00:10:19 Good morning. Thank you for calling to Denny's and Dundalk. Michelle speaking. May I help you? Yeah. Can I please speak to a manager? This is a manager speaking. This is the head manager. I'm sorry. This is the head manager. The general manager isn't in until the morning shift planning. Can, is there anything I can do for you? I'm looking for Marlene. I'm sorry. I'm looking for Marlene. You're looking for Marlene. This is Keith. Hold on please. Sure,

00:10:52 sure.

00:10:53 Ain't nobody Danson here tonight. Okay. Gay to daddy at home.

00:12:11 No. Are you ready? Prepared decompression chambers. Forcefield operative. All systems go and blast off, um, in the endomitosis. Get on this call and call Maggie. Agree?

00:12:57 Yes sir.

00:12:59 Can I talk to be wearing gray

00:13:02 antique?

00:13:20 Hello?

00:13:21 [inaudible]

00:13:21 yes,

00:13:23 I was so hard.

00:13:41 Yeah. Real Megan's real name. Oh No. Oh No, Mama. No. Daddy is your Freebie. What's up? Hello? Why keep paying?

00:14:52 I'm trying to keep calling. I don't even know who the fuck you are. I'm so fucking tired of you. Call it here. Don't fucking call me no more. You irritating the fuck out of me. You call me five times already. Hi. Hello.

00:15:18 It sounds like

00:15:23 cool. Alright. Hello? Everything sounding okay and made some changes to the, uh, to the setup here. Hopefully it's going to be a little bit better this time around. I think I got rid of the bees, but we can't say for sure there could be a couple, couple hives nested amongst the call center. We just don't, we just don't know.

00:15:48 Okay.

00:15:49 Okay. How has every everything is working over here? I'm just okay. All right. I've made some changes and hopefully things will, uh,

00:16:00 okay.

00:16:01 You know, go as planned and we won't have any problems with anything of the sort. Oh, Geez. I didn't even write down. Okay. Anyway, thanks for coming by. Thank you for all the well wishes. Basically, I just did not speak since the last time I went on stream, which is a huge blow to the call center. But uh, yeah, it does sound quite as it sound airy without the snakes or the B, there's no snakes there. That must be a pretty, pretty unusual, I can't, I can't really comment on that. I don't know how it sounds out there, but in here, you know,

00:16:38 Ooh mm Ooh, mm. [inaudible]

00:17:19 the mailbox is Paul and there is not enough space.

00:17:21 Can I was at a that a mailbox. There's, there's no, uh, enter the area code and phone number. If that subscriber, how could it be a mailbox? It's a business that doesn't make any sense. Okay. What's a,

00:17:35 okay,

00:17:36 let's try another one. I'm just trying to make sure everything works here and I, you know, hopefully I, I have a little thing that can prevent,

00:17:43 hopefully that's not helpful either. All right. What's, uh, what's look up another

00:17:50 one. We gotta get another one on the line here. Let's, let's try this one then. I got to make sure we think works. Let me just, maybe we can see if Mark Mark Case is there. I mean, that'd be a good one to start off today's show. Let's see. Let's give Mark Mark Key sicko

00:18:12 Stockton market to place a carry out or catering order or to provide feedback about your recent visit. Please visit Boston market.com

00:18:20 right.

00:18:30 So I really did it. I really beat the bees. I can't, I can't believe it. Yeah. Oh my God. It was not the mic stand. How to get rid of the bees. I just replaced a lot. A lot of things. Thanks Tom. Bye. Smart is Stephanie. How may I help you? It's definitely, I'm looking for Mark Case.

00:19:19 Okay,

00:19:20 and she's calling? Yeah, this is Keith.

00:19:30 Hello.

00:19:33 She's doing Ma Ma keys. Geez. Can anybody get me a chance to speak? What kind of month is this? I don't know. I don't like that at all. Let me try call

00:19:53 market share yet or catering order.

00:19:58 Is Everything working in market.com I got to make sure everything is working here. Okay. Hello. Why do you keep my keys? Why You keep hanging up? What the hell is you keep filing. Talking stupid. You talking stupid stupid. What'd you mean? I'm high man. Listen, he'll got nothing to talk about. It's nothing to say. [inaudible] what are we doing this month?

00:20:33 Yeah,

00:20:37 how does he remember? It's been a full week. Let me just try calling him back one more time.

00:20:42 Okay.

00:20:43 It's actually really low on my and his hearing him. You provide the one problem yet

00:20:48 please visit. Bye.

00:21:02 Thank boss. Smart is Stephanie. How may I help you? Quit playing and put my keys on the move. So marquees and not available. He just answered the phone, putting them on the phone. He is not available. He's dealing with a costume around. Appreciate this. Stephanie. What the hell are you trying to do? Appreciate you calling, harassing Marquees. What is black history month? Day One. Let me just try calling one more time.

00:21:32 Okay.

00:21:35 Okay.

00:21:36 To place a carry out or catering order or to provide feedback about your recent visit, please visit [inaudible].

00:21:41 Why does, why does Boston market got to have

00:21:44 anyway?

00:22:04 It's going to be a whole month. My keys. Wow. Ah, dammit. Waited, waited too long. That's my fault. You know that deserves a do over day one. It's just day one. I apologize. You know the new setup is please visit [inaudible] dot com very different. So I'm just getting used to this. We'll get to move and it's Friday. Hello Ma keys. Why quit playing? Quit playing. Keep calling because I'm trying to talk to you fool. So what we're trying to talk to you fool. Did you tell him to talk to me about this is not going to talk about what you bag in the fucker. Are you bagging the fuck over it?

00:23:29 No.

00:23:31 Yeah. All right. Hello? I don't know. I just one more time just because it's doing catering order

00:23:46 or do you provide feedback about your reason visit please.

00:23:50 One, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one

00:23:54 what?

00:24:04 Okay.

00:24:10 Okay.

00:24:11 No, I kind of get some advice. Let me see if I can, uh, let me see if I can try one of these numbers.

00:24:29 Please hold while we connect your call. Your wait time will be less than 30 seconds. You recorded for quality assurance purposes. Do I have though?

00:24:37 Okay.

00:24:42 Hi. Are you calling to speak with a lawyer? Yes I am. All right. And can you briefly describe your issue and then I can direct you to the best story to help?

00:24:51 Yeah. I received a couple of prank phone calls and then it turned out that person was live screaming the whole time.

00:25:01 Oh my goodness. Okay. So what is it you need an attorney to help you do?

00:25:05 I don't know. What can I do if my, if someone called me and it's, it's been live, screamed,

00:25:13 call the police. That will be the first thing I would do. But I think you need an attorney at this point, but just call the police department and report it.

00:25:19 Well, what are the police going to do? They told me this is, you know, there's no, uh, if there's no damages, did I need to speak to somebody about this? About the screaming.

00:25:29 Okay. Oh, okay. I'll let you talk to some, what's your zip code? Location. Where you live, sir?

00:25:34 Yeah, it's one, one, two, two, two, two, one, one, two, one. And he's been live screaming for hours though.

00:25:54 Okay. Um, there was only one law firm coming up in your area caught USA legal, so I'll connect you with him right now, okay? Okay. Thank you. Just a moment please. Please hold while we connect your call. To a local lawyer. Calls may be recorded. Thank you for calling. Legal services may be recorded or monitored for quality assurance. One of our friendly and helpful staff will be with you in just a moment. Please stay on the line. Someone will be right with you.

00:26:32 Worried.

00:26:55 Thank you. One of our friendly and helpful staff will be with you in just a moment. The right attorney when you need one can help you resolve a dispute and it's pretty Thompson. Her rights in the workplace with mark even avoid prison time.

00:27:11 It's legal. Whether it's a positive.

00:27:15 Yeah.

00:27:16 If it makes sense to get a lawyer, please stay on the line.

00:27:19 It's my name is Jerry. What's happened legally? So are you calling about today? Yeah,

00:27:24 someone has been gay. Gave me a prank phone call. Dick Prank. Phone calls me. Okay. And they were talking about shrimp and and all sorts of shrimp related things and it turns out Dave been live screaming.

00:27:41 Yeah,

00:27:42 they've been live screaming the calls.

00:27:47 Hello, New York only legal services. Yeah, I can get you the legal help with your personal lawsuit attorney personal loss ratio. Okay. Now. What is your first and last name? My first name is Raul.

00:28:00 Okay,

00:28:01 last name role,

00:28:02 black history month de de one. One one one one, one.

00:28:10 Hello.

00:28:12 Okay,

00:28:12 because you're breaking up.

00:28:13 Yeah, my, my blue tooth just got wet for a second, sir, sir.

00:28:28 Yes. I'm still on the line. You keep breaking up. Do you have me on speaker round?

00:28:31 No. No. I have you on my Bluetooth head suit. But the thing is I can't disable it because then it drops the call. It doesn't work that way. No, I tried.

00:28:46 Try. Go ahead and tell your phone number. Five five, nine five one five eight, seven, six Zeros at the best number for an attorney to reach a around. That was probably who I got transferred from because I'm not in that area. What is your, what's the best number for an attorney to reach it in? Wrong

00:29:04 what number? You have five. Five. You just got to change the last digit to a two

00:29:09 so I end up providing me with a number for a vest for an attorney to reach around. What's the best number? Go ahead.

00:29:15 Well just this the same phone number, but you've got to change the last digit to a two

00:29:20 prowl. I actually deleted a number because you said that wasn't your, now can you provide me with your number? Yes or no? Yeah, I can, but I can give you my personal Google, Google number, the best number for an attorney to reach you. What would it be wrong? Go ahead.

00:29:33 It's five oh eight

00:29:36 yeah,

00:29:37 seven two seven one seven one seven.

00:29:45 Okay. And what would it be? The, what's your zip code?

00:29:50 It's one, one, one two, two with a tour. Okay. Now can we talk about my issue before, you know, I start giving you my personal information.

00:30:05 Go ahead. Go ahead and provide me with a brief description of what's going on.

00:30:09 Yeah, I work at a business, it's not a home business, it's a brick and mortar establishment. Okay. And I received a phone call and your door talking about shrimps and, and shrimp related things and vaping and all sorts of things.

00:30:28 That's right. You said there were livestreaming, correct? They were good. They were live streaming already role. They were live screaming. Yeah. Yeah, I have that on my notes. Okay. Just get to the legal help assist his unique role. I could help you with that. What is your zip code again? One one, one,

00:30:45 two, two,

00:30:49 so and that's, and I'm not getting the same court from a city for. And what's your zip code again? There's one of your Sim card.

00:30:59 There's one, one, one two, one, one, one sir,

00:31:11 come on the line. Okay. All right. Yeah, I've already given it to you. Well, I can give in or give you money. A city. I can review my work. And you've verified the number for me knocking. Give you my work.

00:31:25 It's one, one, one old one.

00:31:33 And that's in Long Island city, correct?

00:31:36 Yeah,

00:31:38 that's in New York. Okay. What would be the best email address to do wrong? Yeah.

00:31:43 Yeah, it's Jr pump. What's that black.org

00:32:00 that Jr home dot blank@gmail.com

00:32:04 no, it's Jr pump that black dot. Or is black history month, day one.

00:32:13 Oh, Adam X. Dot. Orange. Okay. Now, what I do for you is connected with local personnel is I can provide with free consultation for all the attorneys, can answer your questions, tell you where you stand legally and they are going to help you find a base way to resolve your legal issue. If you feel the need to get his second a Pete, you'd be able to consult with multiple attorneys so you can make the best informed decision on how best to proceed. You'll also receive access equal documents, any information specific so your personal loss issues help you prepare for your consultation. Excuse me. It's $1 and 90 cents to activate your seven day Trump in or legal service plants. This gives you a full seven days. She'll consult with multiple attorneys and decide how best you can resolve your legal issue. Legal issue is unique, so if you're unable to resolve your starting the seven day trial, it's 1990 per month for as long as you need. What is your mailing address?

00:33:12 Very unique and people have told me I'm very creative. I'm very unique, very charismatic, so I agree with you there.

00:33:23 No. How much we're going to do. How much am I going to do? What is your main nutrition day wrong? How much am I going to get in my bank account for receiving the shrimp call? What are we, what are we talking about? 14 15,000

00:33:40 wait, are you, are you able to hear me or,

00:33:44 yeah, I can hear it. Good. I can hear you. So, and he's been, he's been live screaming.

00:33:56 Yeah.

00:33:56 Do you know what a light, but do you know what I'm saying? Is Illegal? Help us. Shit. I want to just picking out now again, I don't think you know what a live screen is. Alive scream is worried or screaming live. Oh, I know what it's like in a road. What I'm asking you for your mailing address. What is your role? You might have been doing something, some sort of system or some sort of computerized situation and I, I don't know how he got my number.

00:34:25 We might be screaming me right now. Yes, I do. Here. Hear that he's screaming me.

00:34:34 It sounds like a

00:34:38 it's, it could be. The live screen might be starting to screen. You do need. Okay. Connect. Connect. Connect me to the screamer. The I had was the screams. What is your mailing address? You haven't given me your address. Three, three, two.

00:35:02 Woo Keys.

00:35:15 Long Island city. They're on the line round. We're going to go ahead and check me down. Okay. You going to track him down? Stop the screaming because I can actually hear you. Okay. We're going to do with the do about this right now. I'm going to save your information. Your number wrong. Yeah, and let me go ahead and give you a punk right back. Okay.

00:35:39 You got to stop screaming. Stop screaming right now. You got to stop. Stop,

00:35:53 Sir,

00:35:57 sir. Yes. Can you hear me? Yeah. Does scream I think, I think it went away for a second.

00:36:04 It might be starting up again.

00:36:08 Hello.

00:36:11 How do I stop the scream if he's screaming right now?

00:36:15 Oh,

00:36:22 what do you suggest and how much? How much money do I get? How long can this screen?

00:36:28 January.

00:36:33 You gonna lock him up for all us? I can't stay.

00:36:56 You can tell he's been screaming.

00:37:01 He hung up. Then we'll get that guy's name. Please hold while we connect your call. Your wait time will be less than 30 seconds maybe recorded for quality assurance purposes.

00:38:04 Okay. I

00:38:09 can't believe what's happening. Hi, you've reached 27 legal. This service will connect you, [inaudible] gets better and the type of lawyer that you need and carefully and make your selection as soon as you hear it. For any injury or accident, press one for criminal or Dui law, press two. For divorce or family law, press three. For Bankruptcy law, which one is right for?

00:38:36 For social security disability, press five. For Employment Law, press six I have no idea. Ethics violations, press seven. For IRS tax problems, press eight. If you haven't heard your legal category, press nine to repeat this message, all we need now is your first and last name and the best phone number for someone to call you back. This will also confirm your consent to be contacted, right?

00:39:02 Yes. To their guests. It's an automated thing that might not be a good, a good lawyer to call. All right. What's a, let's try one. Let's try one of these. Maybe they can, they can help me or I dunno. What's, what's try, uh, let's try this one. Let's see. Okay. Hello.

00:39:37 Your phone carrier has incorrectly routed this call. Please contact your phone services customer support or try your call again.

00:39:46 Okay.

00:39:46 That's one of the first times I've heard that one. One of the first. That is the first time I've heard that message.

00:39:57 Yeah.

00:39:58 All right. Let's try this one. Oh, unavailable huddle. Han all bullies. I don't believe. Leave another one later.

00:40:15 Good to place a carry out or catering order or to provide feedback about your recent visit, please visit Boston market.com if you'd like to speak to a team member at your local Boston

00:40:27 dre.

00:40:33 Yeah.

00:40:55 Okay. They might be doing

00:40:58 sorry for right now. Maybe after the call

00:41:00 when their bag and no, what's the answer to late last time, so I don't know.

00:41:19 Okay. Let's,

00:41:22 let's move on to another one here. Let's, let's see if we can get, we got to get somebody on the damn blind now. What's try this guy just seems like a good, a good number. If it works.

00:41:56 Yeah.

00:42:05 I might need to use the other phone. I don't know.

00:42:11 Okay.

00:42:15 Let's see.

00:42:19 Please leave your message for five. Okay.

00:42:33 I wonder if that works. I can't hear what it's doing, so hopefully, uh, hopefully that, that helped out.

00:42:43 Okay.

00:42:45 Let's try another one. I'm going to try the same number but different, different way. Of course. Steven Pumpkin. Okay. This guy isn't answering his phone. Please leave your message for, okay. Let's, uh, we got to get somebody on the, on the line. It's Friday. We run a call. Somebody what's, try one of these. Oh, actually that's not what I wanted to do. All right, let's try it from here.

00:43:58 Thank you. How can I help you?

00:44:02 Oh,

00:44:02 Jess? Yeah. Hi. How are you doing?

00:44:07 How are you?

00:44:08 I'm doing great. This is Friday, right?

00:44:13 I'm sorry.

00:44:14 This is Raul. [inaudible].

00:44:18 Okay. Uh, how can I help you?

00:44:20 Yeah. I want to do something for black history month, but she got a clear out, everybody who's working, that's not a person

00:44:32 of color.

00:44:34 Okay.

00:44:37 Would you like to speak to a manager?

00:44:39 Yeah, I'm going to have to.

00:44:42 Okay. Yeah. Hold on a second. Okay.

00:44:47 Okay.

00:44:51 Oh Geez.

00:44:55 Hello,

00:45:03 Jan and her off.

00:45:06 Okay.

00:45:09 Yeah, I'm actually going to try not to use too many donation, all numbers, this type just as an experiment. No, you're welcome to submit anything, but I love to learn to get to it right away.

00:45:26 This is Lauren. How may I help you,

00:45:28 Laura? You know this is raw wool and I'm doing the black history month by carriers boys event and we want to get it in your place for black history at least four. Okay. Okay, cool. When would you like to do it? Well, the whole month.

00:45:50 The whole month? Yeah.

00:45:52 Just do a pretty much a 90 minute routine.

00:45:57 I one night. Would you like to do that?

00:45:59 Well, what nights are best for the bag? Curious black boys.

00:46:07 Hello? Hello? You know,

00:46:11 I'm sorry. Sorry, you broke up. Clean mind repeating that.

00:46:13 My Bluetooth go. What

00:46:19 sir?

00:46:24 Sorry. Sorry, can you repeat that again? I couldn't hear you. We have a bad connection.

00:46:28 Yeah, it's even worse now that I'm on the speaker phone.

00:46:34 I'm sorry sir. I'm just doing something. I'm just typing right now just for information.

00:46:39 Pick up the phone because I don't feel comfortable on the speaker. I can feel it resonating it my ear lobe with my blow to his head. So it's sweat.

00:46:53 It got worse,

00:46:57 sir. Yeah

00:47:01 sir, sir, sir, sir. Okay. All right. Okay,

00:47:05 great.

00:47:08 Hello? Hello?

00:47:18 Yeah.

00:47:19 Ooh,

00:47:31 yeah. Friday. This is just how can I help you?

00:47:34 Yes. Hello Ma'am. I'm sure I'm trying to set up Lubbock, her, his boss from by peers. So where are we going to be swimming up? The dance floor.

00:47:51 I'm sorry, who is this?

00:47:53 This is Raul.

00:47:57 Oh. Um, I tried to just saturate your mind to my manager. I guess it didn't work. So just hold on one minute.

00:48:02 Maybe she's dropped the phone, so,

00:48:06 ah, okay.

00:48:07 I could be here. It clouder

00:48:09 upon that. The tone. Do you mind hanging up? We don't know. I want to kind of do some experimentation as we go along tonight. Maybe. No, I think Trudy was also tipped off to the screen. Trudy was a true flash in the PAN, so I paid my respects to Trudy. She probably took one look at this shoe was Trump traveler. My true, true. A lot of hold music today. A lot of very relaxed and he doing this because it's the super soup. What does this mean? It's better to know than not know is that they're slow. That's a death hold. Let's, let's kick it.

00:50:10 Let me just try this one real quick. This is an experiment. I just want to find out sometime or anything. I'm just curious. It's given me a whole new hobbies. I'm curious. Borough home of the best late night. Happy four hours

00:50:28 and restaurant address. Please press one if you are ready to place a juggle order.

00:50:32 Did he change their whole venue because inquiry.

00:50:36 Speak to a manager or a team member please press three

00:50:40 yeah,

00:50:40 I think they changed their whole phone system. So this tree?

00:50:45 Yeah.

00:50:47 Yeah.

00:50:54 Thank you for calling Applebee's in north Attleboro where I'm like ordering is made easy. This is Arianna. How may I help you,

00:50:59 Ariana? I'm calling about the live screen

00:51:02 and may I ask who's calling?

00:51:04 This is Steven about the life screaming. You know about it.

00:51:07 Okay. No.

00:51:09 You ever heard about the live streaming?

00:51:11 Nope.

00:51:12 We're going to be screaming all month for black history buff. Well that was quick. What happened? Explain. Well, when I called them before it would just be a so I would just answer now. Now they have a phone system in place.

00:51:38 We're calling Applebee's north Attleboro.

00:51:41 Can we talk so fast

00:51:42 bars and restaurant address, please press one. If you are ready to place a go order, please press two for all other inquiries or just speak to a manager or team member, please press three.

00:52:00 Thank you for calling. I believe this is Arianna. How may I help you?

00:52:03 Sorry, I need speak to management landscape. Yeah. Can you speak to a manager but a lot of cream?

00:52:10 Yeah,

00:52:11 it's phenomenal. We just found,

00:52:17 hmm. They talk so fast. All right. Come on, come on, come on

00:52:34 and we'll be in north Attleboro home of the best late night. Happy Hour, four hour restaurant address. Please press one. If you are ready to place the juggle order, please press two for all other inquiries or just speak to them.

00:52:52 Okay.

00:52:55 Thank you for calling. Applebee's is with Arianna. How may I help you?

00:52:58 Oh yeah, we just got disconnected. Can I speak to a manager, please? Okay. So you know he could have been informed about the live screaming.

00:53:09 Woo.

00:53:10 Oh, just shrew. Marianna talked so fast. She talks so damn fast.

00:53:15 Okay,

00:53:16 let's try it. A little worn and he says it was fucking Friday. I apologize for cursing.

00:53:27 Oops.

00:53:32 Why did this immediately go to that?

00:53:35 They called the right number. No.

00:53:46 Yeah, yeah. Good bye. Good bye. Megan. Masa, Gary, or some

00:54:04 about the diner with that.

00:54:09 The rockabilly and to do whoppers.

00:54:13 Okay. Oh,

00:54:20 let's try a different one because I don't understand. Oh, thank you for calling Fridays. How are you today? I'm doing okay. Happy Black history month.

00:54:46 Huh?

00:54:49 Okay. And what'd you like to place in order to go? No, I was a customer there last month. Okay. And I'm just, I'm just a little bit concerned about something that happened and what would that be? Fair. Well, my nephew, he's on the Kido, Kaylin, dial it.

00:55:08 Okay,

00:55:09 so he don't eat any, anything with grains or, or rice is okay. And he ordered a salad and someone just sprinkled the crew. Todd's all of all over it. Well, let's usually how our salads come, sir. Well, the thing is he got, he got mad. Okay. Okay. He got a real man. Would you like me to get my manager so you can speak with him about it? Yeah, you're going to have to because what? What happens next? You, he's not going to like,

00:55:37 okay.

00:55:38 Okay. So just one moment. Okay. This hold music is making me really tense. I don't know why. A little bit tense in the newsroom.

00:56:14 It's supposed to be Susan. What's actually quite quite hobbies? What happened to the gentleman in my old street pick will be discriminatory that leave 'em up this one, right?

00:56:33 Okay.

00:56:34 Elisa, that on day one,

00:56:44 this is

00:56:49 breakup music break. Hello? Hello? Yeah. Is this the manager? What's the issue? Excuse me.

00:57:01 Okay.

00:57:01 You're coming at me like that right off. All right. Right off the blue. I don't, I don't appreciate that. It's black history month, sir.

00:57:10 Ooh,

00:57:13 right away. It must be busy. Let's give him a call back

00:57:24 again. I'm quickly, he's gotta be right by the phone right now. Okay.

00:57:47 Thank you for calling. [inaudible] is John. How may I help you, John? The manager just slammed the phone down so hard. It's scared me. I can't believe that.

00:57:56 Okay.

00:57:57 Okay. Just one moment, sir. No, it's gotta be right now because I can't get, be put on hold, but this kind of treatment.

00:58:03 Okay, well my manager is busy at the moment. Unfortunately that wasn't the manager that did that, so I would need to get my manager because he's busy cooking down the grove because we're short staffed at the moment, so could you give me five minutes? That'd be awesome.

00:58:12 What did, who was that? Was that the janitor? I don't know who it was. Who picked up the phone? We'll have to wait for a second. Someone picked it up, sir. Can you give me five minutes? You got to take, we're still in a manager. You got to take risk. Ability for this. I'm just to host. I don't know what you want me to tell you, sir. Well, you got to take responsibility for what's going on for black history month. You can't do this. You absolutely can. And I don't think it, I don't think it has anything to do with the monster. You, excuse me.

00:58:40 The Monster.

00:58:41 The hold, was that, is that something? What is he talking about?

00:58:45 Yeah.

00:58:47 Oh, it's called this guy back.

00:58:52 Okay.

00:58:56 What was he talking about? A monster

00:59:10 you're going to take, we're still here, right?

00:59:11 Yeah.

00:59:22 What took, hello? What is, what is this?

00:59:28 Where was this? God Damn sure you to spit. No lyrics at all own shoes. So,

00:59:33 okay,

00:59:33 look how full mile retards, moles Duisburg

00:59:47 dumb ass shit right there.

00:59:50 All right.

00:59:52 For black history month, Wah Wah, the kind of Shit you drop on me.

00:59:57 Come on now.

00:59:59 I don't like that at all here, but you're trying to make me perform like it's so we sort of,

01:00:06 oh wow.

01:00:08 Good market to place a carry out or

01:00:10 you know, he's going on here. Certainly though, you know,

01:00:13 visit. Please visit Boston market.com if you'd like to speak to a team member at your local Boston Market restaurant.

01:00:24 Okay.

01:00:26 Come on.

01:00:29 I don't know why. Really, sorry.

01:00:36 Hello? Hello? Hello. Is this, this is Raul. Who is lowel? Yeah. Who is this? You, you, me? No, no, you, I'm looking at the top.

01:00:54 Okay.

01:00:55 What the fuck was that?

01:00:58 You

01:01:02 no

01:01:03 good to plates a carry out or catering order or to provide feedback about your reason visit.

01:01:07 Sorry, I'm getting a little dragon [inaudible] with my, my setup. I feel like it's working. I feel like I haven't run into any bees are snakes? Yep.

01:01:16 Okay.

01:01:27 No, no, you're right.

01:01:32 That ain't no it ain't right. Let's, let's try calling back. I got to find it real quick and I was going to find it really quick. I think it's right here. No. Is it this? Yeah. I got to call this guy back now. Let's wait. Wait, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, whoa,

01:01:56 Ooh,

01:02:01 Yep. How's it going? Is it connecting? There we go.

01:02:15 Her, her knife sharpening

01:02:17 Bob, right?

01:02:21 This is Bob. Yes it is. Yeah. So, uh, we spoke recently about my nephew and I just, I just want to apologize for any inconvenience.

01:02:34 What, what is it I can do for you?

01:02:37 Well, we're looking to get him set up to sharpen these knives, just to get them back up to Spec. Now we've, we've had to travel out of state lines so he could evade, you know, anybody coming to his house to obtain them.

01:02:52 Okay. Well I, I am, I can't teach sharpening knives you seem to think is a very simple process. It is not a simple process. I'm looking on Google tools that takes training. I am not interested in training anymore.

01:03:08 Well can you just tell me what to search forum being, because what I'm seeing here on being is so says this, to find somebody who has the tools and the ability to be a mentor.

01:03:18 Well, and I'm, and I am not interested in being a mentor.

01:03:23 If you could just, how about we just come by?

01:03:25 I listen, I'm, I'm trying to be ever so patient with you. Uh, I have no idea what to think about this string of conversations. Uh, and the, and phone calls. Uh, there's, there's no way I just don't go there with me. I, uh, I have no interest in training anybody unless they buy my business. And that would cost a couple of a hundred thousand dollars.

01:03:49 Well, can you just quickly can, you just couldn't train people quickly get these knives back backup to their original state. You might have.

01:03:58 I am, as I've tried to explain to you numerous times. I have not seen the knives. I have no idea what kind they are, what kind of condition they're in. I have no idea what the original state might have been.

01:04:11 Well, I sent you one on Twitter and Facebook. You send me what? I sent you the pictures on Facebook of the Nice, well, I didn't get it. Well you should have seen it. You shouldn't have seen the pictures. Now you just have, you might have to Redo the engraving and if he, even if you wanted to show them how to do that yet,

01:04:28 you can't Redo the engraving

01:04:31 or just, you could just make it, you know, a facsimile. So it looks presentable. It's gotta be, yeah.

01:04:37 Not the work I do. I am a blade sharpener and repair person. Well, we got to get it repaired. Ships and mixed. I'm not the person to help you,

01:04:45 but you can get them to sharpened up tonight. Right?

01:04:48 Okay.

01:04:49 No, I can't do it tonight. I'm not here.

01:04:51 Well, if I paid you double doubles. No, wouldn't do it. How about triple? You don't live here. I do want me to, you're not anywhere near me. I, we just came back and distinct.

01:05:02 Sorry. Look, I am. I am. I'm sorry if I have at no time did I say I would mentor anybody.

01:05:11 She did not interested in doing work this time. A Nice are you said you'd help the kids for black history.

01:05:18 What was that? You said you'd help the kids for black history month?

01:05:21 I didn't say anything of the sort of wanting to, again, you're making up untruths to me. I have no interest in talking to you any longer.

01:05:30 Well what if I paid you quad? Oh, Bob. Bob. All right.

01:05:43 Yeah.

01:05:59 Come on Bob.

01:06:05 Hi, and thanks for calling Colorado.

01:06:07 Oh, that's too bad. Okay, that's, that's okay. He definitely thinks I'm stupid. That's, that's for sure. All right. No, it's got like, I'm just want to follow up with something. Let's try this one here.

01:06:34 Okay.

01:06:34 Cattleman's club.

01:06:36 Yeah. So now that it's black history month, you can help out the ball boys, sir.

01:06:47 Sorry, what was that?

01:06:48 Now that it's black history month, you're able to help us out with the bad boys.

01:06:54 Her. And I think my manager has already talked to you about calling here. So I'm going to hang out with a gun.

01:06:59 Why? What do you mean? No, no they haven't. Can I speak to the manager then?

01:07:05 Okay.

01:07:07 Um, if you give me your name and phone number, I'll have you give her, I'll have her give you a call back.

01:07:12 Well, where is she? Or He, which is it because I understand, I understand that whole thing because my nephew was Greg and then he wasn't, now he's Greg again, so I understand that all the time.

01:07:25 Okay. Well we have a couple of different managers, but I'm going to hang up. No. Okay.

01:07:29 Why? Oh my goodness. Let's try this one more time.

01:07:44 Okay.

01:08:00 Cummins club.

01:08:02 Yeah, they just want an explanation as to what's going on and why we can't do our event there. If you could just, you know, give me some of that information to go on so I can tell them about

01:08:10 people. Yeah, we've already explained it to you,

01:08:13 which was, what's the explanation?

01:08:17 I'm not going to go through it because I didn't speak to you last time. What is it? Okay, let's, uh, let's, let's try something else. All right. Sorry. Here we go. This is a gentleman's club down by six one two [inaudible] avenue.

01:08:44 Oh,

01:08:47 asking Ivan.

01:08:48 Hello Sir. Are you hiring nod right now because I know how to scoop correctly.

01:08:56 It's cold. It's the amount of time without higher name, whenever.

01:09:00 Well, you know, you could just mentor me and how does school correctly

01:09:05 in summertime

01:09:06 and I'm, I'm well I'm putting in my application online.

01:09:09 We are a higher learning in summer time.

01:09:12 And what's the password for the website though?

01:09:15 We are hiring in summertime,

01:09:18 but I'm putting in my application right now. You should see it pop up in your tub.

01:09:23 We are hiring in summertime,

01:09:27 summertime. Why can't you just look at my application and see my experiences? We are hiring in summertime old. Why can't you just let me do an internship

01:09:38 jarred hiding in summertime.

01:09:41 How bout of internship for school?

01:09:43 Big Yard hiring in summertime.

01:09:46 Two scoops.

01:09:49 We are hiring in summertime

01:09:51 three schools.

01:09:53 We are hiring in summertime

01:09:57 for schools.

01:09:59 Why don't you go fuck yourself and when you mother fucker,

01:10:03 excuse me sir. I just want a job site

01:10:05 when he is little you mother fucker call. He had bother us. You Cock sucker. I don't give a fuck you. Oh you are fucker.

01:10:14 I want to help you scope sir.

01:10:17 Go Fuck Yourself. Okay,

01:10:19 well if I put in my application online

01:10:22 sick. Fuck that's what you are. Call here. Bother us all the time. You mother fucker.

01:10:30 Excuse me. I just want a job. Sculpin

01:10:34 go fuck yourself. You fucker mother fucker. Go to love this kind of conversation. You love it. You sick. Fuck.

01:10:43 I mean if this is the kind of place that Oh my goodness, I love this family. Yeah it was summer time.

01:11:15 We are hiring some more time. We are hiring are hiring. We are hiring and some are tiring, tiring. We are hiring in some retired. Some are tiring. It's so tiring.

01:11:37 Good. A nominee is two oh six eight three two five four

01:11:42 yeah, it's on my application,

01:11:44 so we'll be hearing from the police. Okay. So,

01:11:47 but that small, my applicants,

01:11:53 we are hiring, hiring, hiring, hiring

01:11:57 in summertime, summer to summer,

01:12:00 have to hire, hire, hire, hire. Summertime, summertime, summertime, summertime, summertime, summer tire.

01:12:13 Oh my God. Uh, yeah. Okay. Let's, let's, let's try so hard. Oh my goodness. Okay. Let's move on here to a different one. Hey, if, uh, I heard it in summertime, they're hiring. No, I could be wrong, but that's what I heard. Okay.

01:13:04 Yeah.

01:13:05 I'm trying to get something for a party or a super bowl. And fortunately,

01:13:10 wait, how long has [inaudible] on Robert? Can you say you tried to get something for the Superbowl?

01:13:18 Yeah, but I don't want to test it out tonight. Get some food tonight. Seaford. Semi good. No. Can do pickup Burke. Terrio what? Your delivery?

01:13:30 No, we don't do to do, they were weak now. Hello. Hello.

01:13:40 Tomorrow.

01:13:48 Okay. Hello. Hello. Is this Joyce? Joyce. Bye.

01:14:09 Oh, won't work.

01:14:16 Yeah.

01:14:17 Bye Bye. Bye Bye. Bye Bye. Bye Bye.

01:14:24 I know. I know how your stock is. Call your name. What? I'm just trying to get blueberry. Huh? I was want to get a caterer you just to get cater. Yeah. Solid on Yelp. You Ready? You gave us one of your numbers, Huh? Yeah. It's one number for the catering. The catering. Yeah. Do parties and stuff for now. I want to try some foods as night. Wow. You sound like a computer. You're going to have to come down and do it. Okay. What's on my, it's on my Bluetooth. My Bluetooth. Bluetooth. Yeah. Black history month. Black history. My bye.

01:15:06 Yeah.

01:15:12 I wish she had pulled the by the suggestion. I don't know.

01:15:18 Okay.

01:15:35 Oh, okay. Eh, big red. It's hanging up at the mention of black history month anyway. Right? He's got no black history. Him Shut up. What do you mean shut up? I want to give some to run it up for a party. I want to try your host

01:15:55 both today. Hello? Hello?

01:16:16 Okay.

01:16:19 All right. We'll try another try back later. What's, try another number over here. Okay.

01:16:29 Well, let's see. All right.

01:16:54 Oh, come on now. You've reached buffalo exchange located at [inaudible]. Okay. All right, well let's, uh, what's true, I know the one here.

01:17:12 Let's see if this one works.

01:17:17 Okay.

01:17:25 Okay.

01:17:27 There's no way that Jim, whatsoever, that man frozen to death right now unless it's, there's been a fall out, had a soda. I don't know, but she was like, he's been awake for 72 hours straight, it seems like.

01:17:48 Okay.

01:17:54 Hi. And thank you for calling.

01:17:58 Okay. No, that one's not gonna work either. So let's try another one here. Let's see if this one works.

01:18:13 He's for a minute. He constantly says he's a bit of menace in Minnesota, I think.

01:18:20 I don't know. He could be anywhere. It could be him,

01:18:24 American Samoa. It could be my neighbor. I don't even know it. Thanks. Thank you. And I'm feeling better. I have a lot of being able to laugh. Scream tonight.

01:18:39 Hi, you've reached Rodrigues therapist. Please leave your name number.

01:18:43 Where is Hitler? He's probably, uh, and many other chats right now. Hey, somehow is in every chat on this whole website. Anytime I pop open a stream just to see what it is at all. So, okay, what's the, let's try another one. Oh, that one doesn't have a number. Let's try this one.

01:19:11 Okay.

01:19:14 I sound like I suck at science group. There's, by the way, I was really sick so it didn't really help and that came, it was really hard. So he's just, he's just poking around looking around. Miss editorial chambers, I suppose. Congressional chambers. All three chambers.K ops more. There's more.

01:19:55 Hello?

01:20:00 What's a, we can get it that we can try out a place. We're going to get somebody on the phone, I guarantee. Well, I got a good feeling.

01:20:17 Thank you for calling batteries plus bulbs open tonight until 9:00 PM where we offer, we fix it. Phone repair. Oh, we are your single source for all your battery and Light Bulb needs for directions and store hours. Please dial one to speak with a retail sales associate style too.

01:20:36 Okay.

01:20:37 Oh good. Thank you for calling batteries plus bulbs open tonight until 9:00 PM where we offer, we fix it. Fine pressed a button. We are your single source for all your battery and Light Bulb needs for directions in store hours. Please dial one for the retail sales associate style too. Thank you for calling.

01:21:01 So what's up with that? Okay. There's something wrong with it. Well, let's try it another one of these places. Okay. Well it's a,

01:21:11 okay,

01:21:12 let's try one of these. Wow. Now how can I help you? Hello? Hello? Yeah, I'm trying to get some, uh, carry out for, for the history month. Okay. Can I get your name? My name is Raul. Do you do any, do you do any, can you just scorch a couple pots for me?

01:21:51 Okay.

01:21:52 Scorch a couple of wet.

01:21:53 You Do, you do the bowls and stuff, right? Yeah, we do. Okay. And I want to get, I'm just burnt like this. Close to well done as possible. No, I know it sounds different.

01:22:07 See, I can't really do that because we steam our stuff that we put in bowls, so it doesn't really get like hooked. It just gets like,

01:22:17 well, if you were, if you replaced the water, if you add just a couple of cubes of salt, you might be able to uh, you know, speed up the process.

01:22:28 Sure. But I also don't have cubes. Assault really either.

01:22:33 You can shape them, you can shape them yourself. I mean, if we have the upper utensil, no, I hope that you do.

01:22:42 Um, no, but I could put it on the grill. I can put it on the grill or whatever you guys want,

01:22:47 but you have to invert it. It's, it's, you know, ask Nicole that way.

01:22:54 That's cool. It's s for black history month.

01:22:59 Oh, okay. Um, but I don't think I can

01:23:06 scratch in the steamer. I could put it only grow for you. What kind of both did you want a big bull?

01:23:18 Yeah, the biggest one in grabs gotta be Frisbee because the last time we got food from there, it was just so soft. It just kind of ran through my system. Like a bullet train.

01:23:33 Really?

01:23:35 Um, yeah, I guess that's kind of how it goes,

01:23:37 but what, what do you mean? That's how it goes. What do you mean? That's how it goes.

01:23:42 I guess that's just how soft it is.

01:23:45 Well, why you have to make it so soft.

01:23:48 I don't know. That's just how it comes out steamed.

01:23:52 It can't happen that way.

01:23:55 Right.

01:23:56 Because the fruit be able to go to the bathroom.

01:24:02 Okay. Why

01:24:04 I'm not going to be able to get up. I'm hosting the of the Party so I'm going to have to mc the whole thing.

01:24:11 Um, then maybe not get like rice because that's got like fiber in it.

01:24:17 Walmart, the Quito, Quito, Kaylin, Duh. The what? Kido. Kaylin. Darla. It's,

01:24:26 I'm not sure it that is, it's okay. We'll couldn't of bowls. Can I get for you? I'm sorry.

01:24:30 Something that I can, I can use my back teeth.

01:24:35 Um, I, I don't know.

01:24:37 I liked, where did you get one? I prefer to chew only with my back teeth as it helps the digestive process.

01:24:44 Okay. And what, what do you think would be good for that?

01:24:47 Well you gotta tell me because the last time your, your stuff just kind of slid through my system so fast that I couldn't get to the bathroom in time.

01:24:57 Um, I don't know.

01:24:58 So that's why I suggested it's Burt because he probably won't do it. So you know, I figure you might, you might just turn up your steamer.

01:25:08 I'm going to put it on the grill. I don't think our steamer, steamer camp burn things. It's never burned anything. Node scorch thing.

01:25:15 Are you live steam or is are you, are you live steaming or what?

01:25:20 Yeah,

01:25:21 it's all live steaming.

01:25:23 What does live steaming

01:25:25 like you do it live.

01:25:27 Yeah. Yeah, we'd do it live.

01:25:29 You do live steaming. Okay. Cause I want to be able to see it steam if you're live steam.

01:25:36 Um, can I put you on hold? I got a customer here.

01:25:40 Well, couldn't you know, why don't you just put me on, why don't you just love me over here? What, what they're ordering so I can get an idea.

01:25:47 Um, look online. Look online to see what you would like. We could talk about it some more.

01:25:55 I'm currently flexing my tricep.

01:26:01 Uh, I'm going to put you on hold, but I can

01:26:03 see that there's a pro

01:26:04 a protein deficiency right now. Okay.

01:26:07 Uh, okay. Let me put you on hold. I gotta make sure it's not going to be too, too mushy or too soft.

01:26:14 Okay. Let me put you on hold time. Why I done spoke customers that have been waiting here for awhile.

01:26:22 I don't believe you. I'd appreciate it if we can design though. What do you recommend? That's like the biggest protein intake I can take.

01:26:31 How about the week? The beach? There's a lot of beef in that,

01:26:34 but can you just do the beef only the basis?

01:26:39 Yeah, we can do the be, yeah. So you'd like the week you again. Okay. Do you want to hire me a milder fruit salsa?

01:26:47 I'm flexing my other bicep at this time.

01:26:53 Okay.

01:26:56 Yeah. And I'm, I'm, I'm currently rehab rehabilitating my Tibia.

01:27:03 Okay.

01:27:05 And I got an MC, the whole event. So,

01:27:09 so what'd you like? Black or pinto beans. Black has more protein.

01:27:13 It might, I'm not sure because other people have to got to be happy with what I pick out too,

01:27:20 you know? Yeah. One moment. Wait, hold on. Um, so we are you getting this for a lot of

01:27:31 hello?

01:27:34 Yeah. Are you ordering for multiple people? How many people?

01:27:40 Like 14.

01:27:43 So you need to get something for 14 people? Yeah. Tonight. Are you doing this tonight?

01:27:50 Trying to, yeah.

01:27:54 How soon do you, are you going to want this? Cause

01:27:57 we close at nine. Okay. Hello? Hello? Hello? Yeah, it's a big mass. How can Pam, hello? Hello? Hello. Hi. I was talking to a fellow two seconds ago. I'm sorry, I was talking to a guy, he's trying to order food for 14 people. How many? He said 14 people. 14 keep us. Yeah. Okay. What kind of page?

01:28:39 Yeah, I need, I need to get cat fish.

01:28:46 Three

01:28:50 hello? Hello? Hello. Hi. How can I help you? You got fish tonight. You say what? Fish per pickup. Okay. Why would you

01:29:02 to dinners? What kind of fish? Catfish. Okay. Anything else? Can you put those? Punch puppies? 210 puppies in French fries. Yeah. Two waters please. Okay. All right, sweetie. I wish her name. It's Tyler.

01:29:19 No minute.

01:29:20 Ooh

01:29:28 and no minutes. What does she mean? No minutes as opposed to me. Wow. Okay. Let's, let's try this one more time. Let's give this a shot.

01:29:53 Okay.

01:29:54 Oh God. Sorry. The dead air is gets even more, but there's no snakes

01:30:06 laughing planet. How can I help you?

01:30:08 Yeah, I think we just got disconnected.

01:30:11 Yeah, we did.

01:30:12 Yeah. What happened with that?

01:30:15 I hung up because I didn't know the second person I was talking to.

01:30:18 Yeah, I've just got booted out of the car. Like you hung up on me.

01:30:22 I did hang up. Yes, I did. Okay. Yeah. Okay,

01:30:27 so you like to order, you all want to get something live. Steamed.

01:30:32 Okay.

01:30:34 And do I have to, which you like, do I have to you like, but I have to put in the order online to get live steamed.

01:30:40 No, he don't. I don't know.

01:30:44 Why are you, why are you talking like that? Are you currently under the influence? Because I don't want my food being made by somebody who's already on slots.

01:30:51 I'm not under the influence. I mean she's not sure if this call is real. I apologize if it is.

01:30:56 Well, I'm talking to you. So what'd she say? I'm talking to you right now.

01:31:01 You are talking to me, but the brain called

01:31:04 about it seems a little ridiculous. Okay.

01:31:07 I'm correct and currently flexing my tricep.

01:31:10 But if it's not, if it is, if you are flexing your bicep, what can it get for you to eat your Beta? What would she like to,

01:31:23 we'll make it, somebody can come pick it up.

01:31:37 It's gotta be something for, for flex and it's got to be live. Steve. Steve, please. They'll view it's your fucking dad. What are you doing with the Internet? The Internet that be Internet

01:32:00 freak from south Greece. I've been tweaking all week and I am your dad. You don't know. But now you know, um, I am truly the Internet freak.

01:32:09 My father doesn't speak like this.

01:32:12 Well, when he's been tweaking all week, he does. I'm sorry to say. So

01:32:20 give me your name.

01:32:22 You know, my name is Sun. You Call me Dad.

01:32:27 He says, I call Him Dad. Yeah. But the only man I called dad gave me money.

01:32:34 Excuse me.

01:32:46 You don't know what your dad is. What helps him? My father. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,

01:33:12 yes,

01:33:19 yes. I really got to stop playing

01:33:26 jail.

01:33:29 Yeah.

01:33:30 They sound nice from the oldest

01:33:32 Toral standpoint,

01:33:36 but beyond that

01:33:39 might be a bit much.

01:33:41 Yes. Yeah.

01:33:49 Hi, this is Bob and read with the PA comes sustainability partners. Please leave a message. I thought, okay. That's, that's, that's uh, that's not any good. Let's, uh, well we still got the chance. Let's, let's, let's try something else here really quick. Okay. Let's do that. Hey Man, let's do this.

01:34:14 All right.

01:34:19 Okay. That's true.

01:34:35 Okay. Hello? Hello? Yeah,

01:34:42 I'm talking about my application

01:34:44 little

01:34:45 and someone I just spoke to was very rude.

01:34:48 You got another number that fucker. Let me write this number down to where it's from. You all is two oh six eight three two five four. Let me write this number down too, so I give it to the police.

01:35:08 What's your favorite number? Are you hiring in summertime?

01:35:19 Hold on. I down taking a shed right now. I mean he use the bathroom.

01:35:24 Excuse me, sir. It's not very professional. Do you scoop with that hand?

01:35:30 What the fuck are you talking about?

01:35:32 You have to scoop correctly. I don't think you can be doing that if if you're scooping.

01:35:36 Yeah.

01:35:39 So are you taking applications or not? This seems like a funny place

01:35:48 on the hold for about two hours. Okay.

01:35:52 Two hours. That's unacceptable. You're going to hang up. I'm going to call back and you're going to answer it. Are you going to take my application?

01:36:00 Hold on.

01:36:03 No. I need you to continue doing my interview right now, but let's do the interview. Do you want to ask me my objectives? Sir? Are you in the bathroom right now,

01:36:35 sir? Excuse me?

01:36:47 What does that sound, sir?

01:36:53 What does that sound?

01:37:06 Hello?

01:37:15 Oh my God. Hello? Yes, sir.

01:37:19 Sorry. Hold on. I gotta keep you on a hold of this.

01:37:23 No, you're going to just continue the interview process now. Why don't you ask me what my objectives are? Why don't you hold it? Get Out of the bathroom? I didn't think that. I thought the Indians don't use the bathroom.

01:37:42 I'm going to take your shit,

01:37:43 but Indians don't shoot anywhere. Right?

01:37:47 Shit on you. Your mother fucker. Hold on a second. I'm not an Indian. I'm rushing.

01:37:53 No, you're Indian. I see you in the book here.

01:37:56 No, fuck you. I'm not

01:37:58 the IBI, the Indian business and next

01:38:04 you are wrong. You fucker. Hold on.

01:38:06 No. What are you doing in the bathroom? Because if you're Indian

01:38:09 in shit, I'm thinking of you giving me shit right now.

01:38:15 But you're taking one.

01:38:17 Connie's. If you take 25 out of 64 how much did I give you?

01:38:27 25 out of 64

01:38:30 yeah. How much?

01:38:31 That's 38 sir.

01:38:33 No, he's 39 you see? You don't even know.

01:38:36 No, because in Indian and Indian math you always drop one. Yeah,

01:38:41 you take 25 ad is 60 40 is 38 is 30

01:38:45 no, it's 38 because you always drop one in India.

01:38:52 You are so fucking funny. You got the good one tonight to fuck with.

01:38:58 Why is that? What are you talking about? I just want to apply

01:39:01 because I'm a little fuck. Just like, uh, you know, and I love fucking with people like you. So what are you doing tonight?

01:39:10 I'm trying to apply for a job so I can pay

01:39:14 besides fucking yourself. What do you, what else are you doing?

01:39:16 I want a school alongside

01:39:19 I, you, I, you jerky now if right now you look like a fucking fag. Use

01:39:25 See me?

01:39:26 Yeah. You, you plugging the hold on a second. Let me, I'm homeless. Finished wiping my ass.

01:39:33 It says some, uh,

01:39:41 what day can we act on [inaudible] and the diamond? I'm a goal. Nah.

01:39:52 Yeah. Yeah. Cool.

01:40:01 No.

01:40:05 Yes sir.

01:40:11 Hello?

01:40:13 Okay.

01:40:14 I thought this was an Indian business.

01:40:21 Right? Right.

01:40:26 You're going to accept my application or not,

01:40:29 right? Rolling.

01:40:42 Yeah,

01:41:01 you can see them too. She's there. She's there right now. I'm sorry. This is so quiet right now, but we got to get her on the phone. Yes, I do have to. Yeah. I can't turn it up any louder. The snakes might come back.

01:41:49 I don't know if that was her. Yeah,

01:41:53 sorry. This might be a little louder.

01:42:00 Hello? Hello?

01:42:09 It just got real worse. Didn't it? Sneaks her back. Okay. Should I hang up or not? Should I wait for something glorious to happen or should I, should I hang up?

01:42:23 What do you guys think?

01:42:28 Call back. Hang Up. Wait. It's three different things. Wait, wait, hang up. Call Mark. He said, I think he's, I think he's done. There's children in this store. Indian snake charmer. Wait, stay and talk to us. I'm talking to you right now. Well, I'm just reading what you're saying. Wait, wait. Hang Up. Wait. 10 seconds. 15 seconds. It's good. Wait, wait, wait.

01:42:56 Oh, I,

01:42:58 it's going so fast now. I can't, I can't read it.

01:43:04 Oh my God.

01:43:08 Okay. Wait, hang up. Then call back.

01:43:12 Okay.

01:43:13 I'm just gonna I'm just gonna hang up

01:43:18 and then I'll just, I'll call back in a little bit hopefully before they closed, but I got to somehow get the snakes out of here again real quick. Just give me one second here. Look at the snakes, right? Right out. Right here.

01:43:33 Okay.

01:43:35 That should take care of the snakes, right? Right. Yeah. Okay. That should take care of this, this next situation. Okay. What's was, I don't know. I know I have a bunch of other numbers here, but I don't know what's, what's try one.

01:43:51 Okay.

01:43:56 Your call will not be completed because the party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls from Polaris who do not allow delivery of their caller ID information. Please hang up and try your call again with your caller ID unblocked. Thank you.

01:44:11 Okay, no problem. I can do that. Just give me a second here.

01:44:18 Okay. All right.

01:44:36 Yeah, I have a pro. I have a problem.

01:44:40 Sure.

01:44:41 With my wife. Scream.

01:44:45 You're live screen. Yeah. Okay. How can I help you?

01:44:53 I need, I need you to help regulate my chat on my live screen.

01:45:00 You got a rough number?

01:45:02 No, this is the computer plays, right?

01:45:05 Yeah. No, you've taken to support for a no, but live stream

01:45:09 for live screaming. I need to get a power supply and it's going to be able to handle.

01:45:16 Okay. Uh, so you're looking for a desktop power supplies? Yes.

01:45:21 I don't know why not. Give his plug directly into the chat room.

01:45:26 I don't know.

01:45:27 There's about, there's about six people in there chatting.

01:45:32 Yeah. Oh good. Yeah. You would have to come into the store. We can talk about it.

01:45:39 I can't though.

01:45:40 Oh,

01:45:42 so yeah. Can you just clarify it?

01:45:44 Come in. You would have to come in this store. I don't do anything over the phone.

01:45:48 Well look, okay, I got wire strippers, so if you want to come over you can just use those.

01:45:57 No, you got to come into the shop,

01:45:59 sir. But it's black history month, so I would appreciate you helping me up.

01:46:05 That's right. I can help you out, but you have to come,

01:46:07 but you got to come here. I have, I have wire strippers.

01:46:12 Yeah. No, I don't do, how is the house called?

01:46:16 No, it's not. It's going to have to be over the phone and we're doing what? We're doing. The screaming on the web. Not on the phone.

01:46:22 Okay. Yeah. I don't help you with that. I can't help you with,

01:46:25 do you even know what a life sqream is?

01:46:28 You would have to come in to shop. I don't do anything over the phone.

01:46:31 You want to, you should just come over here. Come over here.

01:46:34 Oh,

01:46:37 that guy sounds pretty stupid. Let's start calling it back real quick.

01:46:48 Oh

01:46:52 yeah. Oh,

01:47:05 come on.

01:47:12 All right, let's try another one here.

01:47:20 Come on.

01:47:21 We can do it.

01:47:37 What is that? What does that come on?

01:47:48 I see Cpl. Yup. Yeah.

01:47:52 Yes. Yeah. I'm, I got this gaming setup for my son and I'm trying to set it up now. I'm, oh, putting the box, right? No. So just walk me through, because Youtube doesn't work on my phone.

01:48:10 Oh, which one do you do? Just bought the phone from us.

01:48:14 It's a gaming set up and I just opened the box. Now this just, which way does the polarity need? Direct?

01:48:25 Sorry. Gaming set up. It's a fun or we have phone. We pestel if not that gaming set up. Yes. Not The gaming store.

01:48:35 The gaming set up.

01:48:38 Yeah. I, I dunno. I don't know what this is.

01:48:41 I just open the box, right, right. No.

01:48:45 Okay.

01:48:46 Where you buy a radio vita. Y'All Kamia stop from you?

01:48:53 No, we had a CTT out.

01:48:56 No Soda. He may stop.

01:48:58 Yes you do. He's telling me the joy.

01:49:03 Okay.

01:49:04 [inaudible] the joystick and the whole set up.

01:49:07 Yeah.

01:49:08 No, we do sell the joystick here. What's what companies served it to you?

01:49:12 This, this is a Samsung Monitor and I'm trying to, I'm opening the box for, for that one. Right. Right now as well.

01:49:23 Okay. What company you are you calling?

01:49:26 I'm calling the computer or the phone store.

01:49:29 Okay.

01:49:31 Yeah, I know. Yeah, cause that's more a was

01:49:37 I seen it on my timeline. That's where I was.

01:49:43 Okay. What number? You're dying.

01:49:46 I dialed your number. Okay. I knew what number. It's zero.

01:49:59 It's totally wrong number. Sorry about that.

01:50:02 Wait, hold on. I might be looking at the wrong phone because I got this gaming that's, that wasn't right. Let me just try this again. Let's give it a shot.

01:50:18 The call you have attempted is unable to connect either due to an error or you may be attempting to dial in. Invalid, Tony.

01:50:24 Okay. All right, let's get this. Try, try something else here. I'm just curious because he sounded like he's having fun. So let's, uh, let's see what we got.

01:50:39 Yeah,

01:50:39 let's try this. Uh, so that worked. That didn't work. Okay, well let's, let's try this

01:50:53 right.

01:51:17 Secret Service. I'm still looking for secret service too.

01:51:24 Okay.

01:51:29 Okay.

01:51:30 Uh, more black. There's a whole month for black history. Oh. Has been forwarded to an automatic. Oh, okay. All right. Let's, uh, let's try it. Another one of these. Let's just try calling this place back. They might answer again.

01:51:51 Oh, come on

01:51:54 the [inaudible].

01:51:55 Oh, that's okay. Let's try another place right here. Okay. Okay. Call the Mormon girls.

01:52:16 Oh my God.

01:52:32 Thank you for calling located at one zero zero are hours.

01:52:40 Okay. I guess they're not an open either. Let's, let's it, someone gave

01:52:46 me this number. I wonder what's going to happen with this. What? Okay.

01:53:00 Yeah.

01:53:02 Quality Assurance. This call may be recorded.

01:53:10 Thank you for calling psychic source. [inaudible] Nike. What if you were a first time caller and water purchase? A psychic reading at the introductory rate and have a credit card. Ready. Please press one now. If you're an existing customer and we'd like to speak to a customer service, press two now. If you're an existing customer and would like to go right to the service, please press four now.

01:53:37 Okay.

01:53:38 What, what was the first one?

01:53:42 It was her first time caller and what a purchase. A psychic reading it. Yes.

01:53:47 Customer service calls may be monitored for quality assurance and training purposes.

01:53:54 Ooh,

01:53:58 we really hope your first reading with a psychic source advisor is amazing, but whatever your experience, we want to hear about it. Please remember to stay on the line. Sorry. Connected with one of our customer care representatives. After your reading. We care about what you think. Amazing.

01:54:17 Okay, that's enough for the next month. I'll tap it off at the end of the month with another one.

01:54:32 No cheese connecting to an advisor has never been faster telecomm and log into your, it doesn't seem that fast.

01:54:41 Well, advisor to speak to and click the call me button. Instantly you'll receive a phone call from that advisor. It's that easy.

01:54:50 I don't really like to set up here.

01:54:56 Uh

01:55:01 Oh my God,

01:55:08 this isn't very good. Thank you for holding this. [inaudible]

01:55:11 SmartCare representatives are assisting other customers. You can press the pound key to leave a voicemail and someone will call you back soon.

01:55:23 Sorry, I had to mute my coughing there first. Second. Jeez. Okay. What do you think? Should I nukes does this was as a donation number?

01:55:39 Should I hold out for it or what? You find the best advisors. Okay, here we go.

01:55:46 Thank you for calling psychic source. My name is Katie. May I have your name and date of birth please?

01:55:50 Yeah. My name is Raul

01:55:58 and the last name

01:56:00 Cheeto. And your date of birth please? January 4th, 1988

01:56:12 Oh, can I help you?

01:56:13 I'm calling about the reading.

01:56:19 What? Reading

01:56:21 what?

01:56:22 There's first get a free one. Okay.

01:56:25 Yeah. They told me at three, three minutes with a package.

01:56:31 No, I'm not. I'm not able to accept deliveries. Why can't accept deliveries at my apartment complex right now so no packages can come out. Okay.

01:56:44 You have a nice day.

01:56:45 Excuse me.

01:56:48 What?

01:56:50 Welcome to psychics or this is for entertainment hill. Him late. Jesus. Enjoy your time with an advisor.

01:56:57 I had one teen wariness knows what the life story

01:57:04 she was tipped off about the life screaming customer Care Press Sarah. She's such a good psychic member on the line.

01:57:12 One to learn more about psychic source,

01:57:15 she knows to listen. Press tunes

01:57:25 to set up an account or speak with customer care, press zero if you are okay

01:57:32 on the website, press one

01:57:34 to learn more about psychic source or to listen to the greeting.

01:57:40 Oh, excuse me, I missed the mute button there, so I apologize. That was disgusting. What? So try one more time. One more time here. Not that number. I'll try that one night. No other time. Oh you send me good soundbite. I can't play a sound byte on stream. Last time of fear loading did that crashed the whole call center cause he was putting viruses. It is MP tubes.

01:58:15 Yeah. Oh come on. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:58:28 Let's see. Forwarded to an automatic voice message system. Okay though that that number's not answering tonight.

01:58:42 Let's try this one. Okay. Well let's try this one.

01:58:53 I got a virus mom, serious twice. Tell nasal cause I can feel it. It's the most

01:59:00 talk to in two days, so, oh, it's busy. Okay, well let's, let's try another one here. Uh, what does this number? No. Okay, let's try it. Okay. Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm sorry

01:59:26 I didn't mute to cough. Kind of nasal. Yeah, I'm getting pretty stuffed up, but easily too. Yeah. The more nasally or sound, you know, the more I climb up the lady or ward and that's when I get real nasally. Jewy sounding

01:59:51 bail bonds may help you.

01:59:52 Yeah. Are you doing any specials this month?

01:59:56 Pencils? Yeah. Well anybody in the military?

02:00:03 No, but there's plenty of plenty of black paypal. Okay. Black history month, my man.

02:00:11 Gotcha. So how can I help you?

02:00:14 Well, you know, if somethings won't be going down, going down, there's going to be a party, big party for the Super Bowl. And you know what happened? Uh, Ray littlest, right? I do. Yeah. That's talking of Atlanta. Yeah. I'm in San Diego. I know, but I'm not going to the super bowl. I'm going to be partying. Doron [inaudible]. Okay.

02:00:41 So you want to just see if there's a discount for you in case something happens?

02:00:45 I've got a budget because he and I got to supply the depth and the, and the stakes and the burgers and the beer and it's day one. Day One. Okay. What's your name? My name is Raul

02:00:59 row. What's your last name?

02:01:01 Block.

02:01:02 Okay. Rob will tell you why your party have a great time. Try to stay out of trouble. But if you get in trouble, call it.

02:01:10 Well, might not be, might not be me by Bema nephew, Mamba, Bob, Bob, one of my boys, you know.

02:01:18 Well then, well then give us a call whenever you need to.

02:01:21 Well, can you just give me the information so I can pull in my book?

02:01:26 I don't know what they're going to jail for it. So I can't give you an amount because I don't know what the bail is gonna be.

02:01:31 What do you do? Sliding scale.

02:01:35 Well, I can't give you a sliding scale on a charge that on the crime that hasn't been committed,

02:01:39 we can do a slippery scale for any sort of misdemeanor. Yeah,

02:01:44 right. But I still won't know the bail amount.

02:01:47 And if he's bisexual, this is out manner. You know what role will haven't exclusively, let's try him back one more. I'm committing your crime better. Combo legal team of very unique case. A lawyer. We'll get back to me as soon as I start paying three 99 a minute. Yeah. Hello. Hi, can I help you? Yeah, I don't, you know, I was calling about my son and my nephew, Mrs [inaudible] and I know I can't afford the three 99 a minute for the legal advice. High Lie. No. Okay. Well, Mark Case mark cases, family members

02:02:50 get in trouble and they need a bail bond. Have them give us a call. But what we'll do is see what discounts are available. They are already discounts that we can apply. We will help them with them.

02:03:01 Now look, I'm having a question.

02:03:04 How much the bail is going to be I can't take, give you

02:03:07 right. I have a question though, because if he gets held and where's he held usually?

02:03:14 Um, it depends on where he's arrested wears. He usually get arrested.

02:03:18 I don't, I don't, I can't really answer that question. I'm just mean. Where do you usually work with people if they get held someplace or did he get let out? Right. All right. Good work with you.

02:03:27 I live in the beat. Are they going to be anywhere in San Diego County?

02:03:31 Yeah, absolutely.

02:03:32 Okay. Then the average sale stay would run anywhere from eight hours to 12 hours depending on which deal they go to and how busy that jail is.

02:03:41 I just want to know where it's going to be held because he's, I have no idea, sir. See you gonna get arrested. Well, sir, he was Greg and now he's now, he was now always Mark Case and a right.

02:03:54 Well, yeah. Yeah. I, I can't deal with this right now. I've got another question.

02:03:57 Bye. Did he just say, I think he did. I think he said [inaudible] maybe just one more, one more time and then uh, we'll let the gate out. Burke. I can just tell them right now. Okay.

02:04:30 Hold for a moment please.

02:04:31 I just have one to tell you real quick, sir.

02:04:37 Yeah. Okay.

02:04:39 Okay.

02:04:40 Are you still there?

02:04:46 Yeah,

02:04:47 yeah, yeah, yeah. OPS would be the best way.

02:04:51 Yeah,

02:04:53 sir, sir, sir. If it's the a ops, I'll be the best way to tell now. Who wants to be in a screenshot?

02:05:07 Yeah. Oh, okay.

02:05:12 What do you mean he's probably already opt? What does that mean? Okay.

02:05:23 Yeah.

02:05:24 Does that mean you already prepped them? Is that what's happening? Was that what video? That seems pretty plausible to me. All right, let's move on to another one.

02:05:39 Okay.

02:05:40 He's prep. He knew about my about Mark Case. I don't think he knew about Marcus. Let's, uh, let's try another one of those here. This place looks all right. What's wait, hold on. There was a bunch of other numbers down here. Oh, they're way down here. Here we go. Let's, uh, let's try one of these. Okay. Here we go. Yeah.

02:06:21 Hello.

02:06:24 No, there's, there's, there's this, it's a joke. It's a fucking joke. Please leave your message for, oh, la. I didn't answer it. Let me, Oh, that's probably,

02:06:37 I know why

02:06:40 it was the wrong number. Let's try this one over here. We'll leave your message. Oh, okay. I see lots of, let's try this guy because I got to change this though to be correct. Let's try that one then. Put this in right here. Okay. The profanity filter. What are you talking about?

02:07:42 I have no idea what you're talking about. Profanity filter.

02:07:51 Hello. Hello. Is this the Harvard, uh, Elsa. Elsa coach?

02:07:58 No. Doesn't matter all say coach, how are you doing? Who, who's calling?

02:08:01 Yeah, my name is Raul will. Hi Ron. How are you man? I'm okay. How are you doing? Okay,

02:08:08 good. I don't know. Dot. To sit down to dinner with my parents and about like five to 10 minutes or so. Um, so we can chat briefly. Um, what are you sort of aiming for and where are you starting from? We can sort of talk about the, uh, most intelligent and efficient way to get you from point a to point B.

02:08:24 Well, what do you mean in terms of location? Um, I'm doing the general downtown area. Um, I have the mode of transportation.

02:08:33 No, no. I more mean like, um, what was, who are you aiming to get into or what specific health at score are you getting for?

02:08:40 I'm trying to get a perfect score possible, you know?

02:08:44 Excellent. What have you taken a test so far?

02:08:47 Yeah, I have taken a couple of tests. I am a certified electrician.

02:08:54 Okay.

02:08:56 No, no, no, no, no. I mean like have you taken an l sat test yet?

02:08:59 I took the sats in high school.

02:09:02 Okay. But you haven't, you haven't taken the law school test yet?

02:09:05 No, no, but I'm quite firm, quite familiarized

02:09:09 with what,

02:09:12 with all the education I'm going to need now. I'm hoping to get the scholarship. It would have an impressive score.

02:09:19 Excellent. And where are you based?

02:09:21 I'm in Texas.

02:09:23 Okay. Um, okay. Yeah. Thank you.

02:09:27 I'm pretty, I'm pretty much right. Right up near Cedar Lake.

02:09:32 Passionate. Yeah. Yeah. I'm in Long Beach, California, like yeah, it says I do most of my work over, uh, over facetime or a Skype.

02:09:40 Okay. So how much, what is it you just to facetime me? Uh, during the test? I don't think that's legal.

02:09:48 No, no, no. It's her, it's for tutoring. Uh, you should probably go back and reread the ad,

02:09:53 right? I'm reading it right now. I'm just a little bit confused as that your picture. Yeah. Okay. Because if I do a facetime, I want to make sure I'm talking to the person I'm supposed to be.

02:10:04 Thanks. Take care.

02:10:06 Excuse me.

02:10:11 Whoa. Okay.

02:10:15 Everything in just a locked up. As soon as I, uh, tried to pull up his ad, um, God damn. Why does that everything is frozen. Does this work? And again, this is coming through. That's the only thing. As soon as this phone comes out, it starts really, really getting crazy. Okay. Let's, uh, let's, uh, I can give him a call later in a different, he's sitting down to dinner now. Maybe. Maybe Bob needs a phone call. Uh, I don't know. I just gotta make sure that now I'm going to have to dammit. Okay. I have to close out this whole thing again. Then just try calling and try reloading it. Ah, the second. So, uh,

02:11:07 okay.

02:11:07 Oh No. Is it all, is it completely, completely frozen? It might be. I don't know if you know, if you can hear me at this time. The audio works now, the computer docent. What the hell is that? Okay, let's, uh, let's try a closing one of these real quick. Oh my God, this is a really bad, why can't I handle this right now? This is really bad. I'm gonna have to start having a computer for each part of the call center. Pretty much. Yeah. This is, this is terrible. It's absolutely terrible. I can't do anything right now. Jeez. This is really bad. I don't, I'm not sure cause Oh, okay. Task managers not responding massacred. Uh, that's a real good. Um, if I restart the computer then the stream will still be going, but you won't hear me. Um, you'd have to wait about 10 minutes and probably everybody will leave. So I think of my weight. Yeah. I think the whole computers, it's, there it goes. Okay. Now if I can just manage to close this, it should be fine, but it just, it just won't do it. It might, it might do it. Maybe if I had some music on the background has to be a little less, uh, less irritating for people to hear. Uh, let's, let's play this in the background.

02:12:53 Yeah.

02:12:54 That's pleasant. It's soothing. I can now I can see on my phone,

02:13:01 uh, people talking to me, so, okay. I think it might be okay here.

02:13:10 There we go. It looks like we're going to be in business there. Yeah, there we go. Excellent.

02:13:18 Okay. What is this? It's not even a blooper thing. It's just a, just start Dolo have the capacity for some of you had to put all the bs and snake somewhere. Okay. Maybe there's other sorts of creatures running around in the call center. I don't know. I really don't know. I've got to open everything back up again. Um, so cause the music's still playing. This is, this is kind of Nice in a nice way to pass the technical difficulties situation.

02:13:53 Okay.

02:13:56 Even thinking of the piece of fuck all day. The name of this song, this song is, uh, is the link, uh, hold music for the link phone system. Let's, uh, I think it be, I think it will be okay here. Everything seems to be falling directly into place. Well, not exactly, but enough for this to work.

02:14:29 Okay. Is that correct?

02:14:38 What's this test? What did he say happened

02:14:42 the a second.

02:14:47 Yeah. Okay.

02:15:00 Hello. Thank you for calling club on. Yeah.

02:15:03 Yeah. We doing any specials for the month.

02:15:11 Uh, not on Saturdays. Our blanks. Oh, it's Friday. So we have a $5 beverages through visa up. Do you see [inaudible]?

02:15:21 It's Friday. But you know what? The data's correct. I mean, I'm being serious. Have you looked at your calendar today, sir?

02:15:38 What are you trying to get at?

02:15:40 Yeah,

02:15:41 it's black history month. Day, day. One day. One of black history month.

02:15:50 You want to listen to this dumb ass on the phone with me?

02:15:54 Okay,

02:15:58 keep talking. I want to listen to the shit you have to say.

02:16:04 Amazing.

02:16:05 Okay.

02:16:05 Oh, are you too much of a little bit now that you're on speaker phone.

02:16:11 Okay,

02:16:15 I'll try. I'm trying to see if you had specials. Well, let me step outside. How do you step outside for

02:16:23 oh, hello.

02:16:28 Hello Sir. Hi. Uh, I get paid to listen to his dumb ass while you have a deck off with your little friends. Same here. Have anything else to say? Because I'm still getting paid beat too.

02:16:41 So we're at an impasse here, sir.

02:16:45 He keep calling me a second. I Dunno.

02:16:48 I'm trying to elevate everybody to the same level.

02:16:52 I'm pretty sure I got a bigger Dick than you anyways. So what are we trying to say?

02:16:56 So you're saying you were Greg and now you're not Greg.

02:17:01 Yeah.

02:17:01 Is that the kind of situation? It's colon Ross.

02:17:05 Look man, I'm really sorry that your dad is not giving you enough money to buy a Ferrari or some shit, but you have a nice night.

02:17:13 Okay.

02:17:13 That was it. Okay. That last one was interesting. It's a bigger dick one. That was the best comeback to the Sir I've heard so far. They'll was pretty good. Uh, the Ferrari one I done told them. Understand. Okay. Yeah. That's cool.

02:17:42 Hi, thank you for calling club Onyx. How can I help you?

02:17:45 Yeah, I'm just, I'm just trying to see if you had any specials. We want to do an event in there. That's all I have.

02:17:52 I have your number on caller id even though it was blocked because we have a special calling system. I'll give you a number to the police.

02:17:59 Oh, what's the one action

02:18:00 harassing me.

02:18:01 Oh, what's the special one? Because the police told me I couldn't call you. Okay,

02:18:05 so please stop calling bull. Call your mom. Call Your Dad, told them you have nothing better to do and that you need some money for your white privilege or whatever.

02:18:17 Well, this is leave me alone. I don't have

02:18:20 for this. This is really depressing. My mom just died yesterday and I really want to kill myself, so thank you. Thank you for adding to making my day even worth,

02:18:28 well, I can't wait.

02:18:29 Fucking hang myself.

02:18:31 Was it destiny? Okay. Geez. Okay. All right. One more time. I'm just gonna that was going to tell her that she, that she needs, okay.

02:18:58 Okay.

02:19:04 Club on Susan. How can I help you?

02:19:05 Yeah, I was just talking to somebody and I just want to apologize. I think it'll be gone off on the wrong foot. Okay. I'm running that contest. I'm doing a scream.

02:19:16 Okay.

02:19:18 It's a lie. Scream and we might have gotten off to the wrong foot.

02:19:23 Alright, well if he's at work right now. Yeah, a little bit pertain in the business.

02:19:28 Do you have any questions and money? We do have a question about the business. This is a fraternal order of police sponsored event for the bike. Curious officers of the area.

02:19:39 Oh, the what?

02:19:40 The Bi curious off, sir. Sidney or airy and your district.

02:19:46 Okay. Well you have to actually go through corporate.

02:19:49 Click here, all that brick to put it. All right. We're going to put it on our life screen all month.

02:19:56 Still have to go through corporate. Everything goes through corporate policy, CIS hospitality,

02:20:01 hospitality, even if it's sponsored by the fraternal order of police for the bike carrier, soft [inaudible] mirror area.

02:20:10 Okay.

02:20:10 You can make a special through corporate, but it's our life screen at this level. Sir, you have a wonderful apple. We're going to be, we're live screaming it.

02:20:20 Okay.

02:20:25 Okay. Oh Jesus. That sounds terrible. Okay. Let's, uh, let's move on to another one here.

02:20:33 Yeah.

02:20:34 Where is that? There was a couple of them that I saw that I wanted to call back. I want to give her a call back in and the time and this offer, her 10 dolphins is and teller that even know might be privileged now, might be a colonizing, colonizing sponsor. I'm still sponsoring. I'm still a Presbyterian now, as far as I'm concerned. I don't think Presbyterians have cons, cock colonized, any of the bi curious bars in the area. So we'll, we'll try a, where's the seller number here? Let's try this place. Is this it? Make sure I got it. I got to double check it really quick.

02:21:18 Okay. Okay.

02:21:33 Now the Ferrari comments

02:21:34 makes sense. No, some white white privilege thing.

02:21:55 Okay, well that's, that number is no good. Let's try it again. Another one here. I got to go back into this thing. Hopefully get to work. I know I am. Um, well let's try this over here. Well, let's see. You know, I probably would say the same thing, but she had that, uh, that one come back. That was pretty good. I say that all her, uh, even though she might be taken other pages out, a desk desk, it's booked. Then the other one was pretty good. Okay. Where the hell is this number? Go? I just, Oh, that's saw that. They were all right here second ago. Okay, let's move on from that. From now.

02:22:54 Uh,

02:22:56 here we go. Let's try calling this this place. This was, this was, this looks. Looks interesting.

02:23:09 Thank you for calling the lightstream support and sales line. Protect nickel or billing support. Press one for sales, press two. Oh, can you come into your support pin followed by the pound sign? If you don't know your pin, I'm sorry. That pin isn't inner system. If you're a premium or enterprise user, please check the live stream help center for your pin if you're a livestream studio user. Respect.

02:23:47 Okay. What?

02:23:58 What do you mean the city of Portland? Are you talking a little bit? All right. Let's, uh, let's try this place over. I'd try this number already. Others. There's a couple up here. Oh Shit. It might be too late, but we'll, we'll try it.

02:24:21 Okay.

02:24:24 Oh, containerize and wireless. The number you dialed.

02:24:26 Okay. That's no good. Let's, uh, let's try one of these over here. This looks pretty good. Find out.

02:24:53 Hello

02:25:07 Crystal. I'm 11:00 AM.

02:25:17 I thought they would be open. Okay. Well let's try this one. Wait, no, wait a second.

02:25:34 No, I didn't say call the city of Portland. Well, do what? You're just what you're talking about.

02:25:42 Okay.

02:25:55 Okay, well that's it. Okay. Well, I had been forwarded to an automatic give that one.

02:26:17 Bye. And maybe just maybe just, maybe we can say, let's try this place.

02:26:39 Okay.

02:26:40 I appreciate everybody sticking through the down. You know, if I had my own way and half as many phones going as possible.

02:26:57 Okay.

02:26:58 No, we'll just bounce from one to the other to the other constantly throughout the whole night and just have the list of numbers on h.

02:27:08 Okay.

02:27:09 That would be pretty glorious. I think it would be pretty draw. Paul, what are you guys talking about? How Roy, I should maybe get the music cued up for all the soundtrack. Have a colonial laws. It would be a little worse. No, I haven't called on any Subaru dealership dealerships. Hello? Oh, I tried this number. What is this number? What's try this one out? When is metal slug for? I don't know. Maybe I'll do it next week. Late night, so I'm like, you know, one or 2:00 AM or something. I don't know.

02:28:42 Okay.

02:28:47 Jesus. Yeah, this is slowing me down. Not Liking where this is going. Okay, let's try it. Another one of these numbers here because I don't, I don't like that we're getting some downtime. I'm going to have to cute. A cute like peaceful. The peaceful call center

02:29:04 music kind of keeps things. It's mellow. Okay. Makes it a little bit less stressful when I'm searching for the numbers. She really just keep it all loops somehow. I'm trying to find out this list of numbers. Yeah, there was a pretty good list and it's close by. I can't find her right and I always lose it and I'm not sure why is it this one? This one? Just Steven. I can't make the Pico faster. I can't. I apologize. I wish I could. That's what does it say right there. That's the number of looking right

02:30:09 today and let's try.

02:30:40 Hi and thanks for calling Colorado. Knock sharp. The songs worth of shock. That was worth a shot there. Let's try it. Another one of these.

02:30:54 Okay. Okay.

02:31:07 What do you mean that it's working?

02:31:12 I can't post a video cause I didn't record it and it didn't know. Didn't stray Bridget and archive as far as I know. It's true. And I believe I was talking to people, but I could have been a fever dream.

02:31:25 I don't know.

02:31:30 Oh, we are reaching an impasse right now. Serious impacts.

02:31:45 Okay. What's, uh, let's try another one here. Me Double check this. Make sure it's not. Yeah, it is working. I can hear it. Okay. Just as a double check. Okay, let's give this one a shot.

02:32:05 Oh Shit.

02:32:09 It's very slow. It's probably very, very busy.

02:32:13 Okay.

02:32:13 Well it's had its moments. It had some really good moments actually. We talking about, you know, we've got the guy taking a shit. We had all sorts of stuff like that. Now let's, uh, let's try this one.

02:32:27 Okay.

02:32:28 Let's see. This one looks pretty good. I think I might have already called the swamp. Let's try it again.

02:32:37 Hmm.

02:32:40 All right. Go on doctor. Yeah. Your Dui iPhone doctor. Yes. Okay. I need to get my iPhone. I need to get everything. All the dating stuff just cleaned out.

02:32:54 Okay.

02:32:55 But you got to prevent me from really reinstalling it as it can. You just put in a security measure that only you would know. Can I trust you with that?

02:33:03 Yeah.

02:33:04 Okay. What are you asking me, sir? I'm sorry. Hello. I'm having some problems. I keep reinstalling all the dating apps. I can't hold on, sir. I can't stop.

02:33:16 Cool.

02:33:20 Oh my God. What kind of music is this? What is this?

02:33:50 Hmm.

02:33:58 Let's try it.

02:34:05 See how long you can stay on hold.

02:34:08 Oh,

02:34:15 what is this? What was your question, sir? I'm sorry. Yeah, so I'm bi curious, so I keep installing all the data gaps. I'm completely done discriminative about it and I'm currently in a polyamorous relationship with someone else who's also polyamorous, so it's getting a little bit tangled.

02:34:39 Yeah,

02:34:40 it's really confusing.

02:34:46 Yeah. Iphone doctor.

02:34:57 Yeah, we just got disconnected. I'm trying to bare my soul to you and about Ma. I'm desperate for as hell. Okay. Okay. Now can I trust you to lock these dating apps out of my phone? Yeah, I'm, I'm a priest. Yeah. You're a priest. I'm a Presbyterian. I was raised Presbyterian and he got to take me off the speaker phone because I could hear an echoing into my Bluetooth and I'm trying to be,

02:35:25 no, I'm fixing 20 phones are at the same time. So go ahead and confess.

02:35:29 I'm trying to be discreet with you and you're, you're being rather racial, so God damn racial it can't stand it.

02:35:37 I'm sorry to hear that sir.

02:35:38 And it's black history month, so you've got to pick up the phone.

02:35:42 No, it's actually a Hispanic month too.

02:35:45 No, it's not.

02:35:46 Well, I, I swear to God I have the calendar. Oh yeah.

02:35:52 I think that's all year round now.

02:35:55 Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. Do you want to talk though?

02:36:01 Yeah, possibly. But, um, I mean I told you I'm bi curious so it doesn't, it doesn't really matter.

02:36:08 Okay. How about a how to Merito Burrito.

02:36:35 We'll just build a little wall really quickly. Wait a minute, it's filling up quick. Really quick. I can see it. You can't stop.

02:36:59 Are you going to have to go and Brown all the way down South America? All the way back up. Okay.

02:37:26 I won't take America. I don't even know what these cells are. Okay, let's try this other phone number.

02:37:33 What does smart a smart ass guy.

02:37:42 It's still going up. Why is it the disconnecting? Okay. Okay, let's, let's try it home. He's here. I can't say. Okay, let's try this place.

02:38:24 Okay.

02:38:25 Okay.

02:38:28 Thank you for calling the grand. Yeah. Resort Casino and hotel reservations. Please press one.

02:38:34 What previous guy knew about this? This please press two. Come on. Restaurant information please. What's the, uh, what's the guy knew about the show? What did, what'd you say? You're talking about previous guy. Hey. Well that's nice. If you're out there, list of, call me back. Well, let's, uh, let's try it. Where's this place? I'm not sure what he's talking about. Just tried to do a lot. A live screen lowers this fucking place.

02:39:11 God Damn it. Here we go.

02:39:14 Let's try this number.

02:39:24 Okay.

02:39:34 Coleen and how to help you. Yeah, you do it via laser tag over there. What was that? One more time. Do you do laser tech over there? Yeah. Okay.

02:39:48 Stop. For the whole month.

02:39:52 We have to have a stock

02:39:54 or is there going to be a couple of demonstrations? I'm just letting you know because it's black history month. We got to stop the violence and the simulated violence. So what are you going to do? You're going to do your part. You're going to shut down to the laser tag.

02:40:08 I'm sorry. I don't know if you're a calling for the right reason here. We're just trying to run a business. I'm calling for the APPS Lou. Right reason. What do you say? What's your reasoning for conducting these simulations of violence against children?

02:40:23 There was no violence going on here, sir.

02:40:26 We don't want to see any of these kids holding weapons for the whole month. Can you make that happen? Otherwise, you know what's going to be on TV? It's going to be on Twitter and it's going to be on snapchat

02:40:42 closer. I don't think he know. Laser tag is not like that and nobody wants to see that anyway and

02:40:49 well you want to see, I'm just going to hang up the phone right now. Okay. You say you want to see simulated violence is what you're telling me. I'm gonna hang up the phone. I now it can be discriminatory, sir. Bye Bye sir.

02:41:00 We call this guy back. I said, couldn't be over. You're over the age of, I don't know. It's not like a team wage. Try calling him back.

02:41:37 Well, my nose premise.

02:41:40 Hang up that call. Try Him again to their ties. That's a different place. Similar looks like we're trying to reach, does not accept unidentified calls. Okay. Are Your call again later? Hopefully. Yeah. I can handle doing this right now. What's so let's try. Let's try it over here. Party. You are trying to, I already not hung up on the phone. Five calls. Please try your call again later. Thank you. There we go. Come on.

02:42:47 How can I help you? Yeah. Do you do the laser tag right? Yeah. Yeah, we um, we do laser dag here. I'm not at the laser tag counter right now where you're looking to make a reservation for it. No, but I'm with a local political organization. I'm not going to say which one just yet because I want you to hear me out.

02:43:07 Okay.

02:43:09 At, so the thing we're going to be on is trying

02:43:12 to stop violence and simulated violence for a whole month.

02:43:19 Um, yeah. So I'm going to have to transfer it over to a manager. Uh, these, these are like, um, manage your points. Manager. Poets. Yeah. I'd only take a second. I'm just going to put the manager on the phone. He'll help you out. What does the manager get more than 10 or something like that? More than 10. For what you said points. Well, I mean like the, the points that you're bringing up. Sorry. Yeah. Okay. All right. I'm just gonna put the manager on real quick. I'll be right. Okay.

02:43:51 Okay.

02:43:51 Where's your music?

02:43:57 Oh, no. Oh No.

02:44:02 Is it frozen? It might be. It might be frozen. Why did I get to talk to them anymore? Oh my goodness.

02:44:19 Thank you for holding. This is ned speaking. Ned. Hello, ned. Can you hear me? I can't, uh, you're kind of breaking up what? You just responded to me.

02:44:30 Is it because you know, we'll be talking to you something of a sense about something that's sensitive.

02:44:34 I, I really like, I can't hear are, well, one word you're saying it's kind of, it's really breaking up, but I can hear you fine. Okay. If you want to give us a call back, we can answer. Okay. I got you. I can give you a call it that.

02:44:50 Okay. Yeah. This, it's, it's doing that thing again. I don't understand that. Why can't handle using that at all other than trying to close it is like, it's the same. I just, I don't understand it.

02:45:09 MMM.

02:45:11 Okay. This is gonna take a while to do it again. Hello. Spring up to the hold music. One more time. This is going to be the next step I have. If I can get rid of the bees, I can get rid of the whatever this issue is.

02:45:28 Ooh.

02:45:29 I can do anything here at the call center. Okay. Let's close that out. Okay. Looks like we're okay. I can just, it's just going to take a second to start back up.

02:45:45 Okay.

02:45:47 Let's restart it.

02:45:48 Oh,

02:45:50 you missed the bees. Maybe I'll do a B straight exclusively with bees and snacks. It's going to be good. I'm looking forward to it. Let's try this. I know mark already signed it. Okay. When did

02:46:10 we grow up hearing? All right, let's try give me a call back if I can look up that number one more time. I know it's here.

02:46:23 Why is it not bring it up? I'm kind of looking at a, you're trying to look at what is this?

02:46:37 All right. Yeah. I'm trying to look at this, the chat on my phone and it's just a, it's not great pick. I already lost the name of that place. I just tried calling. Yeah.

02:46:47 Uh, what's, this might be it, but let's try one more time. Oh, do I got up though?

02:46:56 Why is it only does it give me one result? Okay. What's his call back? Is that, I'm not sure what's going on. Yeah. The APP is

02:47:14 pretty bad.

02:47:29 Hotter than made the trek. This is a ned speaking.

02:47:31 I, I had the Alesis I was just talking to you.

02:47:34 Yes. Hi. I can hear you much better.

02:47:36 Have we got to stop this? We're talking about stopping some things about violence today. Okay. Now Your Business is a, did you simulated violence, right?

02:47:47 A continue.

02:47:49 I'm asking you a question, sir.

02:47:53 Are we at, are we stimulating violence?

02:47:55 Yes or no? Do you simulate violence?

02:47:59 Is that, is there anything I can do for you, sir? I don't know exactly what you need.

02:48:04 Well, I'm trying to tell you what was the local political organization. I don't want to say which one just yet, cause I don't want to make sure you hear me. Oh, okay. Okay. We're trying this for one month. The whole month we're going to get stuck. We're going to cease all violence real as a simulated dead including laser tag.

02:48:24 This really sounds like something you should talk to my boss about.

02:48:27 Well, you're the, you're the manager, right?

02:48:29 I managing tonight? Yes.

02:48:31 Well, have you got to stop it? We're going to start today. It's at the end of the month, so just shut down.

02:48:36 Okay. Laser tag. I sounds like you're not really a customer. Um, so I am going to hang up. I'm not going to be, do you want to to that be a customer or violence? Be here? My boss will be in by 9:00 AM Monday. I'll be here till five. Yeah. This sounds somewhat discriminatory, Isaac. Okay. Give it a circumstance. Thank you. Nope. Got It.

02:49:01 I think I've been talking too much and I feel like I'm making myself sick again.

02:49:06 Yeah.

02:49:19 Jesus.

02:49:23 I'm Lisa track. That's a net speaking. How may I help you?

02:49:26 Appreciate it. To discriminate sizing and tone. You're taking fresca

02:49:30 you can call on Monday. I just don't think you're a customer. That's not my opinion. This isn't part of my job. I'm very sorry.

02:49:39 And what are you trying to say? Okay, let's, uh, let's move on to here. We still got, I think they might be done, but what's, let's try it one more time. Wait, no, we can't bet that place is closed. Okay. Let's, uh, let's try one of these places. It is Friday. Got To work in some of the Friday stuff. Let's, uh, let's try one.

02:50:05 Right?

02:50:07 Okay.

02:50:11 Oh.

02:50:28 [inaudible] Chris [inaudible]. How may I help you?

02:50:31 Yeah. Um, I have a problem that I need to speak to a manager right away. Okay. Hold on one second. Oh, really?

02:50:42 What's it going to be? What's the basic? What do you going to buy it?

02:50:51 Don't Chris. This is my, I'm sister.

02:50:54 No, what's the

02:50:57 hello?

02:50:58 Yeah. My nephew, his scrape raped his tongue on one of your crew to haunts as,

02:51:06 hold on. Come on. Okay. Hey, hold on one second.

02:51:16 Huh?

02:51:21 Ooh. Ah, Ooh. Oh

02:52:01 well no. Maybe we should try cargo back it. Say what? He's going to come back. Should I give it the old 15 seconds? Stop vape jacket. What are you talking about?

02:52:15 What's a Vape Jack?

02:52:18 Scraping all those. God. Okay, go ahead. Yeah. Can you get hello sir? Yeah, yeah, I can hear you now. Go ahead. Am I on speakerphone sir? How office a demoed the speakerphone, right? That's this phone. I thought that phone work, sir. It is state law. You have to identify that you're putting someone on speakerphone beforehand. How had our,

02:52:53 can you hear me okay?

02:52:55 How can we hear you? But it sounds like someone's the scratching over there.

02:52:58 Sorry, can you hear me?

02:53:00 The line is real scratchy. Yeah, I can hear you. Can you hear me okay

02:53:06 sir?

02:53:08 What's the hell is up with this place? Okay, let's, uh, let me try it. Call it back because it doesn't sound like they know how to use a phone over there. Nope, that's not it. Got Damon. Okay. That number might be, is it going there? It is. Okay, let's try it.

02:53:50 I have grown to Joe Friday's my MP.

02:53:52 Yeah. We just got disconnected. We are trying to illegally put me on speakerphone. That's the problem.

02:53:58 Get to the phone where I can hear you without the music in the background. So now I'm back now.

02:54:02 Yeah, because you hear me? Yeah. It sounded a weird, it sounded like someone was scratching. Yeah, I was trying to pick up the phone from the regular receiver, but that, that does not work on that phone. It sounded like some of it might have been scratch. I can, I can hear you. I'm at the front. Yeah. It sounded like someone was scratching my IP. Right. Just freight to the phone, you know? Okay. So the problem I had is my nephew, he had the salad, the Greek, the Greek. So

02:54:38 you said he had a sandwich?

02:54:40 Yeah, and he had the crew tone of his tongue and scraped his tongue and scraped and scratched his tongue. It's been bleeding.

02:54:51 Are you in the store?

02:54:53 No, but he's got this bump on his tongue and his, he had a crew ton. I can see the indentation of the, of pores of the crew.

02:55:07 Okay. Do what? When did you die?

02:55:09 His name is Carla today. His name is mark trees.

02:55:17 Okay. I'm saying what time of the day did you dine in here today?

02:55:21 It was a lunch time.

02:55:28 Hello? Yeah, I'm getting the pen. Okay.

02:55:34 Is I can see the end of the taste of, of a group. You could tell. You could see the boy. The pores impacted his tongue and it's been, his mouth has been inflamed. No, no, he's,

02:55:54 what's your name sir?

02:55:55 He's on the Kudo Diet. Is that gonna be a problem? Because he's not supposed to have the GLUCO.

02:56:02 You said a Kudo Diet?

02:56:03 Yeah, he can't have the wheats breads.

02:56:09 How many, was that something that was told to the server? No. Coupons on assignment?

02:56:12 Yeah, so he assumed it was some sort of substitute to tuitional crew too. On all day.

02:56:21 Do you still have the receipt?

02:56:22 No. High paid in cash. I always paying cash unit. And you don't, I'm sorry. You know you don't. You don't. I'm talking about,

02:56:29 no, I'm saying where you at the bar? Where are you in the restaurant?

02:56:32 Yeah, we'll sit down. What do you think are standing up to eat?

02:56:36 No, I'm trying to figure out what area of the bar. You don't have the restaurant, you don't have a receipt, so I'm trying to track this down. What was it?

02:56:44 What?

02:56:46 What was the total amount of the bill?

02:56:48 I don't remember. I mean I could, I've looked to look at my credit card account and got my discabelle scumble car. That's just what I think I might be. The previous time I went there I used my discabelle but there's this tire. Mum's speaking of our fat paying cash.

02:57:08 Yeah. If, if I had a receipt, I could tell what time of the day and who was the server was and what, what was the order

02:57:16 on the roof? Yeah, I'll remember. Why would the total was,

02:57:25 it's like your voice is going in and out.

02:57:27 Well, Bill by Bluetooth. I have some problems as well. That's why I was saying it sounded pretty scrumptious Alex. It was a scratch, a Maya pizza straight through the phone. What's your telephone number please? Why it's not on my receipt. My telephone number was never on my receipt. Now I want on refund. Come on, man. It's blockers.

02:57:48 What I'm trying to do is get your information and take your telephone number down so that I can contact you back,

02:57:54 but it's black history. Most Komal Matt de one one, one, one. Come on. You can hug them. Yeah.

02:58:05 Yeah. The echo always, always seems as the nuke something, but it's just so it resistance. Okay. We're going to call this other number back. This is what it is. Okay. Let's try this one time. All right. Whoa.

02:58:56 Quality Assurance. This call may be recorded.

02:58:59 Okay, good. Me Too.

02:59:03 Thank you for calling psychic source, but had been denied in its binary Nike.

02:59:09 Oh,

02:59:12 if you were a first time caller and what a purchase, a psychic reading it,

02:59:15 the introductory rate

02:59:17 and have a credit card. Ready, please press one now if you're an eagle

02:59:21 customer service

02:59:22 calls may be monitored for quality assurance and training purposes.

02:59:27 Okay.

02:59:28 Okay.

02:59:32 Welcome to psychics. Sure. This is for entertainment. Tell him like

02:59:38 bye. [inaudible].

02:59:43 Okay.

02:59:43 Sound like someone just started to speak.

02:59:45 Okay.

02:59:46 To set up an account or speak with customer care, press zero if you are an existing member for just signed up on the website, press one. To learn more about psychic source or to listen for the greetings from our community of advisors, press two to repeat your options, press nine.

03:00:04 Okay.

03:00:05 Yeah.

03:00:05 Just to set up an account or speak with customer care, press zero. If you are an existing member or just signed up on the website, press one. To learn more about psychic source or to listen to the greetings from our community of advisors, press two to repeat your options, press nine

03:00:26 please.

03:00:28 Okay. I press zero

03:00:30 skimmer service calls may be monitored for quality assurance and training purposes. Never miss a sale. It's psychic source. When you sign up for email, promotional offers a news, update your communication preferences online or talk to a customer care specialist.

03:00:56 Oh my God is does this happen the last time?

03:01:01 Oh,

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03:01:27 Hmm.

03:01:46 We appreciate your patience.

03:01:48 A customer care specialist will be with you shortly. You can leave a message any time by pressing the pound key and a customer care specialist will return your call.

03:02:00 Come on. Uh,

03:02:18 did you know you can earn free bonus dollars with every purchase when you join membership rewards? Enroll online or ask a customer care representative for more details.

03:02:29 Why? Okay.

03:02:39 Maybe we can try calling the tutor back and you know, maybe just get off on the right foot with them and, and see if we can get something worked out yet. I don't want to make sure I follow up at the sky. Don't want him to get away from me.

03:02:55 Okay.

03:02:56 Okay.

03:03:15 Come on now. We can get them. We, I know we can get up.

03:03:28 Yeah,

03:03:34 please leave your message.

03:03:35 Oh, that's no good. Okay. Let's, uh, let's try this place real quick. What's a skew it a shot.

03:03:52 Come on.

03:03:56 Hang Northeast Center for rehabilitation

03:03:58 and brain injury. If you know your party's five digit extension, dial it at any time during this message. If you wish to use the staff name directory, please press one now or remain on the line and an APP. Oh, you know, do it again. Better for rehabilitation. Oh my God. It's completely, God dammit. This is so bad. I can't ever use is fun. How do people use this fucking program? It's pretty ridiculous. This is kind of, it's really just throwing up, throwing a wrench in everything I'm doing. Okay. Let's, uh, try opening that back up again cause I got us like, Hey, I've got to call these people back. I promised myself I would. Where is it? God Damn it. Maybe if a disused, nothing else. Not One of the other thing might be able to do it. Let's uh, we of we got to get this over here. Okay, here we go. Let's call that place back very quickly,

03:05:15 right? Yeah.

03:05:22 Here we go. Is it, is it gonna break? Oh, that's why

03:05:58 I remember when I used to do this with a pad. Pen and paper seems to be the best option.

03:06:05 Let's try, let's try this. Like did I write that down in Cork? Got Damn my also my handwriting isn't that great. So that could be part of the problem. Trying to get my footing here. Okay. Jeez. He's the one who would have thought it would've been such a problem.

03:06:25 Okay,

03:06:33 very good.

03:06:36 Well Pat and we, when I started doing the stream, you know, cause it couldn't handle anything

03:06:40 so

03:06:49 I understand this was wolf speaking. How may I help you?

03:06:51 Yes, yes. How are you doing any specials month?

03:06:56 I, we certainly are.

03:06:58 You are? What are your specialties?

03:07:00 We're doing specials every month. I encourage you to come in. We've got a sales flyer for everything that we are currently doing,

03:07:07 but it's day one. We are one now it's Day One?

03:07:12 Yes, it is day one of the new sale.

03:07:14 Okay, so what are the sales?

03:07:16 Is there are far too many to list?

03:07:18 I mean, no, I mean I'm not black so this is an extent to me

03:07:24 sir.

03:07:25 Yeah, it's black history month. Come on.

03:07:28 And that has nothing to do with it.

03:07:30 But you said it's the first of the month and it's the first, the first day day one. Black history month.

03:07:37 Nose Day, one of a new month. The new sale.

03:07:39 But it's a new month is black history month and I'm not black. I just want to be respectful.

03:07:45 That doesn't matter at all. I don't whack either. What does race have to do with anything?

03:07:50 Because I don't want them more bubby buying anything from anybody who might be black or by, and I just don't want to get ahead of them. That will be a column. Lization will attempt to, you know, they're denying their needs, don't you agree?

03:08:05 Okay,

03:08:05 sir, you have a nice day.

03:08:07 Excuse me. Okay. He deserves a quick call or quick call back. Wish it didn't disappear like that. Let's try one more time. Oh my God.

03:08:38 Am I saying how may I help you?

03:08:39 Yeah, I was just trying to communicate with you about the sensitive nature of the sales.

03:08:46 You are making far too big of a deal out of something that really doesn't matter here.

03:08:50 Well, it matters to me

03:08:52 sewn and it doesn't matter to anyone here.

03:08:54 It matters to me. I'm more SPEC flow.

03:08:56 Good for you. They have a wonderful evening. Come in. You're welcome.

03:09:00 Yeah. Well I have some questions about products.

03:09:03 Okay.

03:09:05 Okay. I can answer any questions you might have.

03:09:08 Yeah.

03:09:09 Back on the subject of race.

03:09:11 I'm just saying I just want to be respectful. I mean, I don't think it's a problem to be respectful.

03:09:16 No, but you're being borderline racist.

03:09:18 How so? I don't want to, you know, if it's a sales are only for black people. I see. I'm not blind.

03:09:25 What kind of sense does that make, sir? Why would the sales only be for black people?

03:09:28 Because it's black history.

03:09:30 It's 2019 who is going to make something just for one race or another? Because every time someone does that, they get crucified.

03:09:38 Well, because that's does that make, because it's black history month, sir, that's got nothing to do with anything but their sales all over the place. That's why I'm asking.

03:09:47 We do sales every month. Then it rotates every month. It has nothing to do with race. Everyone is welcome. No, I'm wide care if you're blue, purple, green or yellow.

03:09:57 Well, my position is not rotational. It's sort of actually very direct, sir, and I think you're, you might be a little being a little bit discriminatory about this near approach.

03:10:05 Okay, sir. You have a wonderful evening. Take your social justice warrior nonsense somewhere else.

03:10:12 Oh, oh. Based in red bill and Oh shit. Listen is based in red pilled sex toy store. Okay. Oh my God. Should I do, I tried another one. I'm feel like I'm starting to get back into the swing of it had been sick for so long. I know it's been kind of through the muck for most of the show. It's got its ups and downs and me, most of them got the ups and downs, but things are different. I'm just getting over to the illness and ah, getting the setup work. And again, I'm not sure if I, uh, if I, if I should call one more or not because of a feeling of I'm getting my, getting, give him my system geared up for it again. I mean tomorrow there's always tomorrow,

03:11:02 but uh,

03:11:04 let's see. Keep going.

03:11:08 Uh, let's, uh,

03:11:12 one more. Oh my God. That's nothing, nothing personal. I mean I'm just a, I dunno, just true. You know, I haven't been able to do anything at all. I've been sick for like a week, so, uh, okay. Just one more. I'll just call this guy back one more time. One more time and then we'll end.

03:11:50 Hello. Yeah.

03:11:53 Um, I was wondering if you had the sales this week or this month, actually FDA changed from week to week or if it's us all month long.

03:12:03 The sales.

03:12:04 Yeah, the specials because I want to make sure that I'm able to get them, cause I'm not,

03:12:09 why are you talking about the Familia?

03:12:12 No, for black history month. I'm not black, but I want to know if I can still just partake in these sales.

03:12:18 I'm aware we at the shop isn't doing any specialists,

03:12:21 but a very progressive, I'm going to vote for Kamala Harris, you know, if she runs.

03:12:27 Okay,

03:12:27 so are you still want the special?

03:12:30 Yeah, we're not doing any special as far as I'm aware

03:12:32 for black history month. You're not?

03:12:35 Yeah, I don't think so. That sounds hard to anything.

03:12:37 That sounds quite discriminative ties

03:12:40 anyway. Do you have a good day man?

03:12:42 Actually at that, that wasn't the place I tried to call, so let me just let me do a do over then I'll, then I'll kill it.

03:12:51 Great. What does that the right number? Uh, there it is. Okay.

03:13:02 Okay, here we go.

03:13:06 Here we go.

03:13:11 I'm Dan. How may I help you?

03:13:13 Yeah. I just want to make sure we're clear. We're on the same page here.

03:13:19 Yeah, I can barely hear you.

03:13:21 Yeah, we were just speaking and you were saying quite quite some racialized things,

03:13:26 sir. If you call back, I will be giving this number two, the sheriff's department and reporting you for harassment.

03:13:32 What's you're being called back, but your racializing oh, back. You're being discriminatory. Discriminatory

03:13:38 caller ID. If you call back, I will be giving it to the sheriff's department and they will be dealing with,

03:13:42 but you can be recorded. You can be a reporter for harassment, sir, for black history. Let's start calling one more time because that's the point where I like to reach.

03:14:00 Okay.

03:14:29 Okay. Real quick. Let's, uh,

03:14:32 let's just make sure I can make sure I call it

03:14:34 okay. And then, uh, then we'll do it. Oops. Got Devon. Keep pressing the wrong button there. Okay.

03:15:07 Yeah.

03:15:10 We were talking about some issues and I think you need or to stand up for what you believe in.

03:15:17 I think that I live in a free country and I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. I think you've got one believing in and I'm giving this number to the cops. You have a great night. Hello?

03:15:27 Oh.

03:15:29 Oh Geez. I don't know if I want, cheese has got to have the little right. No, just, just the right note.

03:15:36 Okay.

03:15:37 And I'll know, I don't know which note that is. It could be any one of these notes, you know, could be like that one or that one or that one or that one

03:15:53 could be any one of those nuts. So, uh, I don't know. Jeez. Let's see. We got it. It's got to be a quick one. I mean, they've got to answer right away cause I don't have the patience for a four. Hold, hold time right now.

03:16:19 Let's see

03:16:31 on your Starbucks at north and Damon, this is Michael speaking. How may I help you,

03:16:34 Damon, how are you doing today? Good, how are you?

03:16:38 I'm okay. Um, but I was wondering if you can just do something. You do a couple of specials

03:16:45 today. I'm sorry guys. Yeah,

03:16:49 I'm sorry. What, what, what are you asking for?

03:16:51 I need to get a couple of specials. I want to get some coffee supplied for a whole whole event and we're going to do it inside your place. Now we're just going to be live screaming and all sorts of things. And I, I would figure that you guys would owe it to us because of what happened.

03:17:09 Uh Huh.

03:17:11 So when can we set up? We're going to need an external power source.

03:17:14 And

03:17:16 I don't know if you're a Wifi can handle the live stream. So you might need to set up a different system.

03:17:23 Maybe

03:17:27 sir.

03:17:28 Yup. Anything else? We know people, friends.

03:17:30 Um, can I speak to your manager because I don't think you familiar with who I am.

03:17:35 Uh, you haven't introduced yourself, sir.

03:17:37 Well, you sound like you're being quite dismissive, quite discriminatory. And I don't appreciate your attitude and I'm sorry to say, I don't mean to be rude, but that's how you're acting.

03:17:48 Alrighty. Um, we closed about 19 minutes.

03:17:53 I'm aware I wasn't going to call when you're a busy, that would just be rude and you're just being rude as soon as your answer.

03:17:59 I see. Um, yeah, so I'm the shift on duty on the manager on duty at the moment. Um, I don't think that this is something that I can help you with.

03:18:08 You're going to have to,

03:18:11 I see.

03:18:13 Because we had the agreement after what happened the last time.

03:18:18 Uh Huh.

03:18:19 I'm not familiar with the incident,

03:18:22 right? Cause you're not a manager. I can tell.

03:18:25 Cool. Um, I'm gonna hang up now.

03:18:28 No, you're doing, you're going to give the phone to the manager. There is no manager here.

03:18:33 The manager on duty, sir.

03:18:34 I don't believe you. I don't think your credential

03:18:37 to believe me man. But I'm hanging up

03:18:38 renal don't credential essential.

03:18:41 Oh

03:18:43 that's, that's a very good, okay. We got to uh oh no, it's doing it again. Oh God. Good God. Okay. That might Jesus. Okay. And Hung Up. But it's still frozen on the screen. Okay. Oh yeah, they start on my, my bed. Oh, okay. Well this isn't working anymore anyway. I'm going to have to restart those. I can't get the shit to work. I have Jesus Christ. Okay. Hopefully by tomorrow. I can't have this going on tomorrow. If anyone has any tips about this shit. I've already tried to, Super Fetched Thing Bernie tried, uh, you know, other various ways of making sure it stays slippery. I'm going to go a blow my nose and then the stream,

03:19:39 uh,

03:19:40 come back tomorrow one o'clock.

03:19:43 And uh,

03:19:46 then we'll, we'll keep, we'll keep doing it tomorrow. Uh, my, cause I can't call anything right now. Well, maybe, maybe I can, let's try, hold on. I can just get one more mum. More in for the month. For Day one. Fucking just get her this one time. It might, it might work. Now let's, let's see, cause this might be a good way to close it. We opened with it so we got to close with

03:20:14 right. All right, here we go.

03:20:26 Okay. South by what's soundbite?

03:20:35 Big Ram. Yeah. Where were we doing for the whole month? For the special for the whole month. I'm gonna let you suck your Mama Pussy. Bye. Both of us was the first of the month. That would be a good one. I don't know what people want to hear that over top of, uh, the usual closing thing, you know. Oh Geez. I'm sorry. Oh boy. Play the video. One video. Which video? Talking about?

03:21:22 MMM.

03:21:25 Play the new opening song. I'll play it for sometime. I'll send it to her. Send her a flat file. I'm sure she'll know how to open it. Um, okay. We'll just go with the normal one.

03:21:37 Uh,

03:21:38 I'll, I'll make it, uh, I'll play the correct version. Now. Let me just make sure, uh, you know, for the proper editing of the show, I want to make sure we're doing it proper for day one. Now we're going to make sure, hopefully I can just quickly grab this because you know, it's going to be, I'm trying to be appropriate. I'm trying to be respectful. He might think I'm being retarded, but I'm not actually quiet, respectful, quite intelligent. I'm not retarded. But you know anyone in terms of these now when it comes to the rest of my life, I can't speak to that. Not One bit. Okay. So we'll have to play if I can find it. Yeah. The original for the, for this month, for the closing song and come back tomorrow.

03:22:31 Uh,

03:22:32 uh, 1:11 PM we're going to try to start that and I don't, I don't know what the hell is going on anymore. Okay. All right. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Thanks for coming back and thanks for all the well wishes and all the donations. I, I can't even put up that shit right now. Whatever else they'll say your name tomorrow for, for sending in. I appreciate it. Okay. Goodbye. Great. Is this okay? That's it. My bad.

03:23:09 Stop. Stop. Stop. I don't pick the phone. Forrest. Male. Straight tone. Fix My back. He said no, Steve. So stop leading message a message of hope. Why don't get the phone and go straight on the phone. Stop calling me. Stop. No, I don't think calling me with this. I know. Growing up my phone like a whale, we getting all my help to maybe a mama beat. Janai Jan, we cannot say no dollar. Sign powers. Fit Dot put on now. Bozon call dog real call. Call, go boom. This treat of license. I know now, Ms. Dot. No alcohol relationship got counseled. So box stop leaving messages. No Way. No need to stop calling me.

03:25:08 I don't think. Stop calling me talking about awesome photo. Told him I called a light on the phone. No Queen, the she called and at the time that she's knocking at my door, Quinn. Then I made this be sleazy. The stopping tight and the phone. I got it at home because she went and worked for next tail. Condon, Nigo central. My password on my voice mail. Please stop calling me. Stop. Nope. Nope, nope. I know why you keep calling me. Fuck you. Play it on the phone. This was stupid. Pictures get cracked. The don't change it to the phone. I'm on a book. I am buying brace and I sit down plus top though my asshole. Oh, I'm on a towel. Knights of blue. And you'd be witness Sealy shit straight up on the truck to see how the used to be up happy. I wish to stop. Please stop. Please stop calling me. Stop and go pick up the phone. No, I don't.

03:27:16 Thanks. So are the Rah Rah Rah.