00:12:03 good morning. Thank you for calling to Denny's and Dundalk. Michelle speaking. May I help you? Yeah. Can I please speak to a manager? This is a manager speaking. This is the head manager. I'm sorry, this is the head manager. The general manager isn't in until the morning shift. Can, is there anything I can do for you? I'm looking for Marlene. I'm sorry. I'm looking for Marlene. You're looking for Marlene. This is Keith. Hold on please. Sure,

00:12:36 sure.

00:12:38 Ain't nobody Danson here tonight. Okay. To that asshole.

00:12:55 Hmm.

00:13:56 Are you ready? Prepared decompression chambers. Forcefield operative. All systems go and blast off. Um, in the meantime, I'm just going, I'm in this club called bag may agree, right?

00:14:50 Cody. Cody. Okay.

00:15:29 [inaudible]

00:16:31 hello. Why do you keep calling? I don't even know who the fuck you are. So fucking tired of you calling here. Don't fucking call me no more. You irritating the fuck out of five times already. Hello?

00:18:02 Uh,

00:18:12 it should be working now, right? There's, this is working. I don't understand. Anyway, it looks like it was fine. I don't know what happened there. It just kind of stopped for a sec. Yeah. Well, okay. Anyway, yeah, I put that out. Didn't trove tool pole because it's, you know, I don't want to play it out, but it's just so, so cool. I really enjoy and enjoy him, so. Okay. Um, wow. It's uh, it's actually really, really hot in the call center today because the, you know, the computer, the toaster might be having some issues.

00:19:11 Okay.

00:19:11 From last night. Let me just try to wipe off the condensation that's appearing all over my, my, my screens. Okay. Thanks for coming by the Saturday edition of the call center. Usually they're pretty retarded. Let's try to get things started and uh, and a ceremonial fashion. All right.

00:19:42 Thank you for calling quiet even your headphone party experts tickets for any of our upcoming parties or for a quote to write headphones. Please visit quiet events that come. If you know the extension number you would like to reach, you can enter it now.

00:20:01 Okay.

00:20:01 Press one for general questions. During normal business hours, which are 98.

00:20:27 Are you guys back in the continuous and contiguous? See Wes up this time

00:20:35 we ship internationally. So this is like quiet events. We do the had some parties. It doesn't make a difference to where you are.

00:20:42 Well, where are you at this time? Because I want to stop by your office.

00:20:47 So we

00:20:48 have offices in New York, San Francisco, Austin, La, Toronto, Ottawa in Japan worldwide where you don't have office hours. We don't have our sorrows currently on the week pens. Yeah.

00:20:58 Well it's okay. I can just stop. Only take about 15 minutes at the most. I wouldn't match near near New York City.

00:21:07 Oh yeah. We have offices in New York. We have offices all over the country.

00:21:11 And that's where you're located, William?

00:21:14 Uh, nope. I am actually in Vegas right now. So we have events down here to where we do the website wide events. Yeah. If you go to the events, uh, quite events.com it actually has all of our website, you know, all the different locations that around.

00:21:28 Yeah, I pulled that up. I wasn't sure if any of these have physical offices. That's why I was asking because we have texts across the country.

00:21:39 Yup. Yeah, we definitely have physical offices. Um, pick up equipment, uh, test it out, see how it is and when you throw the parties in locations too. So not only do we rent, but we have parties so if he ever wants to come out to one of the parties, you can come, you know, enjoy it. Tickets are between like $5 and $15.

00:21:56 Okay. We're going to send Tyler our Las Vegas Tech over to your Los Vegas office. Can you help him out?

00:22:04 Okay.

00:22:05 Uh, yeah, we can easily help them out. That wouldn't be a palm. Again, we're not open on the weekends or we can definitely help them out on Monday. When did, what did he need?

00:22:13 Well, he can just slip an SD card, micro SD card underneath the door and you can just communicate through the door if you don't want to let them in. If it's a security issue, but he's credentialed. Okay.

00:22:26 Yeah, it's definitely not a security issue. Um, credential, you know who anyone is.

00:22:31 He's got clearance.

00:22:35 Yeah.

00:22:35 Um, yeah, clearly it'd be no problem not letting him in.

00:22:38 He's clear for any sort of technical questions as you want to ask him. He's ready for it. Yeah.

00:22:45 Oh, okay. Yeah, he's cut off. We work with people that are, you know, very technical and people that have never done a party or anything. So, uh, yeah, we work with literally thousands of people.

00:22:56 So what's your preferred method of transfer? We have SD, micro SD, a USB two, three and C, m n B.

00:23:10 So all of our equipment works with all different types. Um, any type of audio file to print, micro microplasty into a computer or you can put it into laptop. It's pretty simple. Um, we actually have all our videos online to have you go to the quiet events website. I did, you know videos. Yeah, carry on.

00:23:28 Yeah, I did see that. It actually, I took a look at it and um, I had a couple of other questions to why I'm calling and didn't really cover everything. It didn't really cover file format.

00:23:38 Yeah.

00:23:39 So file formats. Again, it could be any file format. Um, you know, if it's a concern, do you think other people have the same? We can easily create a video and throw it up on our website too to help people out.

00:23:49 Yeah. Do you, can you do a tutorial for flack?

00:23:54 I don't know what slack is other than the peer to peer application.

00:24:00 Slack. F Oh, a C it's um, uh, lossless, uncompressed audio form.

00:24:11 Um, I can find someone that knows about it, but, uh, I personally don't know anything about it.

00:24:17 Well you were talking with Monica come on authority. I was assuming that maybe you're a little bit informed about flax than waves

00:24:28 cheese with, with, with two, with, with Monica. Yeah. I don't know Amanda.

00:24:35 No, I said Mata Cub. It's a term that means just a little, so if you could get somebody on the line that can help with my flak seat.

00:24:52 Um, I'm sorry. You said flax seed?

00:24:55 Yeah,

00:24:55 flax. See,

00:24:59 can you spell that for me?

00:25:00 Fla? See heads and let her see. It's a file format. It's lost. So saw the, you don't hear or any, any sort of, uh, you know, blips are bloops it's fine. It actually, it's pretty clear they use it. That Mega Oleo audio audio codec. Yeah. And they use it at Magnolia all the time. It's actually the standard over there. Universal Scott was also, it has acquired a portion of a flat files. Yep.

00:25:33 I actually see a lot of, Yep. I see exactly how to, uh, to make it convert to an MP three. But you don't want to do that. Right. You can't,

00:25:42 we can't downgrade once we downgrade, we're running into problems.

00:25:47 So what, what for what a file do you play, like, and what a applications he played in.

00:25:52 Well, that's what I'm saying. We need to get somebody's coder. You get a coder over there. Maybe just kind of retool your backend. Support the flax.

00:26:01 Okay.

00:26:01 I don't think we need to do that. Um, I think as long as we have a player that would work for some type of laptop, iPhone or anything like that, we should be able to play with no problem at all. Because what are you seeing it now? And there's lots of tools. I can do that, so I can't easily, this will work totally fine.

00:26:16 We don't accept being forced to downgrade, we just won't do it.

00:26:21 It's not a problem. Actually, we can actually play flax out miles without the problem I am looking at right now.

00:26:26 You sure. Can you play me one right now and just make sure for Finnair kernel there's any sort of a more pop pops up. What do you see? Because I want to make sure once it's transferred across suit net work, we're not gonna get any sort of inconsistencies or bubbles. And then the here, it's a tactical sir.

00:26:47 Okay,

00:26:48 sure. If you just send me that easily play it for you because I am downloading the application now. That can do so.

00:26:54 Okay. I can send you a flak file.

00:26:59 Okay.

00:26:59 Absolutely.

00:27:00 Uh, what is your name, your email address?

00:27:12 This is just to make sure. I'd like to throw all the parties, but the headstones, you know, and it says where you going to be looking to do, right. So basically three different types so we can do three different laptops with he flat file and you can, you know, have red, blue and green and people partying all over the place.

00:27:27 Okay.

00:27:28 Yeah, red, blue and green.

00:27:30 Okay. What the colors of the lad phones as they light up as you switch between three dimensional.

00:27:36 That's actually the colors of our software over here as well. So maybe we're looking at some compatibility right off of the move.

00:27:45 That sounds great. Okay, so you're going to play out over the phone? Yeah. Yeah. If you, uh, if you can send over that file, I can see what I can do.

00:27:56 Okay. Gimme a gimme a second. Do you want to hang on the phone with me?

00:28:01 Sure.

00:28:02 Okay. Just a gimme just one second. I've got a log in. I'm not on the terminal right now.

00:28:12 Okay.

00:28:13 Um, can I possibly give you a call back in about 20 minutes? Not a problem. And then you can play the, the file for me.

00:28:27 Yeah,

00:28:28 no problem.

00:28:29 Okay. All right. I'll give you a, I'll give you a call back now if you can just, what play are you going to be used?

00:28:40 I was just downloading a couple of different ones, so I just see which one was the best one. So I have one that's from x about, or would have one that's from audacity and on an audio monkey

00:28:52 audio monkey. Now does that sounds pretty racialized. We can use that this month is black history month date too.

00:29:01 That is correct.

00:29:03 And we still got a ways to go. Still Vet about 2026 27 days.

00:29:11 Battle use excavate it as well. And there's also fubar 2000 which is great.

00:29:16 Now you need to upgrade to 3000.

00:29:21 Hmm.

00:29:21 Um, that's not really what I'm aiming to do.

00:29:25 Why is it? Or is that just for develop? We don't run that talk to her. Is it just for developers or, or what is it?

00:29:39 No, it's just not our software.

00:29:42 Okay. So you're a tech. Are you a tech?

00:29:46 Okay.

00:29:46 Ah, yes. [inaudible] engineer

00:29:49 you are.

00:29:50 That doesn't sound technical. Just sounds like you're just playing the music. I just want to make sure for you if there's something with the web or any sort of backend that you can help with that. I'm sorry, can you sorta thing with the back end, are you able to help with that?

00:30:09 Okay.

00:30:10 I'm not sure exactly what you mean. In what sense?

00:30:15 Well, with the world sir. You okay? Yep. Yes. Pedal a bit of guest. Late, late launched Apollo charge

00:30:32 sir. Yup. Okay.

00:30:37 I'm trying to get this file over to you if you're, if you're ready now, are you gonna be able to assist with any sort of live screaming as well?

00:30:48 I know we don't do anything that has to do with, yeah,

00:30:52 but can we set up a live scream?

00:30:56 You can absolutely stop the live screen. Again, that's not something that we normally deal with, but you can easily do that.

00:31:02 No live screen

00:31:05 screen. S. T. E. R. E. E. N.

00:31:08 It's on the web. It so you know, just participants.

00:31:13 Okay.

00:31:14 Live stream. You mean

00:31:16 screaming and yell? I scream

00:31:21 ice cream. Him For ice cream.

00:31:24 I just have a bit of a speech beach problem. I perhaps a member's pronouncing it incorrectly.

00:31:33 We've had to pronounce name, just spell it out for me.

00:31:36 Falive screen. But you know there's, there's a chat room and a chat box.

00:31:45 Yeah, but that's not something that we would normally deal with.

00:31:47 Well you're familiar with it though, right?

00:31:50 Okay.

00:31:50 I am.

00:31:52 Okay.

00:31:52 Has there ever been anything like that there and if so, where can we set up anything for filming and interviews?

00:32:00 I'm not sure what you mean. Uh, again, we can just do the audio with that tone is doing the parties.

00:32:07 You never worked with Spotify before?

00:32:11 Uh, we work with Spotify, absolutely. They're actually one of our clients who we've done parties with them. But if you also want to just stream from Spotify, that's not a problem as well.

00:32:20 Okay. They are one of your clients?

00:32:23 Yep.

00:32:23 They have absolutely rented and done parties.

00:32:25 Okay. Yeah, we used to be partnered with rhapsody.

00:32:30 Uh, I don't know, rock to the top of my head.

00:32:35 Rhapsody,

00:32:37 it's kind of like Spotify, but it's just, it's just for rapid.

00:32:43 Okay. Um,

00:32:47 is there anything I can help you with because I am going to need to go soon.

00:32:53 Well, we'll just, can we get a look at your console when you just bring up your file? This play black file right now? I want to see the specs.

00:33:03 Um, just send over the file and I'll be able to do it for you.

00:33:07 What?

00:33:09 I'm trying to send it over right now, but it's in the files too big. It's a flat file. You can send it over email.

00:33:17 Do you have some money? You said you have someone in Vegas?

00:33:20 Yeah.

00:33:21 Yeah. Someone's going to come by with an SD card and they're going to just pop it into your headphones. I know. We can just play it direct if we can just, okay. You know, bypass, bypass the transmission over the, over the air with the files. It'll sound a lot better. Better if we play it directly out of the headphones. Okay. Now we can sync them all up. We'll just pop a SD card and to each head fall whoever the player, the player nodule is. We'll just sync it up there. We might have to attach a few diodes, but that's okay. We can bring our technician on site. We can model a couple of your headsets and just as a try it out first.

00:34:05 Yeah.

00:34:06 Okay. Um, do I need to be addressed? Uh, if you want to stop by?

00:34:10 Yeah, yeah, go ahead

00:34:16 north.

00:34:19 Okay, sounds great. Okay. Um, so yeah, he's going to bring you guys, should he bring a floppy,

00:34:27 um, I, you know, I'm not sure even mess.

00:34:31 That's the new term for any sort of device that contains fixe.

00:34:41 Sure. Wait, we'll see what we can do.

00:34:44 So did he get let amendments now does it? He's credentialed. So no matter what kind of losses audio he's carrying, you should have, you shouldn't have a problem with them.

00:34:54 Okay. Sounds good. Well look forward to seeing him.

00:34:58 Okay. And don't, don't, don't, don't you dare forces the downgrade to MP3 cause we've done it before and it's called nothing the cause. Nothing but problems. Okay. Don't you dare force us to downgrade Dermot. Not one time. We won't do it now. One time. It's day two. We won't, don't you dare down graders. Well you or you'll be hearing from Merrill Legal Department, not trust or technical department, but our legal leads to poverty and it was a, wow, don't you dare doubt. Don't start with me.

00:35:41 Um, feel free. You have my email. Uh, you know, again, you have our website. So, you know, just let us know when we should expect them.

00:35:49 Okay.

00:35:50 Okay. He'll be on his way. Yeah.

00:35:55 Okay. William.

00:36:03 All right. He's grown. Wow.

00:36:09 Yeah.

00:36:09 Is it going to murder me? He's going to murder my coil. I don't even have to play the Internet. I freak beat. Maybe you should call him back one more time. One more time. Real quick. I'm just going to ask one question. I forgot to quash. Gosh, I forgot. Like thank you for calling quite event. Upcoming Party. William, William, William, William,

00:36:38 William, William, William, William. Quiet gloving for rob coming of age. We apologize, but no one is available to take her or email us at info at

00:37:07 your ears are too.

00:37:11 Yeah, yes.

00:37:27 Oh, stop. Stop, stop. Stop. Okay. Jesus Christ. Okay. Well let's, uh, let's continue what we're doing today. Let's move on to somewhere else. Oh, okay. Well let's, let's see what we got changed this just a little bit because it's about time for that and I think we can get things started correctly, I think. I think today's going to be pretty good. We'll find out. Let's blast off.

00:38:27 Let's hope so. Roy.

00:38:29 That's Tom Perry Hall. Hello. Yes.

00:38:33 I sent it in a job application and I know, right?

00:38:37 What did I tell you about your dumb ass calling here?

00:38:39 I know that you're under you. You're hiring in the summertime.

00:38:42 Uh, we're not hiring. How are you?

00:38:45 I spoke to the owner last night

00:38:48 and just to do it and then my dad left me in the saying that your dumb ass called me up last time. Not dealing with this today. I'm going to leave the side off the hook. What do you said that calling back. Bye. Retard.

00:39:05 We are hiring in summertime, summertime in some way to somebody, to somebody, to somebody.

00:39:21 We are hiring, hiring, hiring, summertime, summertime, summertime. We are higher. Higher, higher, higher, higher, higher, higher. Higher.

00:39:54 Yeah.

00:40:14 What the hell was that? That's some, that's some industrial scoop and right there. Oh God. Jesus does. Weirdly merely industrial. Oh my goodness. Okay. Let's, uh, what else we got here? We've got a loud, a lot of work to do. What's try, uh, no, no. That was a good start. Good start to the Saturday. Well let's call somebody else right now and see what happens. I called the airport basket vertigo from Aldi. Oh yeah. Dude stone is definitely scary. Scary.

00:41:18 Good. God goodness. Come on. I know you want to answer it. I know

00:41:39 he's not answering anything. Okay, let's move on to another one in here. Hopefully this won't cause any problems bossy, you know of a tempting in at some point to, uh, the call back. Jennifer, the one that was tipped off just to kind of a giver or a live on air interview with a cost center. So that might be, that might be interesting, but who knows, that could be a later. Now I have to lead up to that. Don't want to, uh, just do that right away. I suppose. Let's, let's try this one.

00:42:21 I mean, I don't, I don't, I'm not curious about who it was. I just want to, I'm just want to hear her reaction, her opinion. So that's all. I'm not interested in the opera.

00:42:31 The tone and Google voice will try to connect you.

00:42:34 Okay.

00:42:34 Raul,

00:42:46 we do need to do hit peak.

00:42:48 Yeah.

00:42:51 I can call Canada and I have, yeah,

00:42:55 this throws me off,

00:42:56 so I never know what I'm asking for.

00:43:07 Hi. And thank you for pulling the teeth.

00:43:10 Got It. Okay. Well have never gotten her on the phone. Let's try another one of these places over here. Geez. I'm looking at it. Alara lists. Let's, let's try this one. Okay. Let's see.

00:43:30 Hello? Andy.

00:43:33 He,

00:43:34 no, I don't think so. Ah.

00:43:56 Hi. Have you restructured your services? Please leave your name number

00:44:00 work either. All right, let's, uh, let's try this one now.

00:44:06 It's Saturday. The format, this gets a little bit flexible on the slide.

00:44:15 Oh Geez.

00:44:19 Huh.

00:44:21 Hello? Yeah, yeah. I want to do take out. Yeah. Okay. But the thing is I can pay

00:44:32 the way I just paid you on paypal now you can have to sign in to Facebook to get it. Yeah. So I already made my order and it hasn't arrived.

00:44:45 Okay.

00:44:47 Well you should already have it already paid you on Facebook for the way. Yeah. For, for the rang Google and the, yeah, for the rang guna the rock to puss. You should have it, right. You should have it by order. Receipt number is two, two, two. Yeah. Oh,

00:45:20 I don't know. Yeah,

00:45:23 well you should see it. Its own face on face be for the rang boom and the rock to Bush.

00:45:33 Uh, I then as it slowly,

00:45:35 it's there already paid. So you got to get my food from Facebook for the rang goonie

00:45:45 right,

00:45:45 sir. Sir, you should have it already paid. You. You're going to have to refund my money for not going to give me my rank. Boom, boom.

00:45:58 Okay.

00:45:59 When you're all done before I order

00:46:06 you own it.

00:46:08 Yeah. So that rang and the Rock, the course

00:46:13 I assay. You're the only one order.

00:46:16 It's two, two, two on Facebook for the rang. Boom.

00:46:22 Hmm.

00:46:25 No [inaudible] yeah, yeah. Face to face. You should see it on near login screen. On near point of sale machine. One second. Wow.

00:47:02 Hello? Hello? Hello? Are you saying hi? Great. Yeah.

00:47:13 Hate on Facebook. Were ordered to, to wrangle and rock dope pool.

00:47:24 Whoa. I don't

00:47:25 know. He's like you say, okay, why I already paid you I one my full

00:47:30 on Facebook. Bye.

00:47:35 I don't know what you're saying. Put my law. I say, Facebook, I paid for your food. The dude name. Yeah. Two, two, two is the order to teach and it's fun. Facebook, I already paid with Facebook. Mondi rich wrangler. You saying? You know, see, I already paid you, so I want my rang Guna and I want my rock to hold the higher [inaudible] I done my Daniel Day. What? No, look at my notes.

00:48:10 No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:48:18 That's not an acceptable

00:48:20 hold on.

00:48:23 No, no, no.

00:48:29 Okay.

00:48:31 I got a call him back call. No, no, no, no,

00:48:36 no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:48:41 Oh, no,

00:48:42 no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:48:54 For a short while at work. Yeah. I just talked to you about getting my order on Facebook. Already paid on fee on Facebook.

00:49:10 What are you saying?

00:49:14 But I said I paid on Facebook for Rag Boon. Yeah. I paid already broke. I don't month I paid. I paid from my brag on Facebook.

00:49:35 Okay. I don't, I don't answer it. Then

00:49:39 you have to understand that pain on face book for Rock and rang me on if it's ordered tool. Do you understand sir?

00:49:54 Okay. Do you have

00:50:03 look it up or something? Hello? Hello?

00:50:15 Paid all the fees for rag and a rock too.

00:50:21 Okay. Okay,

00:50:23 so is it ready now because it's been about two hours.

00:50:28 Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

00:50:38 No, no,

00:50:39 no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

00:50:51 no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:51:01 Say my PR. Yeah.

00:51:03 You said okay, but I don't have my food.

00:51:13 Oh yeah, I do.

00:51:18 Oh,

00:51:21 for face spray, boom. It should be there. Already paid twice now.

00:51:29 Toys

00:51:30 paid twice just to make sure. Went through on Facebook for rag and rock. The, Ooh,

00:51:38 Brockton. Okay Sir. Oh, okay. I've done it too. That, okay. Is it ready or where is it? Do I have to find it at a time? What a no nightmare. We get told me.

00:52:02 Yeah, because see, I still haven't caught on it.

00:52:07 Yeah, but I already paid twice now because I didn't Muslim. Sure. For one on face. Boom. For the rank.

00:52:19 Yeah. [inaudible] what do you mean

00:52:22 it's rocked a push. Okay. I'm looking at on Facebook little, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Let me Login to mine and his book. Okay. Oh,

00:52:47 no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:52:51 Yeah,

00:52:52 let's try it again. This is given pretty already. Retard our, we're ready.

00:53:03 Okay.

00:53:04 Let's give it a shot.

00:53:05 Okay.

00:53:06 Hello?

00:53:26 Hello.

00:53:28 No, no, no, no, no, no. Facebook order for rock doc the bus and rang me,

00:53:37 sir.

00:53:40 Yeah, all the naval you saw me,

00:53:46 but maybe you didn't type it in the correct password to your account. I don't know. So if you can't log in that's, do you need to refund me double time because I paid twice to get mild Facebook order for wrangler.

00:54:04 Hi Bonnie. What

00:54:07 you need to refund my Wang Glue money. My Rock to plus cash

00:54:14 the button. You go below the 100 I don't know what you say.

00:54:27 Okay. Hope somebody, it was helping her but Duwan. Hello? Yeah. Yeah. Hello? I paid on Facebook, sir. Oh, pardon me. I paid on Facebook twice. Can't pay and pay for all I did. I see the transaction went through a lot of my account or my balance. No, no, no, no Facebook. No, no, no, no, no, no. I paid on Facebook and I paid for the rang goon and the Rock, the puss and it should, it's been two hours are ready yet? No, she never got it. Well you need to refund me cause I've paid twice. Yes. Send it off again and took it. You want me to send it again on Facebook? That's three times. Yup. Yup, Yup, Yup. Yeah. I just don't know. I don't appreciate that because of it's been two hours are ready and you'll have a good day. You have rocked the puss or hello?

00:55:25 I have to apologize for any sort of disgusting sounds that might occur throughout this broadcast. Cause I'm, like I said, I just got over an illness yesterday was a little bit difficult for me. I was kind of getting back into the swing of things still, uh, doing so today. So hopefully things will be fine going forward. But yeah.

00:55:47 Um, you know, Saturdays is a good, good day to, uh, build up your immune system.

00:55:56 Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:56:00 Okay. Let's see. I'm just trying to, uh, there we go. Alright, well let's give, let's give it a shot. Where is this God damn thing.

00:56:16 Here we go. Hello?

00:56:21 Vitamin C?

00:56:26 Yeah, as long as I'm not eating on stream, what do those cost?

00:56:34 Okay.

00:56:35 And

00:56:36 Yeah, I want to get some, uh, some food tonight if you do delivery or just pickup.

00:56:42 We don't do delivery. We don't do pickup at Yo Momma, did she do that? Okay.

00:56:49 Huh?

00:56:51 Is She there 24 hours a day? Oh my God.

00:57:11 Yeah.

00:57:15 Actual,

00:57:20 oh, we got caught her IUD dump up.

00:57:22 Yeah. What are you going to give me a call back or not?

00:57:26 Oh, you know, uh, yeah. I mean, I got to find it. Like I said the other day, I'm looking to somehow compile, it's going to be quite an undertaking to get it done, but I want to compile, um, some sort of chronological a way too. Is this, is this still working? I don't know if my voice just sounded like it just got weird for a second, trying to do some sort of chronological, uh, you know, what if a little boy looking at that just to kind of present all the lower and, uh, from beginning to, to now, I do the whole anthology, a big red, the Persian mafia, all the good ones, Duke's stuff like that. Um, but the thing is with the whole, I don't know if I should just say it now, but or not, but there's, there's a point in time where we were calling her, I said probably a few years ago, I guess.

00:58:20 I don't know, maybe it was recently, I don't remember, but it all kind of runs together. But, uh, she was saying, oh, I can't hear you. All I hear is up. And that kind of became the whole, the whole thing. I think from there. So there's a bunch of calls in that time period or that does v escalates really quickly and uh, it's, it's taken on a life of its own. Um, yeah, that would, that would be pretty good. Okay. So now we'll have to get that, get that put together sometime. Let's, uh, let's try another one here. Just wanted to mention that. Uh, that would just take her a long time. I think. Let's, uh, let's try this.

00:59:03 Okay, here we go.

00:59:12 It does sound like a pig.

00:59:14 Okay.

00:59:15 To make some videos. Yeah, that might be tough though. They might be three hour long video. So that's

00:59:22 the only problem with that.

00:59:25 I don't know why you keep calling here. I recognize every single number that you called from all 50 different numbers. How do you know that? Right? How do you know it's me and that? Right? How do you know what you mean by that? Right? You do. You do that right? I'll call your dumb ass.

00:59:43 She probably do that with me because I made the area code begin with the number one, so,

00:59:50 okay.

00:59:54 No, sorry. A little bit of intentional dead air right there at two. I knew myself. Okay. What's this? Try it one more. One more time?

01:00:03 Yeah.

01:00:06 If I gave you the money. The thing is that's we're talking like a terabyte of material, so if I can pair it down to the actual clips, the audio clips

01:00:16 maybe like this blender and your face [inaudible].

01:00:35 Do you like that?

01:00:36 Is that some sort of Indian mafia? Sure.

01:00:38 Do you like that? That it's called a blender. You idiot.

01:00:46 Oh my God. That's not how you scoop. That's not and correctly at all.

01:01:01 Yeah.

01:01:03 I got side. That wasn't a piece of the Indian corn or talking to you that was keeping your mother talking to you. You don't matter when you're talking about, yeah.

01:01:14 What are you talking about? Okay. Yeah, no, I'm sorry. I'm starting to get into the, uh, the eaves dropping parts of it where they just kind of speak about it.

01:01:53 This, okay.

01:01:57 Hot Mic. What's this? What's the song? What this is? This is the new, uh,

01:02:04 yeah,

01:02:05 the new development in this whole story is that, that uh, she somehow has some sort of crush on me or something like this. No, I think that was, uh, put forth by a gym at first from what I've been told. But I don't, I don't know if that's 100% correct. I mean, that's a good speculation, but I just say it was a good, it's a good, it's funny. I don't know if that's true though. I think she might actually try to kill me. Oh, okay. Well, let's, uh, let's try calling somewhere else here. Let me see. I want to, I want to get this guy on the line. I got to make that kind of good feeling about today. Just really down. Oh my God. She loves it. She loves me. How do you know? How do you know what like it seems a, it seems impossible that this what turn into some sort of appreciation for some, yeah, I mean, but I don't know. What about her dad and I have an earlier charmed her at her? No. Okay, let's try this. Oh, right here.

01:03:21 She loves the attention. Meet and greet you hope paid for by the kids. Uh, maybe another after another five years of calls. I don't know if that's going to be a joke. That great. I'll stress from all the phone calls over the years. Although I think she, I think she does enjoy it to some extent.

01:04:15 Hiring. We are hiring, we are hiring summertime. Summertime.

01:04:34 Okay. Let's, let's move on to another one here. This guy I've been trying to call this guy. What's, what's good? This guy a shot.

01:04:45 Yeah.

01:04:47 Ask her out. Sales off for

01:04:52 hello. Please state your name after the tone and Google voice will try to connect you.

01:04:56 Spike.

01:05:06 Hello

01:05:08 Tos. That's all.

01:05:24 Okay.

01:05:28 What did you start? What do you mean? When did you start?

01:05:32 Hi, you've reached the voicemail box for skis.

01:05:35 Okay. Sorry, Steve. Let's, uh, let's move on over here.

01:05:40 Uh, whenever we got, I'm going, are we going to, do we try calling this place? Yeah, I believe we did. Okay, let's try this one out.

01:05:53 I'm breaking the fourth wall. So the call center is actually had been shaped with the Deca Hadrian. So

01:06:05 yeah,

01:06:06 there's all sorts of walls. Okay.

01:06:34 Okay. That's not working together. We're getting, we're getting some out. We're hitting some bumps. We're hitting all sorts of

01:06:42 sorts of bumps right now. Okay. Let's try the risk, right?

01:06:55 Oh my goodness. Dodecahedron yeah, you're right. That's right.

01:07:12 Okay.

01:07:17 What's happening today is because of, because of the footballs. Is that why this is so slow?

01:07:31 No, Abercrombie. Sorry, I missed your call. Please leave your name.

01:07:35 Okay. Well let's try this one. Oh my God.

01:07:54 Thank you for calling. Tgi Friday. I help you.

01:07:58 Yeah, we're going to be doing the right thing for the super bowl, but it's going to be a protest. I'm just calling to let you know right now we're going to be protesting. Protesting. Yes, we have to. We have a, we have to do it and in accordance state law

01:08:16 that we have to let it inform you that we will be conducting a protest. We are protesting against Tom Brady for being discriminatory, for being racial. Okay, but you have to supply us with food. It's your legally mandated to do them and let us use the bathroom as well. That's why we're calling it an advance.

01:08:40 All right.

01:08:43 Okay. You're not opposed. Did you want to join? You know we're a, we have enough. Can you speak? I knew that. Are you a manager? Because I shouldn't be forming a manager about this. What do you, what does that mean? Right?

01:09:09 Oh

01:09:09 my God. I don't like this at all.

01:09:28 This is terrible.

01:09:37 This is awful. Should I just going to hang it up? This is obviously obviously it death halt, but I can't now because it just slows again. Why? Why is it? Why can't I do anything else? Is this APP?

01:10:05 Yeah.

01:10:09 Yeah. I'm calling about the protests that were going to be conducting. Oh, okay. Yeah. Can we do for you? Well, you have to let us use the bathroom or is it gonna be about 250 of us? Okay. Um, okay. Well when is this occurring? Tomorrow for the Super Bowl and we're going to get started tonight as well. We're doing on an overnight deal. Okay. And do you have to feed us as well? It's state law. You have to be in accordance with that. Um, while we are business review are more than welcome to come in and purchase food anytime you'd like. Well you have to supply us whether we purchase it or not. Now we welcome you to take a knee with us throughout this protest. I'm sorry if I'm going to be able to help you. I'm going to need to get a manager for you. I thought you were

01:11:12 one moment. Okay. Thank you.

01:11:18 Yeah. The browsers completely frozen so I can't see chat or anything, but does anyone know why it does that? It doesn't make any sense, bunny know why that whole thing would just stop working. Oh, we're back. It's all working though. Okay.

01:11:45 Yeah.

01:11:56 Point three PC.

01:11:59 Yeah.

01:12:04 Manager might be willing to take a knee. Yeah, I think I might just be able to change the processor and this whole thing. Maybe it can handle some flack files. I can't play flack falls. That's why I got to go to the quiet event. Djs to get my fight fought flack flash plate before.

01:12:30 Yes.

01:12:34 The era. What are you talking about? Whatever

01:12:38 whole thing froze again.

01:12:44 It's just what I use. Basically just what I use this website for this phone. It just completely locks the whole God damn thing up. Gotcha. Sorry to the quiet event djs. Yeah. I just told this is what it is. I mean this could be played. I would love a quiet event DJ event that just played all the hold music from various phones. Sure.

01:13:30 Okay.

01:13:31 Okay. I'm going to have to, hopefully this'll work and I'm able to cause this browser

01:13:38 because what the fuck is it?

01:13:41 Can anyone actually gives me a,

01:13:46 okay.

01:13:46 Okay. Had this closet all, can anyone give me some actual advice on why that does that? When using a soft phone, why would skyrocket d entire PC to just crash like that? Cause it doesn't really do it with Skype. It only does it with that one. Every time I use it kind of crashes everything and it feels kind of ridiculous to go have to make modifications to my computer to run a pay phone. Okay. Let me just try calling them back real quick. Hopefully it won't crash. Maybe it has to do with a proton mail. Maybe I can't have proton mail open. That could, that could be the case. I though, although I doubt it, get a better PC, not enough ram. And these are the 16 gig or Ram that could be the flack files. May I help you? Yeah, I am. Uh, I just got disconnected.

01:14:55 Okay.

01:14:55 Okay. I apologize for you. I'm waiting for a manager where you're waiting to put it in to go order.

01:15:00 Right. I'm waiting for the manager to inform them of our protest of our demonstration.

01:15:06 Okay. Um, I'll get him for you. Okay. Quickly. Okay. Right.

01:15:13 Protons stores, meditator. Oh my gosh. My computer. No one has any advice. No one has actual advice besides buy another computer. Am I using the chat, the URL directly in obs? Ah, yes, but on a different computer. Actually the stream is running off a different computer in a different, in a different location. Just know just just for safety. Disabled software rendering at my browser.

01:16:10 What do you mean?

01:16:12 I don't think I even have the hat. I see. Yeah. I don't know about that. I have tried long pressing, dragging help and I tried dragging him down.

01:16:41 Yeah.

01:16:43 Well let's try this.

01:16:50 Okay.

01:16:57 PCV white pull up task manager.

01:17:06 Yep.

01:17:06 It spikes this all the time. We're doing might have to get more fortunate though, right? It's okay. It's only when I used this, this soft phone, honestly. Hello? Do I think I'll be going for today? We're going to add 10 minutes. Little notes. Saturday. Why? Why do you ask? He'll bite. Goodness. Okay. This is a decimal. This is obviously a death hold. Right.

01:17:56 Wow.

01:17:59 It definitely, if you think it's a death halt, right? It's definitely a death hold. Put the fucking browser is dead again. Oh my God. All right. I might have to just not use that for a while. It's just fucking ridiculous. It's someone's got to take her story for this.

01:18:30 I just, I'm just perplexed as to why that happens. If I do anything else while who's that other phone is open, the whole fucking thing is dead. It's pretty, it's pretty interesting. Okay. I'll keep trying. Try using brave. I don't think that's going to help with memory or anything.

01:18:54 Right. Okay.

01:18:58 Uh, let's see. I'm just going to look into other, a phone options for next week might do some more retooling. I feel good about what's happened with the audio situation here, so I think I can, uh, I can bump it up a little bit and all and all sorts, you know, that's, it's a good possibility that, you know, things could be looking up for the cost center one step at a time. We're making changes for all retards zone for quality assurance. Thank you for calling. Our office is currently closed. Okay, let's move on to another one that, let's see. You guys got to make sure it's still working. Still working. Right. All right, here we go.

01:20:09 Gay opers moderation squad. Well, okay. Are you talking about now?

01:20:19 Boy, you need to learn some manners and get a new clear job. It's not the call your mother so that she could teach you how to fucking live life and thrive and survive and not be a nuisance.

01:20:28 What do you mean?

01:20:34 What do you mean?

01:20:38 Oh Jeez. What's his gay opers? Amongst my moderation squad. Well, let's see. How many mods do I have here? I have six months and I have no idea. I think I know someone preventing you from adding me. What? What are you talking about man? I don't, I don't care about the shit.

01:21:06 Yeah,

01:21:07 there's, there's this like nine other channels you can go to, to talk about stream mean gay ops bits. Go there and do that. Okay. Um, you're just, you're adding me right now so I'm know what you're talking about.

01:21:26 Oh, mighty God. Okay, let's, let's move on. Look if you want to talk about mod drama and chat drama and stuff, just you know, if the confines of street me stream me related drama, there's, I think there's about 20 other channels on this website that catered to exactly that so you can go there. Um, I don't really give a shit about that. It's kind of boring actually. Um, that's like, you know, it's like message board drama that's contained to one message support and if it, if it gets interesting and gets interesting, but it hasn't really been an interesting, um, honestly I just don't have the time to spend a really, you know, cause I feel like, I don't know, I just, I, I don't, I don't have the time for that. That's a lot of dedication. You kind of have to be around it all day long to, uh, to come to the night sort of, uh, interest level it seems. I don't know. Okay. Well whatsoever. Let's, let's move on here.

01:22:35 Okay.

01:22:36 Let's see what we got now. Let's see if he's there. He might be there. He might we try and talk to to him yesterday,

01:22:47 calling Boston market to place a carry out or catering order or to provide feedback about your region.

01:22:52 The entire site is one big gap. Yeah.

01:22:55 If you'd like to speak to a team member at your local Boston Market restaurant, please press one if you would like to speak to a catering specialist. Right. Let's

01:23:02 see. I lost.

01:23:08 Okay,

01:23:11 thanks. For the most part and I'm out peace sir.

01:23:16 Well, periodic Labor Day.

01:23:18 Hello? Yeah, we're Mark Mark Keys. Where are you there? What? What the hell was that?

01:23:36 Okay,

01:23:38 let's, uh, let's try it again. Bob Keys.

01:23:43 Good to place a carry out or catering order or to provide feedback. And that's your recent visit. Please visit Boston market.com if you'd like to speak to it.

01:23:55 Okay.

01:24:00 Yeah. You got pro mach keystone right now. Hey, I work here no more. You do stop fucking, where does he bag it will fuck up. Put a ball. No work. He'd been fucking up. You better put them on the damn phone. Stop playing quip player. No, come on stupid. He didn't get fired.

01:24:31 Okay.

01:24:31 All right. Let's, uh, let's try it. Let's just make sure that these phones are still still a slippery enough to make these calls.

01:25:11 Okay.

01:25:15 Yeah. I want to get the shrimps dinner for pickup. How your Mama cookie some shrimp beach. What do you mean? Why can't you just cook it? Yo Shit nasty bitch. You Nasty. Oh my God. I can't believe that there could be a whole album of big red at a certain point. That's, it's kind of what I get the kind of want to get the feeling of, you know, she keeps trying to collaborate. Oh my goodness. Let's see what else, what else is happening?

01:26:04 Hello? Why God, here we go. Let's, let's see what's, what happened in there? Hello. Let's see. Okay. Sorry. Everything was getting a little bit slippery now where I feel like it's a little bit looser now. It's a little bit loose. Let's, let's try this place. Here's a couple of these places.

01:26:39 Hello? Yeah, look, yeah, I haven't built yet.

01:26:43 Yeah. We're going to be doing at demonstration outside your store for the Super Bowl. Okay. And this is going to be political in nature and we have to inform you by in accordance with state law, because you have to let us use the bathroom. Okay. Now knew was going to be about 450 of us to 500 and that's tomorrow. It's going to be starting tonight. Overnight into tomorrow. You're open 24 hours, correct? Yes. Okay. Yeah. You have to let us use the bathroom and you're welcome to take a knee with us if you'd like. Okay. You're basically going to be playing the national anthem by Jimi Hendrix. Oh no loop for about 48 hours. We're going to be taking a knee. It's going to be quite politically charged, a prepared to handle the press fallout and things like that.

01:27:35 We're not involved. So whatever you do with it is on you guys. Yeah.

01:27:39 Gonna be quite a junk can. We're looking for your support as the sponsor.

01:27:44 If you want us to sponsor, you'd have to contact Portland.

01:27:47 Yeah. Well you could just help us. I mean, you could just be, are you a manager?

01:27:52 Yeah, but I, like I said, I would have to Portland, which has given us what's you're endorsing it though? I'm not endorsing it.

01:28:00 But you would though. I mean if you were just a citizen and not an employee.

01:28:04 Yeah, I'm working right now. I would rather not make a political statement while I'm working on, but you already did. You already kinda stepped into it so you could have to cut it. And you called me.

01:28:13 Well, you already can't have to complete the thought now. You can't just say these things

01:28:17 and you have to, you know, it's public property. So whenever you on public property is fine, uh, as a business, we're not endorsing anything,

01:28:24 but you have to take responsibility for your words.

01:28:27 Okay? I'm going to let you go.

01:28:32 Excuse me. No, no, no. None of them. None of them. And then another, we got to help us sell. This is going to beat y'all. 500 of us that needs the bathroom. So we need some cones. Put Up. Parking grows.

01:28:45 Well, you don't have parking codes. I'm sorry. Uh, yeah, I haven't, I say okay. Nope,

01:28:49 none other than that.

01:28:54 Okay.

01:28:55 Let me, uh, let me try calling back one more time

01:29:01 called Jennifer.

01:29:03 I don't know. I don't know if I were to call Jen or Jennifer after all these discussions of gay ops right now. I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to call her sometime maybe at this show, but maybe

01:29:20 just kind of do an impromptu interview of my own. Everything is a fucking things turn into that. Okay. Dave tapped out for now, but they'll be back. I have a feeling they'll be back. Okay. Let's try another one here. I guess. Uh, this is, this is what I'm looking for, you know, let's, let's see if it will, wait. No, no, no, no.

01:30:05 None other than, than, than, than, than, than, than, than, than, than, than, than, than, than, than, than [inaudible].

01:30:10 Yeah. The best outcome is watching and liking the show. Yeah. As it turns out, some of the other places that have been tipped off, now they're just laughing about it cause it's a fucking prank phone call. You'd, John Fox, Jesus Christ. Okay, let's uh, let's try one of the news of other plot says, okay. Um, we had, this one looks pretty good at grabbing.

01:30:41 All right, let's try.

01:30:49 We are hiring,

01:30:53 it's already on Miami home now. She's too, yeah. You do the Little Ferrari's? Yes sir. How many I assist you. I need to pick one up today but she got to expedite the whole sale process cause I'm trying to get to the super bowl in what car you're looking for, sir. I just need the fastest one possible. I'm trying to get to a protest to that, to super bowl. Okay. And what is your name sir? My name is Raul. He should know me. Maybe. I do have your phone number please. Well how bout I've had for this test drive it kind of just test drive it to the super bowl, drive back. He's not one that you cannot do that, but if you want to give me a phone number I can maybe I never find out for you. I mean you can you come along, I got an extra ticket. Okay. This thing is it's I needed to know if it's called to do long distance and intense driving under pressure.

01:31:52 Okay.

01:31:53 Okay, so you got it. If you want to pop into the Ferrari with, maybe we can get to the super bowl and then we're going to a protest.

01:32:02 Okay. Row. What's your last name? It's Cido. Huh?

01:32:08 From Saudi Arabia. So my phone number's not going to work in America.

01:32:13 Tom, how do I call you back if I need to give you, I mean to be able to do this, I get some information from my money used to see if I can be able to

01:32:20 or he could just get into the fastest Ferrari you got with me, but as drafts to super bowl.

01:32:26 Yeah.

01:32:27 Okay. I see what I can do. Okay.

01:32:30 It's no pro. Can you just check right now because I wanted to leave today at WWE there's more of a chance we'll be able to find parking.

01:32:36 Yeah.

01:32:37 You information that can be able to check, but if I don't have good information, hog going to be able to call you back.

01:32:43 Well, I'm talking to you right now. So why are you going to call me back? I don't understand,

01:32:49 sir. I need to be able to get more information from you, from me to help you wait. You don't want to give me information or night just to help you. So like what? What are you talking about Nigga? I need your name. Last name, phone number. I just gave you my baby. I can now go for number one.

01:33:04 I've got a big, big, big wallet battle. I'm not sure why you have to did terror gave me like this. I'm going to have a clean.

01:33:11 Okay. When you want to come to a store second you come to the store. Okay.

01:33:14 Yeah, I'm trying to pick it up tonight. I'm going to be able to only able to come there after you closed and I want to start off to go pretty fast overnight to get to the super bowl.

01:33:23 You, you need to be able to come to meetings of regimens. Can I be through the phone?

01:33:27 Are you going to have to just hang out for probably about 90 minutes after you close?

01:33:32 I want, I'm saying need to be, you're going to be able to get him to come to a store so we can arrange this for you and we're going to do to the phone.

01:33:42 We could do a test drive to the Superbowl and come back.

01:33:45 No. Was almost impossible. I don't want it to you knowing the phone. What? I mean, how are you, how are you gonna how are you going to rent from Miami to the Super Bowl? Can you even have to meet you?

01:33:54 Yeah. In the car. In the, in the Ferrari we can trade. I'm willing. I'm willing to do the whole drive does just get me a couple of monster more rocks to ours.

01:34:04 Okay. Well of it sir. I'll be here. I'm willing to Biscayne Boulevard in a street. You want to come down? We'll be here the whole day to seven o'clock to nine okay.

01:34:12 But you got to pay for gas though because it's from your dealership. Okay, no problem. That's okay. Well, what's the fact you got, because I want to look up the specs. I don't want to make sure this is okay.

01:34:24 Okay, so have, I need to go super fast. It's very fast. Come get to the store.

01:34:29 Well, what's, what's is the say? What's this? The speed. What's, what's, what's the

01:34:35 789 one spotlight? You know, you took away quiet. Equal value.

01:34:40 Yeah. And you will be able to get to the super bowl.

01:34:46 Yeah.

01:34:46 Hello?

01:34:50 Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

01:34:58 Got It. Got It. Looks like we're able to get a test drive. Squash this. Excuse me for just one second. Okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Geez. Very fast. Very fast. There is no punchline. What are you talking to? No, I'm just trying to get a test drive.

01:35:35 Thank you for calling Ferrari of Miami. Yeah. What's your name again? Pepe Jews. You know Joseph, Joseph, Jose and Miami. Yeah, I know. I'm doing okay. Pep. Hey, how are you? Good. [inaudible] speaking with Raul. Raul, how can I help you, sir? I was just speaking to somebody. We just got disconnected and sound like he might've dropped the focus. I heard a bounce a couple of times. Yeah, but don't try to battle for the ticket because I already, I already promised him to ticket. Now that's been viewed to whether you got an officer hold on a second place where they got wives or girlfriends. I don't know if we're going to be okay with them leaving

01:36:24 or an recorded for record keeping training and quality assurance you for calling your call is very important to us and will be answered in just a few moments. Whether you are looking to buy, lease or service. A vehicle collection is your definitive source and authorized Jaguar durati

01:36:53 he to as well as a variety of luxury. Hello? Yeah. Rigo I can't get, I dunno where he is. Can I kind of, can I get him to call you back? Can I get him to call you back please? Well this thing is my phone and I'm from Saudi Arabia so the phone won't work. Okay. Maybe I can help you. Tell me how it can help you flow. We're, I'm trying to test drive up to do a Superbowl ad back cause I just, I need something real fast and I think I can only get there about 90 minutes after you close.

01:37:33 Uh, well the only way to be here is to be here during work hours to disclose it.

01:37:38 But like a bankable flub going to the super bowl. So if you can come along and now it doesn't matter to me as between Youtube, whether you got wives or girlfriends, if someone's going to let you stay out that, but we're going to be going, I need the fastest wipie got and what do you want to do?

01:37:56 We're going to drive to the super bowl and then come back after the Superbowl and I'm also going to be staying in town for political protests as well.

01:38:04 Yeah. Well uh, I used to sit in buying a Ferrari or do you want to rectify?

01:38:08 Well depending on the performance of this, you know, we'll see. But it's going to be a, we're going to have to do, you know, long form test drive cause I do allow longform driving.

01:38:18 Yeah. Probably your best bet. Would be to rent a Ferrari cause we don't do Australia.

01:38:24 Yeah, I don't have the time for the paperwork, so I was hoping you could just help me out.

01:38:28 I'm sure they can do the paperwork with you via email.

01:38:33 I've already, the thing is none of them. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I've already, I've already called enterprise and Avis and national. Right.

01:38:44 You have to go to someone that's exclusive.

01:38:46 I know. Well, I've called them to see if they can point me in the right direction. All the other rental places I've called have been close and they're not able to help me out, so I figured I'd take a chance on you guys and maybe I'm, we'll make a sale out of it now. Whoever gets the admission ticket, you may want to split it between you and Rico.

01:39:04 We don't do long cast drives. Never won a super bowl or for what you're looking for. What I can do is I can give you the phone number of a first class, rent a car.

01:39:15 Pepe, who are you rooting for in the Superbowl? I don't watch football, actually. What do you, what do you watch?

01:39:23 I don't, I don't watch sports. I, I'm, you know, I, I'd go out and cycled before

01:39:28 TV. You don't watch the electronic f one racing?

01:39:33 Well that I watch that you watch share at work but at the office because we have a huge screen.

01:39:38 Okay. Yeah. All right. So what time do you want to get picked up and which ones is common viewer Rigo cause I can't take both of, you can only take one. I only have one of those tickets.

01:39:47 I don't, I don't, I know I'm not going and I doubt that Rigo is going to go, but I strongly recommend if you want to drive a Ferrari to the Superbowl is that you can rent one.

01:39:56 So you're of age, you're, you're 21 because we're going to be doing a bit of a drink and, no, I'm not going to, I want to make sure, sure, sure. Yeah.

01:40:04 We are here to sell Ferrari's. If you're interested in buying a car, be to assist, otherwise we can't help you with what you request.

01:40:11 Like how to see if it fits my lifestyle. That's kind of the issue here.

01:40:15 All right, sir. You want to write that? Write down this name. It's called first class. The car

01:40:20 I've already called them. They're not able to stay open all their Ferrari's and fast cars. Then you need to figure it out. I can't help you calling to you to figure it out, pepe.

01:40:28 No, that's not what we do here. We sell Ferrari's. If you were just getting buying a Ferrari,

01:40:32 I am. Okay. I'm interested. That's the whole point. I'm not trying to rent. I want to see if it's going to fit my lifestyle, then I'll buy it. Now whether you were,

01:40:40 it's a Ferrari. I mean you would know if it fits your lifestyle if you want.

01:40:44 Well, I got to see if the whole car, I mean, look, I'm not going to judge you. We have, I'm not going to judge you if you're not down with the political politically charged and you could just go

01:40:54 find a, you know, a place to eat. You can get some barbecue or something. That's up to you. All right sir. I'm going to have to go now that have clients. Wait, wait, wait. We're not done loving him. A call back. Don't, we're not even done here. We're not done. Oh my goodness. Thank you for calling for Miami. Do you smoke I mass [inaudible] yeah, I was just speaking to pepe about picking up the, the whip.

01:41:23 Okay.

01:41:23 No. Rigo.

01:41:26 Okay.

01:41:27 Oh really? Cool. Give me one second please. This call may be monitored or recorded. Keeping training.

01:41:38 Oh,

01:41:40 thank you for calling

01:41:52 authorized dealer for it.

01:41:53 Malpractice. So it must sound party. This call may be monitored. You for calling? What's that?

01:42:15 You're calm voice message system three yet?

01:42:20 Eh?

01:42:24 Whoa. Okay. I got stuck for a second. I apologize.

01:42:28 Okay.

01:42:29 I don't even know what that sounds like when I pray, when I press it on the other end. I bet it sounds pretty, pretty, pretty trippy.

01:42:37 No.

01:42:37 Might be something you want to listen to at the silent quiet event. This girl I don't like. Whoa. Hello. Okay, let's try something else here.

01:42:50 Okay.

01:42:50 What are, what have we got? What do we get out over here? What does this number? Oh yeah. Who you want to try this one again because we got, we got boat doesn't the last one. What's try it again

01:43:08 for quality assurance. This call may be recorded. Thank you for calling psychic sewers but had been Dean Radin is nearly mannequin. If you were a first time purchase, a psychic reading at the introductory rate and have a crank rude, please press one now. If you're an existing customer and we would like to speak to customer service, press two now. If you're an existing customer and would like to go right to the service, please press four now. Yeah, let's try that. Please fold. We're transferring you to psychic source to access the service directly. It's (800) 732-0797 thank you. Well two psychics sellers. This service is for entertainment only. This time with an advisor, bowls readiness. I really Mackey threes to set up an account or speak with customers there. Press zero if you are an existing member for just I got on the website, press one to learn more about science or to listen to the greetings from our community of advisors. Come off to repeat your options. Press nine.

01:44:31 Well, come on. We're already pressed the button

01:44:32 to set up an account or speak with customer care. Press zero if you are an existing, what's fourth of signing up on the website? Let me hold while we connect your call to the next available to Mark Harris specialist. To cancel this request and return to the previous menu, press the star key.

01:44:50 No thank you sir.

01:44:52 Customer service calls may be monitored for quality assurance and training purposes.

01:44:59 Oh yeah.

01:45:02 Never miss a sale at psychic source. When you sign up for email promotional offers in news. Oh state your communication preferences online or talk to a customer care specialist.

01:45:26 I

01:45:34 paying to an adviser has never been faster. Go to psychic source shall come and log into your account. Then choosing available advisor to speak. They always say it's a phone call from that advisor. It's that easy.

01:45:48 Hm.

01:45:49 Hello. What should I ask? Okay, here we go.

01:45:52 Thank you for calling [inaudible]. This is Daniel speaking. How may I help you?

01:45:56 Yeah, I was hoping I could talk to a, a block. A psychic exists is black history month. I know it sounds a little bit old orthodox, but if you could just, you know, appreciate that. Are you wish to speak with a psychic sir? Uh, but uh, blackwater because it's black history month.

01:46:19 Uh, I don't believe sure. I'm following you. You wish to speak with a psychic who

01:46:25 blah, blah. Yeah. You heard right? Are you, I'm assuming you're not sir.

01:46:37 No Sir. This is customer servicer.

01:46:39 Oh, I don't know how I got transferred to you though. I apologize. Can you just transfer me to if you're okay, I can sit. Yeah, just transfer, transmits a warranty or a blogger you're looking for,

01:46:55 if you're looking to speak with a psychics are, you must first create an account with us.

01:46:59 I have an account. I have two accounts. Was

01:47:06 sidekicks source, may I have the,

01:47:09 okay.

01:47:10 May I have the phone number you use to create your account, sir? Because it's not showing up here.

01:47:13 Yeah, because I did use, I have a Google account, but I don't have a phone because I'm from Saudi Arabia. So the country code is three digits slump. You, it might not fit to your account with us with psychic source.com. Yeah, I do, but I don't think my phone number wolf fit into your terminal in your field and your form field because the country code is three digits to La. I'm from Saudi Arabia.

01:47:42 It should still show up shirt. But you can give me your name and I can look it up by your name. May I have your first name please?

01:47:48 Yeah, it's Raul r eight U L R a o u l with accent to Oh at you. I need to speak to a black site right away. So in your last name, could you just please transfer me to my psychic please

01:48:11 sir. I cannot transfer you to a psychic if I do not have access to your account, sir.

01:48:16 But that's where it went. Oh, I've already called an already punched in my code.

01:48:24 Okay

01:48:24 sir, I have to look up here at cal. May I have your last name so I can look it up.

01:48:27 There is no last name, sir, from Saudi Arabia.

01:48:34 Okay.

01:48:35 You're [inaudible] relieve, you have the wrong numbers. I believe your big doubt, right? Racial but customer.

01:48:43 Okay,

01:48:44 sure. I'm just asking. Collect can help you. I need your full name so I can look up your account

01:48:49 to transplant account with us. [inaudible] dot com you need to transfer me to my black so I could go ride now because you're being downright racial and they don't appreciate it.

01:49:03 Sir.

01:49:05 I cannot transfer you to one of our psychics if I do not see your accounts or I haven't. I do not have a disability. I believe you have the wrong.

01:49:12 No, I believe that you using the wrong system because the country code for Saudi Arabia's three digitals as law.

01:49:20 That's why I'm asking for your first and last name so I can look up your account. There's no last name. Cause if you do not have an account with us to connect you with, with any of our psychics or

01:49:31 it's a traditional cell d should Dave. So that's why there's no last date. We'd all that we don't have to hear to those customers. Hello? Yes, I'm here, sir. Hello. Hello Sir. Stop.

01:49:45 Can you please stop?

01:49:48 Hello? Yes, I can hear you fine. I'd appreciate you speaking up actually,

01:49:55 sir,

01:49:56 to set up an account to always speak with customer care, press one. To learn more about [inaudible], I listen to the greetings from our community of advisors. Press two to repeat your options.

01:50:14 Let's go back. Let's go hit one. I guess right

01:50:18 to always speak with customer care, Press Sera. If you are an existing member or just signed up on the website, press one to listen to the greetings from us. Please enter the first 10 digits of your phone number and four digit pin followed by the pound key, the number you have entered valid. Please try again. Please enter the first 10 digits of your phone number and four digit pin followed by the pound key. The number you have entered is not valid. Please try again. Please enter the first 10 digits of your phone number and four digit pin followed by the pound key. The number you have entered is not valid. Come on. Try again. Please hold while we transfer you to customer care. Connect your next available customer care specialist. To cancel this request and return to the previous menu, press The star key customer service calls may be monitored for quality assurance and training purposes.

01:51:44 Hello? Hello. Okay,

01:51:53 I'm not sure what's happening there. Oh my God. Streamed check. What the hell is the stream check? Could you please go watch? Watch my shallow bay. Check my skirt, my stream. What does that even mean? Okay. I'm just curious. Okay. How many, and if it's good people just watch it anyway, I guess. Okay, well that's a, what'd you say? Mine crime has gay porn on his street.

01:52:34 Okay.

01:52:35 You're screaming, uh, gay porn on your, on your screen. I heard my cry. Ms Screaming a gay porn on his channel. If you're into porn, you should just

01:52:46 check it out.

01:52:56 Oh, how can I help you?

01:52:58 Okay.

01:52:58 Yeah. I'm trying to get a couple of rooms. Yeah, for a whole sports team. Oh, let me just try. Let me try this again. Oh, that's senator. What I'm basically trying to do with some exceptions. This is, I'm going to have a buffer time between donated number and when it's called. Okay. So yeah, we just got disconnected. I'm trying to set up a couple of rooms today.

01:53:31 Okay.

01:53:35 Oh my God.

01:53:37 Okay.

01:53:37 One more time. One more time. We'll get it. We'll get it. I know we can do it.

01:53:55 Yeah.

01:53:56 Thanks. Go and do food till. How can I help you?

01:53:58 Yeah. Is your, is there something wrong with your phone because it keeps getting disconnected? Yes, exactly. The month has very long. They're on to me. Yeah, they probably would be.

01:54:15 Okay.

01:54:17 Well let's, uh, let's try it again.

01:54:26 Yeah.

01:54:27 I lose my job. How can I help you?

01:54:29 Yeah.

01:54:29 Hi, is this, is your phone? Is there something wrong with your phone? Okay. Okay. Maybe to wait for someone else to come on shift. Okay. Duck fee. How are you doing? How you doing man? You want to try finding that 32nd flavor? We have already talked to her. Let's try it again. And she's starting to, she's starting to blend. Blend those up.

01:54:55 Yeah.

01:54:59 They've been on us for a year or so.

01:55:06 That's all you. Hello?

01:55:07 Can I tell you stop calling here. He's just fucking annoying as shit.

01:55:12 See, that's, that's pretty much what you do and actually the previous reactions, that's all you'd have to do at what are you going to bring a phone call? That's what a lawyer or policemen will tell you to do is you have the power and the phone that you hold it. Just kind of hang it up. Bye. See you.

01:55:34 I do not speak English or something. I'm just going to leave the site.

01:55:37 Well, you speak Indian, right? Just tell me in India.

01:55:42 Okay. Oh

01:55:44 my God. Okay, so I'll call that points back. Let's see what's a, let's give it a shot one more time.

01:56:00 Hey, appears for quitters though. Yeah, it's been three hours. It's been three hours since I paid on Facebook.

01:56:18 Okay.

01:56:20 No, I need my food. I've already paid on Facebook for the Ray.

01:56:25 I see the breezy fuck. Okay.

01:56:27 What'd you have my card information? I want to back because I paid for it. What? Okay. No, you, I've already paid you from my rang Gould and my rock. The blue. I know. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I want my order.

01:56:51 Yeah. Okay.

01:56:56 Hello?

01:57:00 Hi.

01:57:05 Good.

01:57:12 Hello.

01:57:20 Okay.

01:57:25 Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?

01:57:32 Hello.

01:57:36 I've already paid all threes.

01:57:47 Yeah. Okay.

01:57:53 No, he kind of testing. Yeah, I can. I can do what? What better for that one too?

01:58:06 I feel like I'm going to get some drinks. Does make me want to go to the bathroom?

01:58:30 I do have a look like I'm in the bathroom. I do have a toilet. What you tell?

01:58:34 Yeah.

01:58:43 Hello? Hello?

01:58:45 Yeah. Hello. What's going on? What are you doing? Are you good? I know. Hello?

01:59:16 Good. I tried to meet me into an MBA.

01:59:19 Woo.

01:59:26 Nope. Screams

01:59:29 come screaming in the bathtub.

01:59:36 Okay. Yep.

01:59:48 They called me an asshole.

01:59:53 Yeah, we just got disconnected. I'm calling about my order. I placed on Facebook. You are, you'll go. Okay. I've already paid for by call the acid. No, no, no, no. I'm already paid twice.

02:00:17 I call a 50 drive. 50 feet.

02:00:39 Okay.

02:00:44 Okay.

02:00:46 Okay. Okay.

02:01:02 Okay.

02:01:06 Drives.

02:01:07 I don't want to get water out of my computer.

02:01:10 Okay.

02:01:11 But I have to use any sort of

02:01:13 vacuum.

02:01:21 Yeah.

02:01:26 I'm so sorry. Oh, like killed me too. Oh my God. I'm waiting to see the reaction in chat. It's going to happen. Oh my God. I'm so sorry. That's the worst Duke's tone I've heard. Oh my God. Oh, Jesus. Oh God. Yeah. What was that? Jesus Christ. I'm so sorry. Oh, how can I help you where you go in your room? So they're just done, done over there. All right, let's, uh, let's try another point. Let's try this guy. Hopefully nothing will will freeze up, but, well, it's worth a shot.

02:02:44 Okay.

02:02:45 Yes, I do want that. No, it's what's true.

02:03:04 Please leave your message for five. Oh, Jesus. Okay, let's try this one. Let's keep, let's keep moving.

02:03:13 Yeah,

02:03:13 we got to get somebody on the damn phone. It's fucking Saturday.

02:03:34 Wow.

02:03:35 Hello? Yeah, I'm called about the wall, the, the, the clock and the thermometer calendar that I saw on craigslist.

02:03:45 Yes. I'm getting, if I'm cold. Yeah.

02:03:48 Well, I just got a couple questions about it before I come and get it cause I want to, I don't want to come all the way over there. I'm about 55 mouth from me.

02:03:58 Okay.

02:03:59 Yeah, it does it, does it spin

02:04:03 hair again?

02:04:04 Does it spin or rotate or do anything in a circular nature?

02:04:09 Even with you guys? I don't understand the question.

02:04:15 Yeah. I'm a budding me how hip the test. So I work in the digital realm and I need them. I need to make sure it rotates or spreads in a counter clockwise fashion as well as clockwise.

02:04:30 Does it spin around? You came adjust three a day and the time and uh, and it stopped working on to try to do, is it,

02:04:49 what is it? It's got to be able to spin it in both directions. Can you, can you check her? Can you just give it to the spinning right now?

02:05:00 Uh, true. So I'm just,

02:05:06 it's got a bid for a hypnotism purposes. No speeding roll tape. You know what I mean? By rotational

02:05:20 understanding? What is her case

02:05:25 I can see on the screen? You know, I, I, I really don't understand the request and I'm going to do our footsteps. Can you just give me, giving them

02:05:41 twirl and tell me how, how many rotations it takes before it comes to a full stop?

02:05:50 Well, slaughter said, hey, I don't know about such things. I just a day, dammit. It's working. It,

02:06:09 I'm willing to pick it up. I'm willing to come out there, but he's gonna tell me if they could do what he, you rotational. I just need to know. Fixing a squid.

02:06:21 Can you just, it, I don't know how to steal. Just put it in sort of a flavor flave format and see if it spins at all. And then if it doesn't try it on the wall. You know what spin means, right?

02:06:48 I wouldn't know how to do it for four o'clock.

02:06:54 Yeah. A clock has got a spin. It's, it's true at twirls to the sprints and the hands go round both directions.

02:07:06 Yeah.

02:07:08 Yeah. I'm selling a couple, a couple o' clock. Yeah.

02:07:17 Wow.

02:07:21 I was thinking about the needs it though. Yeah. But I'm a digital hiplet says I do. It's new for the Internet. I do it all on Skype.

02:07:31 You familiar with Skype?

02:07:40 All the Clark you the assault on my own.

02:07:44 I'm not in a band. How I hadn't hit the test and I'm a magician as well and I need to make sure to clock spins.

02:07:54 Great.

02:07:57 You're talking about what it's called? I'm talking about like the goal down golden retriever. Zweig color. Yeah,

02:08:08 the golden white white shower. Wow. For the sprint clock. It's gotta be spinning and rotational for me to buy it and I'll buy all of them. Their rotational and a naked screwed.

02:08:20 Awesome. I'm going to tell this story. Euro ma'am.

02:08:25 Yeah, just kind of spit them. He got to calculate how many rotational turns and mix it in both directions.

02:08:34 Okay.

02:08:35 Oh Man. I don't know how many,

02:08:37 but you gotta you gotta mark it with some sort of tape or big go counter or than make it, see, you could just watch it every time it goes around. He got to like check it off on your clipboard.

02:08:54 Uh, I dunno. So, too complicated.

02:09:00 No, it's quite simple, sir. Do you know what a circle is? Right. All right, let's circle when it goes all the way around. All right. It's a spin. You got to make it.

02:09:18 Yeah, yeah, yeah. But do you have to put it all up?

02:09:28 Could he have it on the ground or on their round in your neck? Or could you have it in your hand or on the wall? I got to know because I'm on it.

02:09:38 I said what's on the wall?

02:09:40 Spinning it. You gotta spin it right now and I want to, you know, put your hand to direct cooling to clock location. Yeah,

02:09:55 both ways.

02:09:56 Okay. How many times around before it comes to a complete stop?

02:10:03 Well, I've done, no, I don't want to do anything wrong. Why

02:10:08 can you, you gotta set the Cock to 2:22 PM and then spirit

02:10:14 on, yeah, I tried to go back and forth. Um, that's all I can tell you if you want. No,

02:10:26 no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You got to set the clock. That's 2:22 PM and it was spinning.

02:10:34 I just said, Oh God. All right. I tried to spread. We are hiring in some way

02:10:52 time.

02:11:15 Oh, hello sir. How many we got disconnected. He might've dropped the phone hour was spending. It's not, it's actually quite serious that we're hiring in summertime. Look, uh, Nick Clark, so find somebody else who would be willing to, but I want to ball. All you have to do is guarantee. I don't want to do anything that you do. You want a guaranteed to me a designated numbers by no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

02:12:18 Okay.

02:12:19 No Way. He's not getting away that easy. I went all the Damn Cox.

02:12:26 Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

02:12:50 Please leave your message for a lot.

02:13:06 All right.

02:13:08 We lost power to my microphone there. Okay. We're back. Yeah. I was just trying to spit my own clocks and I might have rotated too many things. It's might have caused the problem. Okay. Was we got some more, we got some more numbers here. I don't know if you know, but we got more numbers right here. Let's try this one. Let's give it a shot. Has it Reagan three for Greek. Keep moving. Yeah. You guys are movers?

02:13:54 Yes sir. We are night and day movie.

02:13:56 Yeah, I got a whole live screamed setup and I needed to be moved and it has to be accurate.

02:14:05 Okay. I'm sorry you said you have what?

02:14:07 There wouldn't alive scream and I want to make sure my whole setup looks identical in the same place. Okay. Yeah. Or it's a new place or move it to.

02:14:19 Okay.

02:14:20 Okay. Um, so is it like the same layout or what are we looking at?

02:14:25 It's gotta be identical.

02:14:29 Okay. So what would you need us to do? Pretty much

02:14:33 basically just moved the contents of the tire room, but it's, it can't move. Nothing can be moving an inch because no one's got a no, I don't want anyone to know that I've moved. Okay. Cause I do a live screen.

02:14:52 Okay. But do you have like the furniture or,

02:14:57 yeah, there's a couple of clocks that that's spin wildly. So if you move them in the wrong, if you give them too much a nourisher, they'll just start spinning out of control. Okay. So you better not inflict any and nurture upon my Cox for my life screen, but I'm willing to pay double for the whole thing.

02:15:20 Okay.

02:15:21 Okay. Well, I guess I'm a little confused as to what you need us to do. So you would need us to move something out of a room and move other stuff back in

02:15:30 or there's Eddie centrifical forces Zinner afflicted upon any of these spinning Coxton. Delta's got a whack every, all the, all the arms will start moving backwards.

02:15:41 Okay. So we would removing only clogs.

02:15:45 Okay.

02:15:45 That's part of, that's the integral part of the, of the whole of life scream. That's kind of what keeps everything, sir. Yes. I'm here. What kind of a pattern do you have? Do you have to use moving blankets because we're going to need some sort of impact resistant foam?

02:16:07 Well, yes, we do provide moving blankets for any type of moves, you know, but I would just want to make sure I understand the project before I commit to anything you say.

02:16:18 Yeah. Did you do demolition?

02:16:22 Do I do demolition? Yeah. Uh, no, not really.

02:16:30 Okay. Because we have to make sure that none of this is, you know, is alternative. Did any boy, you know what I mean? Right. When I say live square, you don't have a little live screaming life screaming. No Sir. No. Can we put you on line on our TV show?

02:16:54 Oh, okay, sure. Yeah, that would be fine.

02:16:57 Oh yeah. We're going to do, make sure the clocks don't spend. If you inflict any sort of centrifical force, the clocks will start spinning backwards.

02:17:09 I see.

02:17:10 Okay.

02:17:10 And if it does that, it kind of sends the whole scream out, little out of whack. The server room just gets overloaded.

02:17:19 I see. Okay. Well he doesn't seem like it's something that we could do. Could I recommend you someone,

02:17:25 but you want to be on the screen, right? I know you want to be on screen.

02:17:29 Okay.

02:17:29 Yeah. I would love to be on the screen, but it seems like something that's out of our range.

02:17:35 No, I think what? What's, what's your acts? Where are you from? Oh my God.

02:17:54 Oh, how to start screaming. Oh yeah. About start screaming or,

02:18:25 okay, he's done. Let me try calling the cock guy forwarded to an automatic voice message. Let's try calling the clock guy again.

02:18:39 Okay,

02:18:40 awesome. Is this dark if he's still here?

02:18:43 Yeah.

02:18:43 You sound like you're on some work part. It's shit. Last night. I enjoyed it.

02:18:52 More Internet free pizza. Please leave your message for Oh, okay. Should I pull up to a pole for the Internet of Freak beat? Cause it seems to be pretty polarizing. Beat. Hello? What do you guys think about that called black cock up my call. Black hearts but good idea. Well I scream don't scream.dot screen. All right. What? What we go, let's see. Bring back knife guy. He's not getting on the phone.

02:19:28 I could try him again, but I kind of wanted them to be a part of this episode so I can try it. But let's see, Paul, how put the poll up. Okay. What you are, you seem like you're spending too much time, but this and this channel dark fee you're talking about Duke could be York aid number one and all sorts of, I just liked where you were going with that. Okay. I will put it in the poll. Do Do you, oh wait, hold on. What should be the pole? Even? I even would just say yes or no for the Greek beat. That's DePaul. I don't know. Here's the Internet free beep. Okay, let's see. Do

02:20:16 okay.

02:20:16 It's her dad freak. Pete, what are the choices? Let's see.

02:20:36 Okay,

02:20:39 let me get that. Let me get the pole work in here. I don't, I don't know.

02:20:49 Yeah,

02:20:49 here we go. Well, we'll give it a three minutes for the Paul. Here we go. Here. Don't know. Freak beat. There's there Paul.

02:20:57 Okay.

02:21:00 Okay. I don't know if it's gonna if it's going to help anything, but you know, let's see. Let's see. Let's move on to here. Well, I have screaming. We're on the live stream right now.

02:21:13 Yeah.

02:21:14 What if you want to vote for all three that he got to make three accounts on scream. Don't scream. That's what you gotta do. If you want to vote for all three screams.

02:21:41 No

02:21:44 good. Jesus. Let's try another one here. Let's keep, keep going. Yeah. I got a couple of questions because my kids are starting to get a do Sisera into magic and I want to get some stuff. So sweet. Do you have any sort of rotational clocks? I think there'll be a good thing for them to start with if they're getting into magic. I don't know what's changed. The magic are, you know, ideas to do, push the magic stuff in a club in college. Oh, that was back in the 80s. You know,

02:22:52 we do magic the gathering card game stuff. Uh, we don't do magic supplies like for magic tricks.

02:22:58 So the, it's a card game, but does tricks now, what kind of tricks are you talking about? Cause we don't want to do anything adult oriented because they're kids.

02:23:06 Okay. Okay.

02:23:08 Sure. It's a, it's a card game, uh, where you battle each other and try and, and try and win a match. Okay. There's not tricks involved.

02:23:17 So the battle is who could be more perplexed by the magic tricks that are happening. I'm not sure what you mean.

02:23:26 Have you guys come in? We can give you a demo. We can bust open some, uh, uh, started accidental sound like I'm going to be able to explain it over the phone. Yeah,

02:23:33 very well. So I don't know if I know it all the demos going to go to work because if they're going to be exposed to adult content, once you flip over any sort of magic magic trick card, I'm Dave three C it right away. I like to have to, I do not have explaining to do to my wife.

02:23:52 Sure. Yeah. Uh, well you could come in and do a, like you could look at it one on one. We could teach you and we can show you, um, before without the kids and see if it's something that you're interested in. Uh, but I do have a line of customers I have to let,

02:24:05 can you just say, you complain

02:24:07 it's an email or, or Facebook and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

02:24:11 I don't, I don't have the Internet because you know, it's a condition of my probation. I'm not supposed to access the Internet until 2021.

02:24:25 I went to him and tell him when he's off,

02:24:28 sir.

02:24:29 I'm just pointing it out.

02:24:30 Uh, yeah. Uh, I, I have to, yeah.

02:24:32 Can you explain it to me here now? What? What's the kind of Dick kind of magic to citizens? This is some sort of, is there like a hat? There you go. It's a card game game. Do I have to buy a bed? He's sort of top of it.

02:24:47 Nope. No hat.

02:24:48 There's no sort of clothing. Because when I was the kid magic, you had to have the whole outfit, you know?

02:24:54 Okay.

02:24:54 Yeah. Okay. Thanks Mike.

02:24:59 I don't like where that one, we got to call back because

02:25:03 okay.

02:25:04 He seemed just as confused as, as loudly what going in the chat, right? No.

02:25:30 Okay.

02:25:31 It's the morning, the fifth quarter from help you. Yeah. Cliff, we just got disconnected. You were trying to tell me what sort of a magic these kids do today.

02:25:42 Okay. Hello? Hello? What's, what's happening?

02:26:10 I think I got disconnected, I guess. I'm not sure. Is he still here?

02:26:19 All right there. Oh my God.

02:26:25 Perfect. I'm just trying to get some answers.

02:26:28 Yeah, yeah, yeah.

02:26:40 Perfect. What is happening right now? I thought it was, there's no such thing. No, there's not. Oh my God, sir. Are you still there? What's happening in the chat right now? What the fuck is going on over here? God, what is what? Ooh. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. What's the, what's the, what the fuck you mother fucker. Whoa, Whoa, whoa. What has happened to the ancient culture? Yeah, so I was, was, was, was, was what has happened. I'm still on hold on. Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold, hold. Hold on. The browser crashed. Like Ashley could actually crash the crash. The crash. This thing can handle. Okay.

02:29:24 Okay. Okay. I can't see what's happened. What's happened with the crash

02:29:28 crash, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj, Raj.

02:29:33 Oh Geez. What is happening? Why, what do you guys, what's happening here? What do you, what, what's, what's going on in the chat? I don't even understand. I don't, to be honest with you, I would just, I just, it's flying by so quickly and I can't see, okay. Let me see if I can at least bring up what's going on right now. They're going to view my, that's not it. Right? Make sure I can. Did you buy retard shekels? Okay. Where's this? So got to open up the chat, got a disabled nine things about the check. I can't read anything. What's happening? Oh my God. All right. I'm just going to just close the chat because it's too distracting. If anyone's spamming is bothering you, just ignore it. Aiga or just, you know, do whatever you think.

02:30:34 Yeah,

02:30:34 I'll try to call somebody places. Let's try this place.

02:30:40 All right.

02:30:57 Yes. Hello is cut. The time has come for me to get to live. Hello? Hello? Yeah, I want to do delivery. I'm sorry. We can do to not delivery. You can get online and yeah, online can be blah, blah, blah. Well, what did he do instead? Online and do delivery. I don't have a computer. Yeah, I'm at work three days. This Howard, he's not coming to clear again please. No. So glue. So, okay, sir.

02:31:49 Okay.

02:31:49 I'll have to call you back because I don't know.

02:31:57 Wow.

02:31:58 Well let's try it again. Hello Sir. Thanks. [inaudible] recording. Hello? Hello Sir. I'm trying to get my order. Hello. Do you want to do? I want to get the Gel. Fraser, you rock the Bluston rock up to the rock. Number one for him. I don't know for pickup. And how much Jack Ethically does Veggie nine 95 with tax. Kenny jaggedly my job pretty easy with it. Hello? I need to rock the place.

02:32:49 Yup.

02:32:52 Okay. Hello? Are you sure you don't do delivery? No, we don't do delivery. You have to go through a hungry buffs or grab up for that. Yeah, but the last time I called grub hub, their delivery driver, he drifted into to my drive for, oh, I'm sorry about that. Okay. Divia he drifts, you know a drift against, right? Yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah. It's what you ticked the clock. Can you spin it counterclockwise? Where's your, where's your location? Where you live? Older Boulder. Uh, which area make, what's the address? I'm not going to give you my address right now. I the delivery did you delivery or not? Oh Wow. Stress.

02:34:08 Okay.

02:34:09 And Goodbye. Yeah, we just, you just hung up on me, honey. You just hung up on me.

02:34:26 Hello? Hello? Yeah, I'm trying to get some rock plus Zhao freezy for the super moon.

02:34:35 Hello? No, are you, your phone is breaking sir.

02:34:38 No, it's not. It's working so good,

02:34:44 right?

02:34:45 Yeah. You gotta deliver my mage off? Freezy but don't, don't start drifting into my gutter.

02:34:55 Hello.

02:34:55 Don't start drifting in some my gutter. Oh, gray.

02:34:59 I don't know why you're talking about

02:35:03 you got to start. You better stop drifting then it might drop off to the Gel. Freezy with the rock

02:35:14 one location. I'm at boulder. What place in boulder?

02:35:21 Well, are you going to take my order and I can pay on Facebook right now?

02:35:26 Yeah. What's the word? What's the address?

02:35:30 Digital. Every, because the last person I talked to you eight, don't, you don't do delivery and you can only do it all on, on Facebook. No

02:35:38 can deliver for you. You know, there's a company will delivers, you know, I can call them and they'll deliver for you.

02:35:42 Okay. What's your Facebook name? We can be friends and then I can send you my,

02:35:48 no, no, you don't have to go to the Facebook. You know, you just, um, even harder. They can dice it down and send it to you. You can place an order on what phone, what? You can place the order on the phone.

02:36:06 Yeah, I'm placed in the right now I'm with the job freeze. See what the rock pores.

02:36:12 What is your phone number?

02:36:15 Two. Two Two

02:36:18 uh Huh.

02:36:20 Seven seven seven nine three one one. That is the Saudi Arabian country code. So you know what? There it is. Right.

02:36:30 Okay. Thank you sir.

02:36:34 Yeah.

02:36:35 Wow. I don't like that at all. Oh, excuse me.

02:36:42 Okay.

02:36:43 Alright, let's move on to another one. Or maybe I'll just call him back one more time.

02:37:10 Yeah.

02:37:12 Hello? Hello? Yeah, we just got, you're trying

02:37:16 to hook me up my rock to put or are freezing.

02:37:20 No.

02:37:22 So what's your problem? Yeah, you won't, you won't come up here unless you start drifting into my driveway.

02:37:32 Okay.

02:37:33 Oh my God. All right, let's move on to other one. Alright, well let's, let's try it out maybe once. Where is this? Okay. What is, what's going on here? Why is the chat going crazy again? What's happening? Yeah, I get it. You guys don't like off. That's, that's cool. Whatever. All right. Just so I'm trying to, I'm trying to do my stream here. Okay.

02:38:08 Okay. Why can't I find a stumper in here? It should be Chevy here. Okay. Here we go. There it is.

02:38:28 Okay.

02:38:36 You don't have to, don't, don't, don't it? I don't, I don't want it. I don't want to mount chat. Just leave it alone.

02:38:50 Be the message. You send a message to another subscriber. Enter the area code and phone number of that subscribed.

02:38:56 Oh, that's not right out of there. Okay, let's try another one here.

02:39:05 Let's keep moving on here. I mean it's only, I mean the spams or really only helping me, so,

02:39:14 all right, let's try another one of these places. I mean, you're able to, uh,

02:39:20 yeah, of users are able to ignore people if they want to. So that's, that's basically what I did and if I was the, I mean I would do if I were you

02:39:47 new closet? Yeah.

02:39:50 Just have a couple of questions if you can help me out. Sure. Yeah. I'm just my, my nephew Greg, he's transitioned two or three times now. So is is that a problem if we do any sort of birthday party?

02:40:09 Nope. Nope,

02:40:10 not at all. Not at all. Jeff need and me for it to be 21

02:40:14 that's it. Well, all and all the guests have to be 21 also,

02:40:19 but he's also transformational.

02:40:24 Yeah. That's not a problem.

02:40:25 Treads. Chronological. In terms of lifespan. Solar, he identifies as a 57 year old, but he's actually on his id it says he's 19

02:40:36 okay. If it says that he's 19 and he's 19 and he gets mad at old enough to be in there,

02:40:41 but he identifies as a 57 year

02:40:44 shall Matt or legally he's 19 and he can't be any

02:40:48 but spiritually he's 57

02:40:50 spiritually. It doesn't matter. Absolutely. I understand that. Legally he's 19 and he's not old enough to be in a bar. You have to have the mattress.

02:41:01 All right. Have to disagree with you.

02:41:04 Well sir, you know, I'm trying to explain to you legally, he's not old enough to be any area end up. Fortunately that's all that I can really concern myself. What? What do you mean? Because legally he's not old enough to be in a buyer and we could lose our business for that. So, and I'm salary, but I can, you know, I can't help you out in that case because he's not old enough to be here. It doesn't matter spiritually. And unfortunately in a perfect world, you know, they might be different, but legally, which unfortunately is the only thing that matters to a business. He's not old enough to be in here

02:41:44 spiritually.

02:41:45 Does it matter there? And that's, and that path to be the end of the conversation. No, I had all the seniors, the bottom line. All right.

02:41:54 I think you can't make that call. You can tell him

02:41:57 legally. Yes we can because the state says, do we care what spiritually? No Sir. I'm getting up to say goodbye and good luck to you. Thanks. I don't agree with her. Well, okay. So by you have a good day.

02:42:11 Okay. Yeah, I don't know. I'm not sure what's it called? What's going on with that?

02:42:17 Okay.

02:42:18 Uh, let me see.

02:42:22 Okay.

02:42:22 Okay. Yeah. Oh my God. Let me, uh, let me see here. Let me make sure I can turn it around really quick. All right, let's move on to, maybe we could try calling that number back and I think we did. It takes a little bit. I said, well there's shooting 15 closet. Yeah, we just got disconnected and I still want to talk to you about my English.

02:43:09 I'm sorry Bob. Bottom line is legally, he's not old enough to be in here and that's all that I can concern myself with. Sir, there is an issue. I'm not going to continue this conversation with the Sir spiritually for another time and another place. It's fine. I cannot have these conversations. He's a company

02:43:30 by a fellow middle aged.

02:43:32 Does this matter? So not old enough. It should matter to you. That said, it does matter. Unfortunately, this is a business. This is a business and he must be 21 well, if he's a company bio, it doesn't matter. That does not matter, but spiritually to funny one, it does matter here. Sure. I'm stopping this conversation. Have a good day. Hello.

02:44:04 It doesn't matter. Okay. Whatever happened with the chat. I didn't, I didn't change anything. Community watched it that I didn't do it. Um, so I didn't, didn't do anything with that. Yeah. Um, there is this the uh, hello? No, there's a guy in here to wants me to get arrested. That guy in chat. Um, so I'm not really a two chats per minute. Okay. Yeah, there's a, there's somebody in here I've seen posting ready wants me to get arrested and stuff, so I'm not really, that's the, that's an interesting take. I've never seen it for someone to be very salty about prank phone calls like that, but that's okay. Some people get angry about small things. Well, let's move on to a different, a number here. Let's try this one.

02:45:00 Okay.

02:45:06 Okay.

02:45:12 Oh, the guy with the numbers, he's the one that wants me to do

02:45:14 that. Can I help you? Hello?

02:45:20 Yeah. Can we, is this the place that makes people take off their shoes?

02:45:25 We have tables where you take off your shoes. Yeah.

02:45:28 Hi. God do use $350 Nike. I'm not taking them off all we do it with selfies on Instagram. I'm, I got it. We'll have a mod.

02:45:38 Okay. Give me just a second here.

02:45:53 Oh my God. Yeah. I actually, I didn't, I didn't want to anything to mod the chat at all. I just wanted to leave it alone. So that was what I was trying to say. I don't, I don't care about that. That shit, you know, brought the SOA or holding, how can I help you? Yeah. I got a pair of a $350 nine Q, so I'm not taking them off. I just won't. So you have to make an exception for me.

02:46:25 There's only four tables in the restaurant that you have to take off his shoes. The other 14 you don't have take your shoes off for.

02:46:29 Yeah, but I'm not sitting at the 14th day. Everybody else wants to sit at the other one.

02:46:35 Uh, if you, if somebody wants to sit at that table, everybody has to take their shoes off.

02:46:39 Well, I don't want to dare $350 Nike's.

02:46:44 I don't want to tell you, but those tables, you have to take her shoes off in order to go in those.

02:46:48 But you can make an exception to, can we just get like a mat or something?

02:46:52 I cannot make an exception. I'm sorry. What do you mean? All right. We can't make exceptions on that. Everybody takes her shoes off when they go on that table.

02:47:00 But you just, for me, they're really expensive. If you have expensive shoes, do you want to do the same thing?

02:47:06 I can't make an exception on that. I'm sorry. What do you mean? I mean, I can't make an exception. Anybody that goes into I table take their shoes off

02:47:14 except, except for me because these are really expensive and I don't take them off and they're clean. I get them cleaned. It's like there's any dirt.

02:47:22 Well then you guys can't go to that table because everybody has to take their shoes off at that table. What? Everybody takes her shoes off at that

02:47:29 except for me though. I mean just cause if they're going to be pictures, I can't have anybody, uh, you know, seeing me with my shoes off, they've got to be on, it goes with the whole outfit.

02:47:39 Okay, well then you'll be the regular table.

02:47:41 I mean there's just some sort of foot fetish restaurant or something.

02:47:45 It's a traditional Japanese, right?

02:47:47 Oh, it's, but it's Japanese. Well, my tradition is I leave my Nike's on their expense. Right.

02:47:53 Then you won't be going to one of those tables.

02:47:54 Yes, that will. You can't stop me. What are you going to do? Forcefully removed my shoes. That would be, that would be a hate crime, sir.

02:48:02 Well, we wouldn't take you to the table where you take your shoes off if you refuse to take shoes off.

02:48:07 Well, I'm going to sit there and you can't stop me. What are you going to do? Pull on my ankle?

02:48:12 Well, I've told you what the deal is, so

02:48:15 yeah, and I've told you I'm not taking off my Nike stairs are expensive. Okay. So what does your plan,

02:48:23 my plan is you'll go to a regular table or you'll take your shoes off of the table where you take your shoes off.

02:48:27 Well, you can just, you can just do, you know, if you could just take everybody else's shoes and you'll see that they're not as expensive as mine. So you understand. Excuse me.

02:48:42 It still doesn't make any difference.

02:48:44 Yeah, it does. Because I don't think anyone comes in there walking around my shoes over over a hundred dollars.

02:48:52 Okay.

02:48:52 Well, again, I've explained to you the situation, so you know, we can go one of the other ways. What did he mean?

02:49:02 Oh my God. Jesus. This Christ.

02:49:09 Okay.

02:49:14 What's happening? Yeah. Okay. How do I change it? Change it back. I don't really care about the, yeah, the spam issue. It doesn't really bother me. I don't, I can't reach chat the entire time anyway. So, um,

02:49:30 this is just,

02:49:32 Oh wow. I'm not playing any sound bites that are being sent in. If you want to put me to play something meaty, mellow to me, I'll take a look at it and maybe get back to it another, another time. But right now I can't do that. So

02:49:51 let's try this.

02:50:01 Yeah. I don't want anything bad or anything, but he's banned. I'm Ms. Cannon banner. I just don't care about moderating. So

02:50:15 [inaudible] forwarded to an automatic voice message places. Dot. All right, let's, uh, let's move forward here. I thought is, there it is. Okay.

02:50:33 Well, let's, let's try this.

02:50:48 I'm not in chat

02:50:53 probably cause it's only my phone.

02:50:58 The mailbox is full and there is not enough space to leave a message. I have to have it open up my phone because I can't have it on my browser so I can only glance at him at once in a while.

02:51:15 All right. Yeah. I'm just, I'm trying to keep my focus on what I'm doing.

02:51:29 Yeah.

02:51:35 Who was Tim?

02:51:42 Okay

02:51:45 man, this is all running into a few bumps here. That's okay. We'll move on to another one.

02:51:56 Okay. Let's, let's try this up.

02:52:01 Yeah.

02:52:09 Thank you for calling back Eden Bakery for hours and locations. Please press one to place a special order such as a birthday or wedding cake. Please press two to speak to someone about her current dessert selection. Please press three the place that to go. Order from our bakery cafe, please press four to speak to someone in our office. Please press five and to reach someone at our Woodstock food cart location, please press invalid entry. What? Thank you for calling back or in bakery for hours and locations. Please press one to place a special orders such as a birthday or wedding cake, please press two.

02:52:52 Okay.

02:52:52 Press the Rog think let's start this together.

02:52:58 Yeah.

02:53:03 For calling back to Eden bakery for hours and locations, please press one to place a special orders.

02:53:19 I see it. And this is Lauren speaking. How may I help you? Yeah,

02:53:23 I'm going to, we're going to be, I have to inform you. It's state law that are, have to inform me of those kind of need. You're going to manage manager on the line.

02:53:33 Nope. And I can take a message for you. One. So are you asking for a manager? Yeah.

02:53:40 Okay.

02:53:42 Well, um, we don't actually have any managers available right now, but I could take a message for you.

02:53:47 No, I need to speak. Somebody in charge of has authority right now.

02:53:53 All right, well we don't have anybody in charge right now. It's just the person working the floors so I could take a message for you.

02:54:01 Yeah. Um, well the thing is we're going to be, I don't know if we have time for that because we're going to be conducting a politically charged right outside your place and we have, do you have to let us use your bathroom? It's a law.

02:54:16 Okay. What event are you going to be conducting outside of our plate?

02:54:19 It is a support for Tom Brady event for the super bowl.

02:54:26 Okay.

02:54:27 Do you have to let us use the bathroom? It's going to be for 72 hours straight.

02:54:32 Okay.

02:54:35 Okay. When will this event be taking place?

02:54:37 Probably it's going to launch at midnight.

02:54:42 Okay. We will not be open at midnight. Why? We don't stay open till midnight. Those are not our hours.

02:54:52 We're going to be parking outside tonight at midnight.

02:54:58 Well again, we will not be open at midnight tonight. What do you mean?

02:55:07 We're going to be sending up at midnight? So if someone could just hang around after hours. Just kickers. So a couple things that we can eat.

02:55:17 Unfortunately we're not really in the business to do that and we won't be open in those hours.

02:55:23 What do you mean?

02:55:25 Okay.

02:55:26 We will not be open at midnight tonight.

02:55:28 No. The habit, we're going to be setting up getting their jerseys. Oh, and for Brady, we're going to be tweaking all week and it's gonna be uh, you know, we're going to elevate everybody to the same level, sir. Dislike Tom Brady.

02:55:47 Sounds good. Well, good luck with your event.

02:55:50 We have to let you know because there's going to be 500 people and you have to let us all use the bathroom. It's the law is the word

02:56:00 that you use the bathroom if we are not open.

02:56:03 Yeah, but someone has to hang around. It's the last, sir.

02:56:07 Unfortunately we did not and it actually, it's not the law to do that. My business is not open yet.

02:56:13 Yes it is, sir.

02:56:15 It's not unfortunately, but thank you for informing us and good luck with your event.

02:56:19 You going to be helping us out. They're going to have to feed us as well. It's also the law.

02:56:24 Okay.

02:56:25 We will not be open around that time during the time. So we are open. You're more than welcome to have you pay for it.

02:56:33 Sorry. You need to have a designated key holder on site.

02:56:37 We are not doing that. You have and we will not be doing that. We don't actually unfortunately you're giving us advanced notice by what, eight hours.

02:56:49 Yes sir. Yes indeed. And we have the spare Brady Jersey for you to wear. If you care to join us, we'll have a couple of tee shirts.

02:56:56 Okay. But yeah, fortunately we won't be open at that time. We will not be having somebody staffed to open the place that you guys could use the facilities.

02:57:07 You're going to have to do it.

02:57:10 All right. Thank you so much and have a great day

02:57:12 sir. I appreciate you helping us out today. It's the state law. You can't deny it.

02:57:17 All right, thank you. Call it the owner.

02:57:21 You can't stop it and he can't stop. Tom Brady.

02:57:25 Perfect.

02:57:25 Hey, thank you. I'll let the owner know. Have a good day.

02:57:30 I don't appreciate it. You've tried to terminate this call that's discriminatory. Discriminatory. Ah, okay. Just going to say real quick, just one time, cause I don't really care about any of this sort of shit, but a community watch. If you have made any altercations and, uh, alterations to the Chabad does put it back to normal. I don't, I don't want anything moderated it. This wanted to be open and Ben Regular. Okay. I just, I don't care. Is just a stupid, a prank call channel. What do you, Jesus Christ. Okay. This is just a, you know, people want to have that. I don't even give a shit. That's all. I get it. Another place over here. Let's try this place. They wait, that's not it. That's not it.

02:58:26 Okay. Hello.

02:58:50 Okay. That was interesting. Let's try another one here.

02:58:55 Hello.

02:58:58 The thing is every user has the ability to just ignore people so it doesn't matter. [inaudible] having a fun that's throw away of having,

02:59:16 okay.

02:59:16 Hello. This is my way of hair.

02:59:18 I fucking hate you.

02:59:19 What? Yeah, you said she loves me. She actually hates me, so I don't, I don't know. I can't really speak where you can't really speak to, uh, just sort of love that you're in me. So, uh, let's move on to another one. Okay. Maybe just try calling you back. I don't know. Let's see. Maybe she'll, maybe she'll talk. He can nick, nor you just got to stop. You just kind of scroll up. I don't have it. Okay. Specific. Okay. Well let's try a, I don't have a number here. Let's try this one.

03:00:04 Hmm.

03:00:18 Thanks for gets my toe. How can help you?

03:00:20 Yeah, I'm trying to get some rooms,

03:00:22 huh?

03:00:26 Wow. What does happen there? Oh my goodness. Let's move it down. It's like you can't ignore trolls. No, you can I guess, but I think they're working on that, so we just kind of bear with it for now. So I would then, users will have the ability to, but uh, you know, people have their own ways of doing, of spending their time petting. I'm not one to judge because I spent my time doing some very retarded shit over here. Uh, let's, uh, let's see what we got. We got to reopen the phone here. Had a little problem. How it lives with the other phone. Now. What's the, what's, see this? Okay. Let's see.

03:01:22 Okay,

03:01:24 here we go.

03:01:32 Ooh.

03:01:38 [inaudible] I'm going to help you.

03:01:41 Yeah. I was trying to get a lock down mode two rooms. Okay. It's going to get me a, it's fine. I don't have to give it, give it a couple of, uh,

03:01:55 yeah,

03:01:56 of maybe, maybe a week sold out one, but they'll be back. They always come back.

03:02:26 Alex CCPR. How can help you?

03:02:28 Yeah. I, I need to get my live screen restored right away.

03:02:35 You need what

03:02:36 I need to your store. Just crawl into my digital system. Whatever back door you'd need to use. Front door screen. Gwen, do you need to restore my liars screen right now?

03:02:48 We restore your life screen. Who's calling from

03:02:51 my live? Sqream is down. You got to help me restore. I don't know what to do.

03:02:58 Sorry. I don't understand what you say.

03:03:00 What do I do? Well, how do I restore my screen?

03:03:05 Yeah. Sorry. I don't understand what you say. Okay. I understand how, okay.

03:03:09 No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I need to restore my screen right away. Oh No.

03:03:22 Oh boy.

03:03:36 Here we go. Okay. She's a

03:03:52 cheap tapped out rather quickly for calling. Oh my God. We got to move on. We got to move on to another one. We got to get some, uh, let's try this flies. Can you, cause it's been a star. Uh, let me see. Star of the show for today.

03:04:30 Okay. Y'all my name. Hi

03:04:32 Ken. Just one minute though. Just one cause it's already been three hours. Okay. Oh, having a problem there. Okay. I feel like what's happening right now, I feel like I'm on a, on a payphone in a bar that's having a huge bar brawl and I'm just calling people from this payphone making unrelated phone calls. That's what it sort of feels like right now from what I can gather. Hello? Let's try it. Let's try something else here. Let's do that. And let's do this. Let's refresh this. Maybe if I refresh that, if I just get a couple of refreshments, that might make the thing a little bit more slipper.

03:05:22 Okay.

03:05:32 Who's your boss? Cut. Whoever hired you. Take seriously. Pick the most annoying fuck ever. So you really are an asset to that business.

03:05:40 I do a great job. I do a great job, sir. Oh God. Oh Jesus. Okay. Chad,

03:05:58 how you doing?

03:06:05 Eight.

03:06:07 Excuse me. Oh my goodness. Okay. Let's uh, try calling somewhere else. No, because I can't. Huh? Okay. Wait, that's the thing. I tried this place last night, but it didn't answer right. I have a whole list of things here at up kind of let's try this place I get because they might actually answer no. Alright. [inaudible] forwarded to an automatic. Okay. Let's move on to another one here. Wow. Jeez. Okay. Let me just see if I can just bring it up over here. That might be helpful.

03:07:14 Then

03:07:18 I really just want to get Bob on the phone. Bob, but would be great for Saturday, but maybe hit just not in this business. I ours.

03:07:28 Ooh.

03:07:49 Okay. Go ahead.

03:07:51 Yeah. I want to get some hush puppies for backup place. Hello? What's this happened there? Let's try this again. Bob needs to take her spelling.

03:08:14 Yeah.

03:08:16 Oh, okay. They've already moved on there. Let's, let's try this right here because I think it's time. I need a little bit. I need a kick.

03:08:38 Oh, that was a low energy

03:08:42 hauling. Quiet event. Your headphone party experts to purchase tickets for any of our upcoming parties or for a quote to rent headphones, please visit quiet events.com oh, here we go. The extension number you would like to reach. You can enter it now. Here we go. Press one for general question. During normal business hours, which are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM eastern standard time for ticket questions, press two or hold for the next available operator. I will.

03:09:17 I will. Yeah,

03:09:21 please hold while we connect your call to extension

03:09:25 zero.

03:09:29 Okay.

03:09:31 Okay.

03:09:31 I don't understand why my whole browser freezes and then the call stays connected. I don't get it.

03:09:36 Don't forget to download the quiet clubbing for upcoming age. This scouts fixtures in more.

03:09:50 Okay.

03:09:50 Okay. It's a, I have to it all again. Jesus. I wish I don't to, I just don't understand. I really don't. I might have to just get like a new CPE for this thing. That's what I think is the, is the problem. All right. Let's, uh,

03:10:12 okay.

03:10:13 Let's try it again. Let's try calling the number again. All right. Here we go. Sorry about that.

03:10:37 Thank you for calling. Quiet event, your headphone party experts.

03:10:41 Okay.

03:10:41 To purchase tickets for any of our, come on now for, for a quote to rent headphones.

03:10:50 Okay.

03:10:57 Don't forget to download the quiet clubbing. Yeah. For upcoming events. Do Scouts fixtures in more. Your ears are now too. Dan. We apologize, but no one is available to take her call. Oh, that's no good. Please leave a message. Okay, let's move on to it rather than water.

03:11:18 Okay. Come on.

03:11:24 Okay.

03:11:29 What does that mean? Okay. Maybe I'll just try. Just try a different phone for no, and maybe that'll, maybe that'll be helpful. Let's try this.

03:11:47 Ah,

03:11:53 yeah. Straight.

03:11:56 Oh,

03:12:08 okay.

03:12:09 Depression. You have dialed. Can't take your call now. My goodness. How are we gonna how are we? Got It. You got to keep doing something. Towns don't understand us. Have you try this? Well that's not it. Okay. I got to find the, uh, where the hell was this? God Damn number a cheese. Who is that it? I know they all were. There we go. That's the one who tried to call. Let's try this one again. Oh. Once I get a little slippery. Slippery over here and I have no idea what anyone is saying right now because I can't even have a browse.

03:13:05 There we go. Yeah. Okay.

03:13:55 Okay. Sorry about that. I'm trying to make sure, I think it's working. I hope you enjoyed that phone ringing for a little bit. I apologize for that. Let's try one of these. Okay.

03:14:40 Yeah.

03:14:42 You guys liked this photo arrays.

03:14:56 All right, one more time. Let's try it. Let's try another place. We're gonna. We're gonna finish it up with a bank or not.

03:15:05 Doesn't fit. We're not done yet.

03:15:06 Brian's Kona and nicely. I can tell

03:15:24 two a couple of years. Incredible Pizza. How may I help you? Yeah. How many calling about my sponsorship?

03:15:37 All right, let's, let's call it

03:15:48 incredible pizza. How can I help you?

03:15:50 Yeah. I am calling about my sponsor ship services,

03:15:54 sponsorship services

03:15:57 before addiction for addiction. Okay. I received a, uh, I ever talked to a very hostile employee last week. I'm not sure if that was the person that was trying to reach me. My received a voicemail and a couple of emails now, so I'm not sure if this is a joke or if you're actually trying to get in touch with me.

03:16:15 Uh, what was the email address?

03:16:18 Well, it should be on the business card. I'm not going to give it out if you're the prankster.

03:16:23 Uh, no, no sir. I just,

03:16:25 yeah, but I can tell by the sound of your voice. You might be the same person. Now listen, son, I'm a Presbyterian church on market street and I do sponsorships services and your places is rampant with drug addiction. I used to be a frequent customer, but once the quality of the pizza started going down, I knew I had to step in. Yeah,

03:16:47 okay.

03:16:48 Well I've been here for about five years now, so I'm not quite sure what you're meaning.

03:16:55 Can you put the manager or owner and the line, because there's some props that need be addressed.

03:16:59 Yeah,

03:17:00 no, I am one of the managers. You are what kind of put to task, which is the owner. You want me to put in an order? I want to speak to the owner, sir. Oh, the owner is not available. He is not here.

03:17:13 And is the owner Presbyteria I do not know. Okay. Cause I'm trying to battle addiction for Mr. Young people. Sure. Absolutely. And I was just hung up on my previous employer. Now she left me a voicemail after I left my business card there. Yeah. So can I talk to her?

03:17:36 Hey, you left your business card. What, what was the name on the business card? Raul, was there a business or just the name?

03:17:46 Yeah, it has. My name has a photo of myself.

03:17:51 Okay.

03:17:52 It's this one with the Presbyterian church on market street.

03:17:58 Okay.

03:17:58 And if you could just put a, put her on the phone. I'm not sure where you're doing right now. Um, I'd be, might be busy. It might not be. Um, if I could speak to her just just a few minutes, that would be helpful.

03:18:09 Well, what would be the nature of the conversation?

03:18:13 I must sponsor. I do sponsorships for fruit, people battling addictions. I used to

03:18:20 my nobody battling addiction at this place of business while I, I begged that

03:18:24 different. I see it when I know and I notice the signs, I can identify them.

03:18:29 Well, are you a certified expert? Do you have have to cruelly? I am Kudelka yes. All right. Well, I, I mean in my personal opinion, uh, I think you kind of wasting your time because I think, I don't know, uh, how, what, what is so important about, about this phone call? I mean, I think there are plenty of other places in Wilmington that could use your help more than a pizza shop.

03:18:56 Well, I used to be a frequent customer there and then just, it just really breaks my spirit to see people battling addiction like that. Now it sounds like she's battling some sort of, you know,

03:19:07 uh, I, I can tell you, I've, I've, I've known her for about four or five years now and she goes to school at UNC W in business school. So I, you might be, have all the credentials in the world and, and all that good stuff, but you don't know her like

03:19:25 secret for many years, sir.

03:19:28 Sure. Okay. Well, uh, I've, I've, like I've said a couple of times now, I've known her for four or five years. Uh, she's going to school and nothing, uh, either exterior or interior problems that I've seen can, uh, I mean the, for first, for somebody that's known her versus somebody that's had a brief conversation with her to, who do you think would have a better opinion on her wellbeing? You were me.

03:19:54 Yeah. Credentialed expert as a Presbyterian sponsor. That doesn't mean anything. Well, excuse me. It means a lot to me. I've, I've helped a lot of people cover a dick shirts and little appreciate that.

03:20:06 I think you should take that and possibly go to downtown Wilmington and help people that are homeless on the street side.

03:20:14 I'm in the computer, so I write, want to help. They could use your help more than we could see. The fact that you're being so hostile means there's a problem. This is usually very common. It's very common. I'm used to it. I'm very useful. Right.

03:20:27 So, so when your, when your number comes up on our caller id and it says unknown name, unknown number, why are you hiding your name and your number?

03:20:36 Oh, that's just how it is. Sometimes it does that just how you identify

03:20:40 itself. I mean how are we supposed to know who you are? You gave us your business card. Anybody can go and Kinko's or you know, go online and order business cards with any sort of information on it. But if your caller id says unknown name, private number, how are we really supposed to know that you are who you say you are?

03:20:57 Because when I worked with the armed forces, isis put a fat, fat walk upon mine, my soul and my and my head. So I had to protect myself. Now I haven't paid the phone company to remove that feature yet. And sometimes those with my Bluetooth headset, there is some interference.

03:21:19 Well I, I appreciate you giving us a call in into this inquiry, but I can tell you firsthand, I've been here for five years and I don't think we can help you. I don't think there's anybody

03:21:30 I need that you can help the person. I left a voicemail, sir, and I don't appreciate it. You shielding addiction.

03:21:37 Okay.

03:21:38 All right. Well, um, but you don't know me so I can tell you that I've graduated from college. I A job. I don't live in this area anymore, so you know,

03:21:49 sure. She only got an addiction from someone else's addiction. You don't want them to have to help the date

03:21:55 tell you, I've, I've known this person for longer than you have and you listening to somebody's conversation for two minutes and I, I'm, I'm sorry. There's nothing we can do to help you. I think what you need to do, take this as an experience and move on.

03:22:08 I know about, I'm like come to a shock to you, but often the people closest to those battling addictions, they can't neutron unable to reach out to them and they don't know. It's often kept in secret and private and sometimes they need a sponsor to step in and I'm ready.

03:22:23 I don't, I, I don't think there's anybody here that could use your help them. I'm sorry. You go to him, he's going to understand what you're trying to do. I really do understand what you're trying to do, but I think your services could be used somewhere else more than it could be.

03:22:35 I think I want to help at least put this conversation to rest. If I could speak to her just so I know what's going on because I see it when I know it,

03:22:45 but you haven't seen it. You've just consultation with somebody. Oh, I'm not really an understanding

03:22:53 hardest and I left my business card so I had to have been there and I have seen it and I know it and I would need you to put her on the phone right now.

03:23:01 That's, that's just not going to happen. I'm sorry. You're going to have immediately, I don't think there's anything else we can do for you. I'll do. I do appreciate you trying and, and I know you're doing what you think is important, but I just think it could be better used and you utilized elsewhere.

03:23:16 It could be better used if you just put her on the phone and we can speak about

03:23:20 no, because now this is starting to get into the realms of harassment. Oh, I understand that. You might be interpreting the situation a little bit different than us and that's okay. You can interpret it, the situation, however you want to, but we are interpreting this situation as harassment, following this place. Okay,

03:23:39 rob calling this place. There's nothing harassing you about identifying son's trying to steal it.

03:23:45 Pauline, our place of business over and over and over.

03:23:48 I've only called one time, sir. Yes, so I'd had a priest.

03:23:57 I think there's anything else we can do.

03:23:59 What's harassing about trying to stop addictions with the young people

03:24:04 because there's no addiction going on in this place.

03:24:07 Cartland thing. I hear that all the time. When I deal with new people that I'm a spot.

03:24:16 Why don't you go out and seek out other people? Why do you have to, why? Why is this place?

03:24:21 Well, here's my question to you, sir. Why are you in denial? Why are you trying to share other people's,

03:24:28 okay.

03:24:33 Oh my God. Let's call him back.

03:24:48 Hello?

03:24:51 Okay. I guess he's done. Alright. Who maybe we should try calling the last blockbuster in America. That sounds pretty good. Okay. Let me see. Oh No. Oh No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, I gotta. I gotta look that up. Okay. Hold on. Can you please hold just for a second? I don't have a lot of time. I'm live screaming.

03:25:23 All right.

03:25:32 Okay.

03:25:34 Oh fuck.

03:25:54 Sorry about the wait. What can I do for you?

03:25:56 Yeah, I'm trying. I got a couple of questions for ya and um, I'm not sure what I'm doing doing today, so I need to get a couple of things cleared up right now. Okay. If you could just help me out. This is a blockbuster, right? This is actually a real blockbuster, right? Yes. This is blocked too. How are you sure it's not a joke? I'm pretty sure. Yeah, I mean, I've been working here for almost a year. Okay. All right. Well, I'm with Turner. We're going to be doing some filming, hopefully there. Can you just hold on for one second? I need to get a couple of documents.

03:26:37 Sure. Okay, thank you guys is like, I need to grab a couple of documents.

03:27:24 Hello? Actually you had to clean up spilled, spilled some water here.

03:27:50 My God. Come on.

03:27:57 Okay.

03:28:06 Cause this is ridiculous. This is ridiculous. Let me see here. I got to find the, this thing here. Let's see. Let's try something else. Hello Monica. Wait, what is this here? Okay. Yeah, I've seen no one. What else to do? I've got it here. Oh, let's try this one. In the meantime, I'll try. I call that one back in a second. Well actually Louis, call him back right now. If I could just look this up at the same time I'm doing this without a crash, it would be miraculous. Yeah. Um, I believe it got disconnected and I came back in, I heard some music.

03:29:29 Yeah. Uh, it sounds good. We put John Hall.

03:29:32 Yeah. And um, are you sure you have the, uh, license? Are you paying royalties to be used as that music on a whole of, not sure if you know about that.

03:29:41 Okay.

03:29:41 Um, what was your question

03:29:43 Turner? We're going to be doing some filming in there.

03:29:46 Okay.

03:29:47 All right. Sounds good.

03:29:49 And we're going to need everybody to sign a release. There's no pay. So if you don't want to be on camera, you gotta lead the store.

03:29:57 Um, yeah. All right. You're going to have to contact our general manager with any of that. Um, you're not going to the right people here.

03:30:04 Here's the problem. What we do have a state permit that extends to any sort of business, but we don't have the time to do that. We're going to be there in about 30 minutes.

03:30:13 Yeah. Sounds like a prank. Phone call. Have a great rest of your day.

03:30:15 How so?

03:30:21 Ah,

03:30:30 God, God, God. God. God.

03:30:41 Hello?

03:30:47 Hello. Hello. Hello.

03:31:08 Nice

03:31:08 mechanical keyboard. It's actually, yeah, it's expensive. One, it's very cheap one. And uh,

03:31:16 well pastor, how can I help you?

03:31:18 Yeah, I was just speaking to somebody that I got blown the fuck girl.

03:31:26 Uh, that's not really my problem, sir. I,

03:31:30 I was talking to him and all of a sudden I got blown the fuck. Could you put them on the phone real quick? Did you want to ask him a question? Love Life Story.

03:31:39 Uh, I unfortunately cannot.

03:31:41 We are live right now. We've got to put them on the live screen. Okay.

03:31:45 All right. So I'm on a live screen right now.

03:31:48 A live screen. Yeah. Your life screaming right now. How you feel

03:31:52 buddies? Who's watching your live stream? Go out and do something better with your time because this dude's full of shit.

03:31:57 Oh Dude. The fuck out. Oh No.

03:32:12 Oh my God. All right guys. That's the end of the show. No kidding. Okay. I'm trying to look up some of this other place. This place. This is a number I'm looking for. Oh, that's why I couldn't tell what it was because it was just a different circumstance or I had a list of something else. Let's try this place.

03:33:05 So your beach face, the dragon book store. How can I help you?

03:33:07 Yeah, I'm looking for a couple of things that have to do with Kabbalah. Oh my, my took a quiz online.

03:33:17 Okay.

03:33:18 Yeah. And it says it. I'm an empath.

03:33:22 Okay.

03:33:24 So if you could just help me, I'll get an a couple supplies for cabal.

03:33:29 Okay.

03:33:30 Okay. And for level one or sort sorta have what I'm looking for, for Reiki, maybe some,

03:33:38 maybe level one or I'm new to this. Maybe like a remedial Reichi course.

03:33:44 Okay.

03:33:44 Um, we would have level one reiki courses eventually. I think this month is a level two or level three. Uh, if you check our calendar online, it should have when the next level one is, it'll be on a Saturday.

03:34:00 Yeah.

03:34:00 Well, I'm looking to do the remedial Reichi.

03:34:07 Um, I was hanging on for adjustment and I'm so sorry. Okay.

03:34:28 Oh God.

03:34:48 Yeah. Huh. So you were looking for information on Reiki or a class or vulgar things

03:34:54 believe I might have to take a remedial oh, Reichi core.

03:34:59 Huh?

03:35:00 What does that like? Like Reichi oh, wait, five or something like that. Because I also have a gong, it's a 82 inch pipes de Gong and it needs to be polished correctly in the right sort of circular fashion because I want to make sure it's in tune with the earth, those vibration at this time.

03:35:21 Right. Um, so a public Ricky share, it's not like a cookie level one course, but it's just like where people come and they share. Um, Rick d information are only intermediate reef quotes. We had, um, it was last month and she's currently on picky level two. So you will actually have to go through Reiki level one.

03:35:47 No, my name is not Ricky five. I'm looking for Reichi. Uh, the remedial Reichi.

03:35:54 Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, right. Reiki, Reiki, Reiki is just, it's pronounced differently. Um, you know Tony Baisakhi Reiki. Yeah. Yeah. Not really.

03:36:06 Totally. Like I took like a Tony Bazell, Joe Rogan fractionalized tapestries type of situation.

03:36:13 Right. Um, is lump basically saying like, uh, intermediate class that we had for beginners because last month for you to go to the level two, you would have had to, had, did the intermediate beginner's course and she already had it in January or February is level two. You wouldn't be able go to that one. And so you can do level one, but we do have a public, I see share class coming up Sunday, February 10, 1:00 PM. It's just like where people come and share information on this subject.

03:36:49 So the public Roci that's approved by Professor Toni Basil, the whole method.

03:36:57 Um, I don't think so. I can see who's actually doing that event.

03:37:03 Oh, okay. Yeah, because I got to make sure, can I bring my gong to the event as well?

03:37:09 Um, yeah. You shouldn't be able to.

03:37:11 It's 82 inches. Oh Gosh. It's not like one of those desk quans it's a full size. I had to take the door off the hinges at my place to get it and that's why.

03:37:22 Oh, okay. Um, let's see. I'm off to Deborah. She's just someone that Mike can give you a little bit more information on that if you don't mind. Oh, day. Okay.

03:37:38 Okay.

03:37:41 Okay. What's happening? Might have to play my music. Does it all have music of their own?

03:38:05 Uh, okay.

03:38:27 Hello sir? You had questions about [inaudible] yeah, yeah. I'm looking to see if it's been approved by Professor Tony Bazan. Oh, okay. I do not know. Let me go ask the events person for you. Give me one moment. Okay. If you just put them on the line. I have a couple questions as well. About three of us are never going to keep just, Oh, I'm sorry.

03:38:46 Broke up. What was the last part? Yeah, I'm using my Bluetooth had sue. Oh my goodness. It's like everything thing. Oh yeah, I got got wet with some essential oils. That's probably why. Yeah. All right. Interesting. Let me get a hold of the events person then. Give me one second. Okay. Oh, okay. Oh my goodness. We're going to get Remedial Reich. Yes, I took the quiz. So, um, so Preston is a real meaty one. QC events person. Would you like to like his email so you can contact him directly? Yeah,

03:39:34 I talked to remedial remedial Reiki. Okay. I took the quiz online and says I need remedial Reichi and I've done my research. Yeah,

03:39:44 the Reiki level one. Um, so that's the class that starts at the end of the beginning of every year. So you would have to wait until like next year to I'm start,

03:39:52 I've been in some different, different reiki schools. Had a thinks about property changed since the 90s. So I'm trying to see if I need to get some of the remedial Reichi like an oh eight five.

03:40:03 Okay. Well if you already just like a beginner's level class, um, and you have the certification for it that actually you can actually go onto the second from one stage of it. If you, if you have the certification,

03:40:14 it's like a zero eight five for Reichi.

03:40:17 What does mean

03:40:19 that's remedial, right? Holly, you sets Tech Community College.

03:40:23 Um, okay. Um, yeah that I'm not sure but um, yeah,

03:40:27 which uh, which community college you're credited with.

03:40:31 Coordinate. We're not associated with the community college.

03:40:34 You're not in the system.

03:40:38 Yeah.

03:40:42 Wait, so it his email, his event at Phoenix and drag it calm and his name is custom.

03:40:48 Okay. But the thing is I want to make sure I have everything else is going to be okay because well if I can, I bring him my gong to the classes cause that's how I usually start over.

03:40:58 Yeah. You use, will you be able to use it? But you can have leaving in it's 82 inches. As long as you can hold it out

03:41:05 from my quest. I need this for my quest.

03:41:08 Okay. You can carry it. Get your, you should be able to bring it in.

03:41:12 I have a polygon. All Yamaha or I need to bring in as well. It's fracked. Ally's aw.

03:41:34 Ooh.

03:41:44 Phoenix and dragon book story. How can I help?

03:41:46 Oh yeah.

03:41:48 Trying to tune in to your practice sliced frequency using the Tony Bazell method.

03:41:56 Oh,

03:42:00 hello.

03:42:01 Yes. I'm trying to get signed up for remedial Reichel for the current year. Now I'm versed in the Tony Bazell met. I'm trying to tune my frequent

03:42:12 oh,

03:42:17 would you suggest for something remedial?

03:42:21 Uh, I don't know anything about that. Uh, do you mind if I put you on hold and maybe someone else be able to answer the question? Well,

03:42:29 maybe you'll be able to help me because the last person talked to drop the

03:42:32 phone. It doesn't sound very centered.

03:42:34 Oh. Oh.

03:42:42 Which metric? Mega Hertz frequency. Can you help me with, just to get started?

03:42:49 Oh,

03:42:52 I'm not entirely sure.

03:42:53 Great.

03:42:55 I'm using a gong and once it's a fracked allies to the proper frequency.

03:43:05 Oh

03:43:07 yeah.

03:43:09 Oh,

03:43:10 you don't know anything about it?

03:43:12 Uh, I do not. Uh, that is outside of my realm of knowledge, unfortunately.

03:43:17 Oh. What is your level of knowledge? What is your specialization?

03:43:20 Uh, I tend to know more about crystals and homeopathic medicine.

03:43:25 Oh, Chris,

03:43:27 nice to meet Ya.

03:43:28 Oh, uh,

03:43:34 hi. I'm on a diet. I haven't really eaten there in years.

03:43:38 Oh, oh, oh.

03:43:46 It's slowing us a little bit more Kabbalah eyes.

03:43:51 Let me put you on hold and see if there's anyone who can help you a little bit better than I can. Okay.

03:44:03 Okay.

03:44:04 Oh,

03:44:07 oh.

03:44:28 MMM.

03:44:48 All right. Three. The person who I would have you talk to, it's on lunch at the moment. He should be back in about 15 minutes. Okay. I don't know if I have that much time. All right. I'm trying to begin my ceremonial quest today. Before sundown.

03:45:05 All right. Now, before the stupid phone, it should be about 15 minutes, so just found five o'clock if he could call back. Are you aware of any sort of bad energy from the Super Bowl? Enter the area? Uh, not to my knowledge. I didn't have a good sense of these sort of bad energy sources coming into the area. Not I, it's, it's entirely possible, but I haven't noticed anything. Well, how close are you to the Super Bowl? Not very close. We, we're up in sandy springs. Okay. Because I understood the Superbowl's tomorrow and I'm only versed into Tony Bazell method of remedial Reichi. Right. Like I said, if you want to call back in about 15 minutes, the person who can help you. Okay.

03:46:03 All right. Let me get started on that. On a couple couple of things over here. Are going to do what? The Toronto? Yeah, to my toe. How can I help you want to do Reiki? I do. Reiki when your room, right? Grass RightCare docile. He has rights.

03:47:36 Hello? Oh, American visionary art museum. How may I help you? I want to do the right key. I'm sorry. Das Reichi this Friday. Next Friday. Oh, radio or the weekend walking the weekend. Yq Tony Basin. Yeah. See you guys just have to come here and purchase tickets. Yeah. Birdie haven't tickets on Facebook. Okay, well then you're just show up on that date with a beauty thing with beans. Yeah. How much has it been the remedial Reiki beat? I need to repeat or rocky beat. I can't understand you unfortunately. I'm sorry. I'm need a remedial Reichi beaver or been uh, could you hold on for one please? Yes.

03:48:34 Hello? Yes. I'm trying to get the remedial Nike beat event. I am. I'm sorry. I think you have the wrong number. No, this is the museum, so I understand, but I don't know what you're asking us, sir. I'm asking for the remedial Reichi beat the wrong number. I'm sorry. No, I don't. I know damn well which number I called it. Well, I don't know what you're talking about on 14 Ellie, you're messing with my energy right now. My flows and hang up. Thank you. Go to stay on the phone. Don't stay on the phone. Yeah, I'm just trying to call out the remedial Reichi court.

03:49:43 I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about. Well, you just hung up on me. So rude. You slammed the phone down. It was almost like it was racial. I'm sorry. I am going to hang up again. I really know what you're talking about. Could you just help me? I'm trying to, but I don't know what you're referring to and you're not being very understanding of that. Well, I'm not the expert, but you're messing with my energy or real plus and I could tell the my, ours has been fracked the last five year tone in Europe. Tamper. I'm sorry you feel that way. I have to go. You need to pick the manager on right now. God Damn it. All right. I'm hanging up. Wow. Okay. That was very yellow. Let's show you what does this number. Okay. Can you please hold? No, you'd better watch APP tamber. Wow.

03:51:55 We got to take it to the effects that for tar level will be alibi at Aon. We're torn up right now. We got to call her. That's good. Move on

03:53:03 one more time.

03:53:24 Someone somewhere else.

03:53:31 Let's see what we get. Let's see.

03:53:48 Oh, go ahead. Let's try that.

03:54:03 Is this place?

03:54:10 Let's try it.

03:54:13 Yeah. Okay.

03:54:27 Okay. Yeah.

03:54:47 Sorry. The mailbox is full and there was not enough space to lead a message to send a message to another subscriber. Okay. Let's move on from that one.

03:54:56 Okay.

03:55:01 I was just, okay. Well, let's see. See what's happening here. What's happening? Oh Geez. Okay.

03:55:24 Oh,

03:55:28 what's happening? Oh Wow. Okay. That phone is not even working anymore, so that's probably fine. I'll just wait for it. Wait for that one to open up again. Let's, let's try this number. Has this stream stolen working? Is this still going right now? God

03:55:53 w

03:55:54 okay. Yep. Yep, Yep, Yep. Yep. Yep.

03:56:03 Don't go away. Leave, leave, leave, leave, leave, leave, leave, leave.

03:56:07 Is there anything could have happened? I can't get anybody to tell. Tell, tell, tell, tell. Tell though. Oh, I can't get frozen. It's frozen.

03:56:30 Oh, right, right, right, right.

03:56:32 Oh, I have no idea what's happening.

03:56:43 Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

03:56:55 It's called amines around speech. You all teaching story. Zack, how can I help you?

03:57:00 Yeah, I'm calling from screamers support.

03:57:04 Okay.

03:57:04 What is your screamer support? Yeah. What can we do for you? Yeah. Have you received any unusual phone calls in the past few weeks or months? Yes. You have? Yes. Could you describe them to me please, sir?

03:57:21 Oh, the

03:57:22 usual.

03:57:23 In what manner?

03:57:26 The subject matters. What the subject matter

03:57:31 and how so what do you mean?

03:57:34 Just frightened so it's matters?

03:57:37 Yes.

03:57:38 How so? He need to explain for the screamers support one screamers support. Screamers support is a website for life screaming and uh, we've been notified about some life screaming that's been taking place. So I want to know what kind of calls you've received and what is the nature and who they are.

03:57:59 No,

03:58:05 that's cause it's got back.

03:58:11 Thank you.

03:58:16 You for calling them in for health. This is offline.

03:58:19 Yeah. I need to, uh, speak to a manager or a test. Speak to you about this. I've called from screamers support.

03:58:26 I'm a manager to help us.

03:58:28 Yeah, I'm with screamers support and I'm just curious as to why a mirror, if you haven't, what is the nature of any unusual phone calls we've received in the past couple of weeks or months.

03:58:39 Okay.

03:58:40 What is the nature of them?

03:58:41 Yeah. Or have you actually received of now the person I was talking to previously seemed like he dropped the phone and we got disconnected. He's alluded to the couple of phone calls.

03:58:51 Um, we were getting like prank calls. In what manner, sir? I mean, what do you mean?

03:58:59 Um, I'm just curious as to, uh, what, what they were talking about, um, who they said they were,

03:59:06 I mean, they were just kind of playing around. They never said who they were and they were like kind of posing as a customer when they called it. What would they talk about? I mean, what,

03:59:21 my name is Steven. I'm with screamers support.

03:59:24 I mean, what is that?

03:59:26 Screamers support is a life screaming a website.

03:59:29 Okay. Okay.

03:59:33 So if you could just describe the, uh, the nature of the phone calls.

03:59:39 I mean, I don't really have time to right now to Saturday.

03:59:41 I understand that's we use, I don't understand that just as well. I figured you might be a little bit less busy today. We could, we don't want to call Darren to business week. Uh, if you could just help us out for our investigation.

03:59:52 Okay.

03:59:53 They, they would just call us 90 different speech time. They're kind of just, I don't know if they were messing around. Yeah

04:00:00 Sir. I'd need to details to match up. That's why I need a little bit more substance.

04:00:08 I mean, I don't know. They'd call and ask what kind of suit they would need for this or that or I don't really know.

04:00:17 Well, debts. That's not uncommon for your business though, right?

04:00:21 Suits? No, it's not.

04:00:24 Okay, so was it a prank call, phone call or not? That's what we're trying to get to the bottom.

04:00:29 Yes. They were praying phones, but can you be 100% certain yet? Yes, I'm 100% certain I am busy. I cannot keep talking on the phone to you.

04:00:38 Well, if you wanted to send me an email at screamer support with a detailed description.

04:00:44 Okay.

04:00:45 I know this happened a few weeks ago. His last time this happened was almost a month ago and what do they really have? The details? What did they say, sir? I'm a man. I'm not a sir, but I am talking to you. I'm busy. I have

04:00:58 awesome here at squeamish support. We're trying to elevate everybody up to the same level.

04:01:05 I mean they're calling us.

04:01:07 Okay, but what, at what nature? Was it a threat? Was it, he said there were customer left, so a customer's prank calling you?

04:01:14 No, it wasn't a threat and they were just wasting our time. Right. So they were just, they I, I'm been talking to you.

04:01:27 I'm just trying to figure out what's going on in the screen. I'll get you telling me what is, what's screaming tonight. We'll come on. Come on now. What's screaming

04:01:44 a call? Yes.

04:01:47 Excuse me. I'm calling with screamer support. My name is Steven.

04:01:50 I stopped calling us Steven,

04:01:53 I just called you one time previously and I think I did not understand. It's an upsetting thing to talk about.

04:02:02 Okay.

04:02:02 Okay. Well somebody called a few days ago and told us where we can find her video elements being frank called. So you could find it too then and you can stop calling us and saying, oh, okay.

04:02:12 They did. Ah Huh. Ah, interesting. So someone's been doing this the whole time. Very interesting. Every Saturday we find out something new. Wow. Dad is crazy. And that's in place. I call it a month ago. Who was in the show a month ago? Oh, I think I know what's happening now. I think I know exactly what's happening now. Um, yeah. That's why I'm not, I'm trying to avoid all donated and numbers now. So, ah, now we know. That's why I tried to, uh, I'm doing some more of the censoring stuff. Asked him who it was probably it was you were going to start another week. Another week of the same meme. Oh my God. So a month ago, Jesus Christ, I'll dedicated. Do you gotta beat it? It's so fucking ridiculous.

04:03:21 Oh my God. Oh No. Well I guess the, I couldn't get a good prank phone call again from them. I guess I'm in jail, Huh? Yeah. Um Hum. I have Jesus Christ. Oh my God. All right. Come forward. You have to come forward about this right now because this is getting, uh, this is getting ridiculous. You know, this is getting a bit ridiculous. Well, what's, I mean it's, it can't ruin the show. This show is obviously still going, this isn't a crime. I checked with the legal team. Ah, so I don't know. It's a pretty, uh, pretty, uh, interesting because it doesn't do anything. Hey Dude, there's no, there's no end point to it. Community, community to watch what happened. Oh No. Someone in who's a viewer of this show, uh, is, or someone who doesn't like to show is just calling numbers and saying, Hey, you received a prank phone call and then directing them to this, to the stream. So, uh, you know, unfortunately the show is still going. So, uh, that's just terrible for them, man. We're doing, uh, doing it. Still doing the show here.

04:04:44 So that's pretty funny. Ah, if you're watching this is identify herself because it's, you're not getting anywhere, you're not getting anywhere with this. Um, yeah. And Community Watch. But I talked to someone at, at stream me and uh, they said, obviously we're not making threats or we're just making goofy phone calls. There is no, uh, there's no issue with, uh, what I'm doing here. So now I guess it's someone that's really just the ass Matt. And if we're going to do that, at least recorded so I can hear it. That's all. I mean some of the people that have been contacted, it's been a while since and now they've just think it's funny. So whatever you're doing, it's side effect of, of your goal is to stop the stream. So, uh, I dunno. Yeah. Saying to sue for extortion. Yeah. I store shit. Fucking idiot. Jesus Christ. Okay. The, what are you gonna do? Call the cops on the Jerky boys. There's like nine other prank phone calls. Streams on Youtube. You think they haven't dealt with those either? Jesus Christ. Fucking dumb ass. Oh, who knows? Who knows? I actually, I don't even care because whatever they're doing, it's so, so uneffective I'm just going to call him back right now. That's the question.

04:06:15 Thanks. Calling

04:06:16 them in our house. Yeah. Uh, you spoke with someone with our staff are ready. Is that what you're telling me? What you said? You spoke with someone about the videos.

04:06:27 Okay.

04:06:28 Yes. Somebody called like three days ago and they said that our business along with the other line of businesses had been getting prank called and they called everybody else made that we were the last person on their list to call and they were just telling us to where the link is for the video for us to go report them and all that. Did he give you a name and a phone number? Because a, it doesn't seem like anyone on our team has contacted you. Um, I don't know who it was, but they hit days again. Um, yeah. Can you provide me any information? Uh, what do you, I mean, no, they didn't really give us any other information. Okay. Oh yeah. It's okay. Our team contacted you last week.

04:07:14 Okay.

04:07:15 Yes. Somebody then. Yes. What information did they give you want to make sure we all are a checklist is completed here. They call back. They had already contacted the other line that we're being frank home, that we were the last business to be contacted about the stuff that we're being trained cold and um, the link for the video where he says I am training all of those. My sense he was frank coddling and each semester we could report it. Okay. Where do you tell you to report it to and to make sure that information is accurate? Well, thinking of anonymous and just like the frank follower, excuse me. No caller ID is popping up. Anonymous color off. That happens quite often with our office. Okay. Well the, I cannot talk, I have a customer out. I'm just, well just one last question. Where do they tell you to report it to? Um, the, the website did. It was all right. I don't know if we even have it wrote down anymore. Somebody throw away the paper. I don't know what website it was. Okay. They threw one of the paper. But you haven't contacted them? No, because we haven't been prank called for over a month now. Yeah. And did you leave a phone number? Not Okay. I just want to make sure who on our team content. Yeah. I don't know who it was, but thank you. Okay.

04:08:51 You just want them to contact the west. Oh my God. Yeah. I just, I wonder, I wonder. I wonder who it is. You fucking maybe it. Oh my God.

04:09:15 Oh, Jesus Christ. I mean, it could be anybody. It could be anybody, but it's, it's so stupid. Jesus Christ. Oh my God. Go report to this website that you got a prank phone call. Oh my God. No. Jesus Christ. So, uh, that's okay. For right now. I'm going to, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You gotta be unmonitored right now. I have to do it. I have to add Magii right now. I'm sorry. It just has to be done at this time.

04:10:14 Oh

04:10:18 No, they can't stop being an idiot. They can see that someone calling the game, the website, it doesn't mean they're going to see the ID.

04:10:29 Oh

04:10:30 my God. I mean, yeah. I don't think it's, I mean, who knows? It could be anybody. It could be anybody, but it's this think you're going to reach an end with that is uh, it was pretty stupid. It's pretty stupid. Okay. Wow. Okay. Oh my God. Okay. What's, what's, what's, uh, you want to call up something like radio show hosts that do prank calls when I call? Oh, you know, you were on the radio right now. Jesus Christ. Oh my goodness. Oh yeah. Ocean Ocean Redo. He's done stuff like this before. I have, you know, I have seen some things that some people have emailed me, but don't give a fuck about the drama shit. So it doesn't, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter at all. Uh, if you did it or not. It's just, it's a stupid, uh,

04:11:40 you know, it does, it doesn't matter either way because it's, it's a prank phone call. He did be, I think what people are trying to do is, uh, somebody, uh, I guess someone was telling me as also crowd or something like that. I just, I don't know. It's a, what happened. I think what people think they can do is they're trying to extrapolate other drama where people like, well, we're going to call the cops on you because you're, you have child porn or something really extreme and trying do that with this. Uh, it's not the same thing. It's not so, uh, I'm sorry. It's, it's just not the same thing. It's like, you know, I'm sorry. It's just not the same thing. Uh, you know, that's pretty much it. Yeah. I don't, I don't, I don't think it's, I don't think it's a seminar. I mean, I, he might eat, does hang out and every single chat, so who knows what you've seen, but, um, it doesn't matter. I do, you know, this is, uh, an OPTA has no real solution. All that happens is they know they're in a can't. If your tone to report it to stream me who have already talked to that don't have a problem with it, they're well aware of what I'm doing on, on this website. So

04:13:12 that's pretty much it. Um, I dunno, I don't know if he did. We don't need it. We don't need to call you. You know, maybe one day we'll interview you,

04:13:23 but let's see.

04:13:27 It's someone on discord. It's Alex. Why would it be Alex? It's also, if it's Alex, then that seems like it's going to a shoot itself in the foot. Because if I heard his voice explaining that to me, I don't know how serious I what I would take it, you know, so, uh,

04:13:55 I have no idea. All I know is like, I, I did get booted from Alex is discord and then this started happening. But I don't, I don't, I don't really, you know, I don't even know if it's related. I doubt it. I don't have any problem with Ms as far as I knew. So, um, it doesn't even matter. No, it's, it's definitely, uh, I'm sure, but the funny thing is they're just listening to the entire stream and writing down names of places. That's, uh, how, how did this get a little bit more aggressive? What the censorship, because you know, how are you gonna how are you going to find somebody who [inaudible] guys, how you going to find the clock guy? Go, go ahead. Call the clock guy.

04:14:36 Okay. All right. Okay.

04:14:43 What's a, what's it called? The clock Chi. Go find his number. He was searched the entire United States. All right. Where is this number?

04:14:56 I don't remember.

04:14:58 Sorry. I was all laughing is a causing my, uh, my cough to come back a little bit.

04:15:06 Okay.

04:15:07 Let's move on to another here where it says concept number. I just saw it,

04:15:12 right?

04:15:17 Whatever it is, there's a whole lot of time on their hands, more than me, you know, so that's pretty impressive. Very impressive. All right, let's, uh, let's see what we got. Where is this God damn number? I just had it right there. If anything, someone's is in my notepad. I want to know is who's hacking my notepad file? That's what I need is to know why is this unable to be found? This is getting ridiculous. I can't see it. Okay. Alright. Why can't I see this? Is it there it is.

04:16:06 Yeah.

04:16:16 Yeah. I don't, I don't think it's Alex. I have no idea. It might be someone, I have no idea who it is and I really don't care because it's trying to figure it out as a waste of time. Please leave your message for, okay, let's, uh, let's, let's move on here.

04:16:41 Let's see what's happening here. Let's try one more place, cause I got actually got to get going pretty soon. Um, there's a, a fleet of police, there's a swat team breaking down my door. FBI, Dea, ATF, they're all here. Um, they're charging me with three counts of talking about shrimp, you know, so it doesn't, it doesn't really matter. So whoever's doing it, it's uh, you know, I just, I don't know. I don't know. I'm just, I'm just curious. That's pretty much the extent of it because, uh, no, no, no. Let's just, I'm just curious who would do it. I don't know if it's supposed to be funny and you have to try and get them to report it, but what's, let's try something else here. Uh, where is that? What's happening here? Who is this? God Damn Second, Huh? What does happen here? I was received a phone number on my own phone from a restricted the number. No kidding. You wish. All right, let's, uh, let's try this door.

04:18:41 Deloitte, you beat your tennis club. How many direct your call?

04:18:43 The, I'm looking to speak to Jennifer please.

04:18:48 All right. Would that be Jennifer Bridgman or Jennifer and Elizabeth catering.

04:18:52 Okay.

04:18:52 Okay. One moment. Okay.

04:19:12 We're all set actually. No.

04:19:15 Okay. Very slight way proportional. You'll see it in my, my mugshot. Apparently. Jennifer, we just want to do an interview.

04:20:03 Interesting thing. Is that a place that numbers be contacted? This club carrying says Jennifer. Jennifer, I'm calling from screamer support.

04:20:15 Okay.

04:20:16 Is this Steven Pumpkin again?

04:20:18 Yeah, I understand you were contacted.

04:20:21 Okay.

04:20:21 Um, yes. How can I assist you?

04:20:24 Yeah. And what was the nature of that contact?

04:20:28 Um, is this the eye? Are you Steven?

04:20:32 No.

04:20:34 No. Okay. So how can I assist you sir? What's going on?

04:20:38 I understand that your contacted

04:20:41 okay.

04:20:42 By whom?

04:20:43 Bye Streamer support.

04:20:45 Yeah.

04:20:45 I don't know what that is.

04:20:48 Well, you were contacted about a license scream,

04:20:52 uh, by someone that would live dreaming on their website. Yes.

04:20:58 Yeah. And now nature of that contact?

04:21:04 Um, it was someone that was calling regarding an event on our property.

04:21:08 Okay. And the personal and our team that contacted to you, did that identify them?

04:21:15 Pardon me?

04:21:16 The person on our team that contacted veal.

04:21:19 Okay.

04:21:20 Uh, he called himself Steven Pumpkin?

04:21:23 No, the person that followed up with our support team,

04:21:27 there is no one that followed up regarding that call.

04:21:30 But you said someone contacted to you but a live screen?

04:21:34 No. [inaudible]

04:21:36 that's what I'm seeing here in our notes.

04:21:39 I don't know. It's, I don't know what that means.

04:21:42 Yeah. You said you said that you were aware that uh, this screaming what's happened?

04:21:49 No. So, um, can I take your name or a number and when you were contacted by someone, your team give you a call back. Did you speak to the chat? No.

04:22:03 Who did you speak to on a team? Because I see something in our notes but doesn't have a signature.

04:22:07 Okay.

04:22:08 Hmm. I don't, I don't know. I didn't speak to anyone but Steven Pumpkin after that. Sam Pumpkin Williamson's and sons

04:22:16 after the initial contact or who did you talk?

04:22:19 That was it. He kept calling back just like you're calling me now.

04:22:23 And then you spoke to someone on our team.

04:22:26 No, I did not just Steven pumpkin again and again several times that day. But since you're still Steven Pumpkin, I'm going to go ahead and let you go cause I'm still busy like I was the other day. And thank you for calling back.

04:22:42 Okay.

04:22:42 I'm not sure what you're saying. How old is this is doing? Is this kind of helping the show? Honestly, oh my God. So, so no one contacted her, but she said something before that she knew it was a story. God, this is so gay.

04:23:14 Yeah.

04:23:15 Jennifer, I just, you know, we did what we want to do an interview with you. Uh, we're just, we're just making some phone calls here, making some, uh, some phony phone calls, a few one if you want to get over the program, I can give you a call back, sent an email, add a, we'll give you a, we'll get you on the show. Okay.

04:23:37 MMM,

04:23:39 yeah. Uh, so the next time, well, the first time I called her, I told her to open up youtube.

04:23:53 No, no, because I'd never said anything about live streaming. And I said something just about youtube. It doesn't mean that streaming. So I don't think that's it is. I think it's a little bit different. Obviously. I don't think I didn't call it of these other places and talk about youtube. Budo so let's try it. Let's try something else. You know, if a Fetty one is in any of these discords, you know, feel free to send me a couple of screen shots. I'm just curious. So this is, uh, it's pretty bad. It's pretty stupid. Yeah, I know she clearly said that, but the last time it doesn't explain any of the other ones and I don't think you'd know about somebody, other businesses that have been contacted, senator, that I know about. So, um, I think, I don't know why you're being, so you want to sweep this under the rug very quickly. You know, how about I'm not sure why. Why do you want to do that right now? Because it's obviously still happening by less and less. Yes, really. So I don't, I'm not saying it's you, but I'm just saying it's, it's, it's not, it's not just that number. Obviously it's a, so it's a extends beyond that. I just don't know which number it is or who's doing it.

04:25:33 Well, let's, uh, let me see here. Oh, I got a seat. What is this? Yeah. Okay.

04:25:49 Okay. Let me see if I could miss to try one of these. I know Hitler is kind of getting it into the Shit storic rubs or this website. Um, but that's because other people were telling me and I don't give a shit. That's a 20 to do with your spare time. It's what you want to do. Um, but I liked the video that you made, so I don't know if you're, if you're making it to get on my good side or making it because you like it, it don't matter. It's a good video and I appreciate it. So yeah, that's true. Now, whoever is doing it, you get to say it to you. So you're already become a escape goat to that respect as well. So, um, let me see here. What is this? Uh, let me send this over here.

04:26:39 Let's go. I was trying to just call some places about shrimps and rotating clocks and things like that, but uh, no, it's, it's actually, it's just very minimal drama cause like nothing can come of it and I don't really care and I'm not going to get sucked into it because I'm still calling people and we're just talking about something else. Is this new topic talk about, so you know, uh, after this dream I'm going to not stream again. I'm won't be on the website until next dream and then we'll join another one on Thursday and all Friday on the Saturday. So, okay, now we're just getting weird here. Now your wait, what's happening? Okay, nevermind. That's does it shouldn't be doing that. I thought the notepad file was just not working correctly. Okay, let's try this number,

04:27:47 making a big deal out because I'll make it a bigger deal out of it. Oh, I'm just curious about it. Sorry, I missed your call. Please leave your name and number. I'll get back.

04:27:56 It's just a, yeah, I'm just curious about it because I mean, honestly, if they make those phone calls, I wished they were recorded. I want to hear him. I mean, there's nothing he can really, there's nothing legally that you can do. Uh, there's no property damage. Just wasted time. So good luck with that. Um, as far as if it's too, if you're doing it out of hatred, doing for fun, just send me the recording so I want to hear him. Okay. So, uh, you know, that's what you gotta do.

04:28:34 Oh

04:28:43 yes. I know it's your phone carrier has incorrectly routed this call. Oh yeah. Contact your sponsor. Such tremendous apart.

04:28:53 Okay.

04:28:54 No, we're pretty, pretty much all share. It's Donna. Let's see.

04:29:05 Yeah.

04:29:07 Okay. I know that, you know, people are trying to juice up, started to get a little bit stuffed up again. That's what happened at the stream yesterday, yesterday, yesterday. Um, we know basically a, it's not a big deal. People are definitely getting really into the whole inter stream drama. The thing that's not really my thing. So,

04:29:39 Ooh.

04:29:42 Oh, interesting.

04:29:45 Why would I call Bob buyer Toby? Call Bob Hart Dough? I did it. I confess it was you. Okay. Why are you confess? Like,

04:30:02 yeah, no boy, let's try one of these places. Yeah. But after a certain point, when I think about it, I just don't care because there's nothing really wrong with what's happening. So it's not like everything to worry about.

04:30:33 Okay. Hello? Hi.

04:30:38 It has been hours now. Oh, where's it going? It's been hours since I put in my order on Facebook.

04:30:49 Uh, what is going?

04:30:53 I supposed to pick drive. It's been hours and it says it's still big bait. It's been three hours, four hours since I [inaudible] Facebook.

04:31:03 Okay. Um, because I want him to hear when you placed the order, right?

04:31:11 Yeah. But I paid all Facebook for reg.

04:31:17 Yeah. So, uh, what's the older,

04:31:19 it's rag goodhead rocked the pool. Sorry. It's face, boom. And rock to poop.

04:31:32 No, we don't have that. Okay.

04:31:35 Okay. Oh, it's, I already put in the order and I paid for it on Facebook

04:31:40 book. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

04:31:49 Okay. So did you make the phone calls or play the order?

04:31:54 Well, how did you place the order?

04:31:58 Oh Lord. On my paper towels and a limited state. We don't accept paypal, but she'd, dude, I paid twice just to make sure it went through. Yeah. So how much did you pay? Looks like approximately $22 and 77 cents.

04:32:20 Yeah.

04:32:22 $22 for what? $22 77 cents for rock the blue.

04:32:36 We don't have that. You're calling the wrong restaurant. Okay.

04:32:40 I'm not,

04:32:43 yeah baby. I got it confused with the other one.

04:32:48 Yeah.

04:32:49 So, uh, I have to say, do I have to ask it? Do you feel offended by this phone call?

04:32:58 The thing is we don't have that older, so you might be calling the wrong restaurant.

04:33:05 Okay. This phone call needs to be reported. Can you, do you mind going to a website and reporting this phone call?

04:33:13 Okay.

04:33:15 I need you to report this, this website to report this phone call up tool website to what website you need to go to scream at me.

04:33:26 Yeah.

04:33:26 Yeah. And you got a report that someone called you. Okay. And is that he, can you do that for me?

04:33:36 Uh, but now, now, um, we'll be there right now.

04:33:40 Okay. Is it enough high priority to start emailing people? Don't all the phones phone calls you? Yeah.

04:33:48 Uh, we're busy right now. We cannot do that right right now. Okay. Yep.

04:33:54 But I need you to start going to the website. You need to start emailing people about every phone call. You go add this. It's, did you feel like that this is breaking the law?

04:34:12 Okay.

04:34:14 Do you feel like this is breaking the law sir?

04:34:18 Yeah.

04:34:19 Okay. Probably so. What way? What? We're busy right now. Yeah. You can not do that right now. So maybe later on. Okay.

04:34:29 So what would be the law that you feel is broken, sir?

04:34:36 Okay. We can pick out. Okay.

04:34:39 Wow. What's the, what's the law? The code date you think has been compromised?

04:34:47 Hi, we are busy right now. Yup.

04:34:50 Well, what's the law? What law do you think has been broken?

04:34:53 I don't know. I'm not a lawyer. I'm not studying in law.

04:34:56 Are you willing to pay a lawyer a couple tens of thousands of dollars to pursue a loss, a loss it now over a five minute phone, over a five minute phone call.

04:35:10 I don't think that's against the law. Okay.

04:35:14 Yeah, meet me either. I would have to agree with you there. I think we are are in in agreement.

04:35:22 Yes. So we are busy right now. Can you like um, we can talk later. Okay.

04:35:28 Okay, sounds good. I'll give you a call Thursday through Saturday. Okay. So by day, here's Day 7:11 PM Friday 7:11 PM and Saturday 1:11 PM eastern standard time. Okay. Are you, are you, you want to be, you want, you want me to give you a call? Cool. Gotcha. Okay. Thursday 7:11 PM eastern time. Friday seven 11

04:35:56 eastern standard time. Saturday 1:11 PM eastern standard time. And that will get old Facebook. Okay.

04:36:08 Okay. But the thing is I don't work that base.

04:36:11 Yeah, it's perfect. And then we, yeah, we can get high. You somewhere else. Anywhere you are, we'll call Ya.

04:36:18 Okay.

04:36:20 How does that, how does that work for your schedule? But would you want to just start working? You want to just change your schedule?

04:36:27 Uh, I don't need you to change. I don't work these days, so you'll welcome you are what you, you're more than welcome to call in. Okay.

04:36:36 Okay. And you know, thanks for working with the southern poverty call center. I appreciate it. We're doing a live score. We get ally screen. Boop. Okay.

04:36:47 Okay.

04:36:48 No, we know 7:11 PM on Thursday eastern standard time. Friday, 7:11 PM eastern time at the CC on sat.

04:37:12 Oh my God.

04:37:14 Okay.

04:37:15 Oh, I guess, uh, that's fast. She gains those, right? I did a, I did break the fourth wall. I broke the fourth wall. I dissolve myself, but she was into it. Yeah.

04:37:30 Ada,

04:37:31 it's fun for everybody. It's just at some trying to serve. It's just a fucking prank phone call. You dumb. Fuck. Okay. All right. This might be a good time to end the show. I think. I can't really go out on a note better than that one. Right. That's pretty much going to be the end and the show, I think.

04:37:54 Okay. Well as I want to sync to our Asian friend Thursday.

04:38:02 Okay.

04:38:03 7:11 PM eastern standard time.

04:38:07 Okay.

04:38:07 Friday 7:11 PM eastern standard time. Saturday 1:11 PM or two 22. Well, no eastern standard time. What I think you gotta do is you've got to get your pens and paper papers and pencils ready. Write down all information you can.

04:38:32 Okay.

04:38:35 Like circumstances just to see it, what lengths they'll go. They're going way back in the archives now.

04:38:43 Okay. That's okay. Um, uh, thanks a lot for tuning in. Thanks for enjoying some prank phone calls at the southern poverty

04:38:54 call center. Um, yeah, so that's it. That's it for today's been a long stream for today. Um, I feel like I'm getting completely stuffed now. Stuffed up now. I can, uh, I can't breathe anymore. Get your pens and paypal. Pay Your paypal, paypal papers. Ready. Thanks so much for everybody. Uh, who's, uh, not running the, the gay ops people running great ops people are people that are running the gay ops. Whatever this, send me the fucking recording. That's all. Yeah, that's all I want you to you to do. Okay. Let's, uh, we got to play the outro stuff. Um, I don't know if I should play it now. I don't know. Should I play the outro? The four minute, the fourth minute video that a frog from kiss doesn't like, even though frank has says that, you know, the, he likes the, uh, the silver, some pickups song, but I like, I don't like this four minute video because it's very tough. It was very appropriate for the time.

04:40:05 Hmm.

04:40:06 Now let's see, where is it? I know it's, I know it's here. I had to do, I know what's on the page. Stephen Pumpkin. Oh my goodness. Okay. Well let's, let's see what else we got here. Hey, the only thing that's perplexing abroad is that they're calling back. So that's, that's, that's an interesting take.

04:40:41 Okay.

04:40:43 I can't find that video. I don't know if it's going to work.

04:40:46 Okay.

04:40:47 Right. Yeah, I can't find the outro video. So, uh, we're just gonna play the ultra songs and videos on youtube anyway, so it's not necessary. All right. Thanks for tuning in. We will. We will, uh, we will continue. That works to the call center. Well, Thursday 7:11 PM Friday 7:11 PM

04:41:21 Oh

04:41:23 and Saturday at one or two. Two, two two two (222) 222-2222, two two.

04:41:36 Hi,

04:41:36 thanks so much for tuning in. I'll see you next time. If this shit there any me help you. Yeah, I'm supposed to meet someone

04:41:52 there for dinner and I was wonder if you could tell him like, uh, I was going to be a little bit later. Yeah. You know what I, every time your caller id comes up, his Skype caller. I'm tired of your little games. You need to get a life and stop calling here. All right. Well my phone around and looking for your friend and then you say, oh, he's using his alias today. How old are you? Are you 10 these girls grow up. We're running a business here. We don't want your call. He's Greek.

04:43:35 Wow. Calling me. Fuck you. Play on the phone and fall. This was stupid. Pitches get cracked. Cross the dome. I can get, so the phone, I'm on a book. I am now.

04:47:11 Okay.