough of this game I have. I changed my don't on your shit. I did everything. Are you lying to me now? I'm done with this game. If you could go fuck himself. Pay Pal in the building

02:39:19 apps and what the fuck is up with the phone calls? Man.